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I never knew I loved Marietta, GA! Aug 16th | Personal

While I was in town visiting my family in Atlanta, I was able to photograph Dianne & Barry’s engagement session. They will be getting married in Franklin, TN but Dianne lives in Atlanta right now. Dianne is a wonderful graphic designer and is doing some work for us- I can’t wait to see how everything comes out! You can see her website here. The other fun thing about our photography session today is that my younger sister, Ansley, was able to join us with her camera in hand! She is 17, loves photography, and has a really good eye for things. Peter and I are trying to convince her to come work for us after she graduates!

Marietta was a lot closer to both of us than downtown Atlanta, and we couldn’t have picked a better place. The bright colored buildings are rare in the south, and I loved the quaint architecture. We had a really good time with Dianne and Barry and I can’t wait for their wedding in October!

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My friend Sam. Aug 10th | Personal

I had the pleasure of photographing my friend Sam’s bridal portraits a few weeks before she was married (it was a BEAUTIFUL wedding that I was able to be a guest at by the way!). Sam was gorgeous and we had such a good time at Carnton Plantation in Franklin. Sam’s dress was purchased at The White Room in Lebanon, TN, and it really fits her funky, yet elegant style. Her best friend and maid of honor, Courtney, was able to join us and I loved seeing them interact with each other. You can tell they have so much fun together!

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A hot wedding for a hot couple! Aug 09th | Personal

Even with broken air conditioning on a 95 degree day in Atlanta, Tori still looked amazing! My favorite part of the wedding was watching Adam’s face as Tori walked down the aisle- he didn’t stop beaming the whole night! Even though I didn’t get to meet them until the wedding, by the end of the night I could tell that they really were best friends, and have a great time being together. I’m so glad I was able to a part of their day!

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My Wisdom Teeth are Gone… Aug 02nd | Personal

After procastinatinating for YEARS to have my wisdom teeth removed, I finally was forced into losing them forever… thank goodness! I had heard from so many people that it wasn’t that bad, I was expecting to be up and going just a few days after the surgery. Boy was I in for a surprise! I have never been so miserable for so long. Peter was so sweet in taking care of me, and told me how cute I was with my chipmunk face. I knew he was being sweet and looked in the mirror to see a gigantic and deformed face with drool coming out of my mouth! Sheri and Chris’s engagement session was the coming weekend, and it was the only time we had to get it done. Even though I was still swollen and yellow, we headed out to Centennial Park. My biggest worry was that I would be in no shape to make them smile and feel comfortable in front of the camera. That worry was overcome the second I took the first photograph! They were so happy just to be together, and acted so naturally in front of the camera, they made it easy for me. I hardly had to say anything, and they were such a good sport putting up with me being sick. By the end of the shoot, I was already feeling better and began to get excited about their wedding in October. Here are just a few examples of this genuine and happy couple!

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The beginning of the season Aug 01st | Personal

Kasey and Justin started off our wedding season this year, with a very intimate and beautiful wedding. The light at the dock where the ceremony took place was perfect, the weather was perfect, and the joy on everyone’s faces was perfect. We had such a good time at this wedding, and the love that was overflowing between Kasey and Justin made it even better! Congratulations!

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What a summer! Aug 01st | Personal

We have had a BUSY but FUN summer! We not only had the opportunity to photograph a number of beautiful weddings but we got to be a guest of many as well. I had the opportunity of showing my personal projects in an art show, and have been able to see my younger sister, Ansley, blossom as a photographer. We had an awesome photography “girls night” with the youth group at our church, and Peter and I also celebrated our 1 year anniversary! As the summer is coming to a close, I want to share with you the different projects we have been working on for the past several months, as well as some of our personal experiences. I’m looking forward to reminiscing about this summer and I hope this helps you get to know us a little better! Enjoy!

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