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Back to the old stomping grounds! Sep 16th | Personal

I met Emilie and Whit while they were planning their wedding here in Nashville. It turned out that they both were UGA graduates like myself, and actually knew a few people that I went to high school with! What a small world. Their plans changed, and ended up having their wedding in Dawg country, Athens, GA. I was happy to go back! Their Ceremony was at the lovely John Oliver Michael House, and even though the day began with rain, the temperature cooled down, the rain went away, and it made a perfect day for the wedding. What I enjoyed most about this wedding was just being able to watch Emilie and Whit interact with each other, and with everyone around them. Emilie is so kind, and Whit seems to always put a smile on people’s faces. And that is what I love about photography! Being able to sit back and just watch people and find those moments that we too often forget we ever had.

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A bright red, beautiful barn! Sep 07th | Personal

Beth and Lane were married in a small church on a warm day near Nashville. After their sweet ceremony, everyone headed over to Beth’s family’s house where the reception was held in large red barn! It was amazing! The feeling was comforting, welcoming, and it was filled to the brim with people that loved Beth and Lane. It reminded me a bit of mine and Peter’s wedding. Beth shined throughout the day, and you could see the love on Lane’s face. Enjoy!

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Sleepover!!! Sep 02nd | Personal

Peter and I are blessed to be able to work with the youth at our church, The Village Chapel. While Peter is the official “director,” and does all the planning organizing, and keeping up with everyone, I am at most of the meetings and work with the girls. This summer we hosted a sleepover- the girls were at my house with me and my friend Tosha, and the guys were at Tosha’s house with Peter and Tosha’s husband Chris. The guys had “Rock” night and jammed out for part of the evening, and then spent the rest of the night playing “Star Wars: Epic Duels” The girls did no rocking, and no Star Wars games, but we had just as much fun. My friend, and wonderful make-up artist, Lauri Leiweke came over and gave all the girls makeovers. While the makeovers were being given, we made a set up in an unfinished part of our house with studio lights, and all sorts of props. The girls dressed up and we had a photo shoot until way past midnight. While Tosha and I didn’t get makeovers, the girls still had to dress us up and take pictures- and I must say that I was pretty impressed with what they got! I included some fun pictures of Caroline, and the photographs that Bethany, Bella, and Amy took of Tosha and I (remember we had no make-up on!). What a night!




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