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Dianne’s Bridal Oct 26th | Personal

Bridal’s are one of my favorite things to photograph, but I always have to wait till after the wedding to post them so we don’t give anything away. Dianne is now married, so I am so excited to show off the fun that we had. She is so elegant in all of these. A couple of reasons that I love bridals so much is that it gives the bride a chance to try on her dress before the wedding, and it gives us plenty of time to focus every detail of her. There are so many fun things we get to try that there is usually not time for on the wedding day. We went out to the factory and spent an hour and a half setting up shot after shot.
My favorite location on this day was at the restaurant Saffire. They were so kind to let us take over for a little while and to loan us this great yellow chair! My good friend Kristin Barkley inspired me to come out here again after she took mine and Peter’s engagement photographs here (our profile picture is one of hers). The Factory is now one of my favorite locations.

Dianne’s sister came along in her bridesmaids dress so that we could get some photographs of them together. This is my favorite one- you can see that they really care about each other. Her toast to Dianne at the wedding made me cry… but more on that later!

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A day on the town Oct 24th | Personal

Last week Peter and I spent all day Thursday with a group of graphic designers and photographers involved with “the615″ practicing different lighting set ups. Our friend Allen Clark, who is an amazing commercial photographer, showed me different ways to use lighting for a more fashion type look. I had such a good time! It is always so energizing learning from people with a different outlook and style than I have. There were around 25 of us there moving from place to place, trying new techniques and learning from each other. Gregory Byerline, another wonderful photgrapher who works with us sometimes, let us know about the day . Here are some samples of what I did on Thursday.

I snapped this one of Peter just before it began to rain! Not bad for the minute I had to take it.

After it rained, we went under the interstate bridge near 2nd Ave which is where I took this.

For our final stop, we went to the Flying Saucer and set up. It is such a cool venue. This was probably the hardest photograph for me to take- the lighting is completely different than what I normally do. Even though it was tough, I defenitely learned the most from it.

Ahhh… this is more my style. I love it! Can you believe this is the first time this girl had modeled??!!

I had to post this one because Peter took it… and I think he did a great job! He’s been slowly learning how to work with the camera. He already has a good eye, so now he’s just learning the technical side.

The set up underneath the bridge.

And finally, this is one Peter took of me. When I told Peter that I looked so worried he said that I always look like that when I am looking at my camera! I honestly had no idea. Funny funny.

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A trip to Chicago. Oct 13th | Personal

We had the pleasure of visiting Chicago for a wedding a few weeks ago, and had such a great time! We stayed with a friend of ours that moved there from Nashville, and had a great time seeing a bit of the city with him. I am still amazed at the architecture every time I visit!

Alice and Tim’s ceremony was just outside the city at a great restaurant called Miramar Bistro. Everything had a quaint antique look about it, from the old mirrors on the wall to the beautiful tin ceilings. Alice picked colors that fit perfect with the setting, and everything turned out gorgeous. Listening to the pastor talk about the two of them really helped me see what love they both have for each other, for God, and for everyone around them.

Before heading to the bistro, we stopped at the Chicago Botanical Gardens for photographs of everyone- It was absolutely beautiful! I could have stayed there all day taking photographs. You can’t tell it from the photographs, but the gardens were so crowded, I had Jenn and Peter running around trying to keep visitors and other photographers out of the picture! They did a great job!

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Vote for Jinx! Oct 11th | Personal

Chris and Tosha are very good friends of ours, so I am sure you will hear us talk about them a lot! They live right down the street from us and have a house full of pets. The funny thing is that I am very allergic to cats and dogs, so getting to hang out with Chris and Tosha’s animals is about as close as we come. Tosha’s dog, Jinx the Red Ninja, is such a cute little dog, with long legs and a very cheery but sensitive personality. They entered her into a contest being held by the radio station here in Nashville, “The Wolf” to win dog of the year. I have been voting every day for her, and you can too! Just go here, look under contests, and then you will be able to find her and vote. I will let you know how she does!

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My Sisters!!!!!!!!!! Oct 03rd | Personal

I love my younger sisters so much- we always have such a good time together. They came to visit a few weekends ago and we had a blast, not doing much but eating, sleeping, and being goofy. My mom always says she can’t imagine what we would have been like if we had all been boys- us three were plenty to handle (Jess can out burp anyone I know). You can see how goofy my sisters really are in the last pictures on here. Ansley is 17 and about to graduate high school, and Jessica is 22 and is about to graduate college. My mom has a collection of photographs of all of us at age 2, when we graduate high school, when we graduate college, and finally a wedding picture. I have made it through all the stages, but Jessica and Ansley still have few to go. We went out one afternoon while they were here and completed stage 2 for Ans, and stage 3 for Jess. I loved being able to work with them. Aren’t they gorgeous!!!

Peter took this one of the three of us


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