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Invisible Children Jan 30th | Personal

Two disclaimers for this blog. One, this is Peter making his fist attempt at writing a blog. Two, the photos posted for this entry were not taken by Whitney, Jen, or any other Dove Photographer. The owners of these images support their use.

Last week Whitney and I attended a screening of an amazing documentary titled Invisible Children. This film was produced, filmed, and directed by three college students who wanted to travel to Northern Uganda to film a documentary. They had had no story planned and no prior movie-making experience. After several days of searching for a story to film, they found it within the children who lived on the streets.

Hundreds of children were left as orphans due to the outbreak of AIDS and the war between the rebel LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) and the government of Uganda. To make matters worse, the LRA have been abducting the youngest of children, both orphans and non-orphaned. They torture them, brain-wash them, and train them to become killing machines.

Whitney and I were both moved and inspired by this film. It was educational, emotional, and even entertaining. As photographers, we enjoyed watching the amateur videography skills progress as the story moved along. Some really great images were taken toward the end of the film.

The creators of this film have started a movement. The first thing they ask is that we spread the word of this horrible situation. More American’s, including our government, need to know about the horrible acts that are being made upon these children. No matter what your political views are, you can not deny these acts are wrong.

Whitney and I have decided to use Dove Wedding Photography to contribute to the Invisible Children Campaign. The first thing we ask is you check out the websites and Next, locate a screening of the film in your area or purchase the video from the website. The film is heavy at times, but not overly graphic. It is acceptable for teenagers to watch and is made entertaining enough to keep their attention.

We hope you will be inspired as Whitney and I have. Being the dove is a symbol of peace, and weddings are a symbol of love, it only makes sense for us to use Dove Wedding Photography as a means to help end this war. When we launch our new website, we hope you will be excited about what we are doing.

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Rebecca & Cesar Jan 18th | Personal

I realized that I never posted any images from Rebecca & Cesar’s wedding this fall! It was such a beautiful wedding and I wanted to share it with everyone. Their wedding was very similar to mine and Peters, from the tent reception to the fireworks at the end. We had such a good time at the wedding, they made us feel like guests. They really knew how to throw a party! The best part was seeing them all together as family- aren’t they all beautiful! Here are some of my favorites:

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The Holidays are ALMOST over! Jan 09th | Personal

A habit that Peter and I have started around the holiday’s is opening our gifts for each other after all of our family celebrations. And each year it gets further and further from Christmas time. And now it is January 9 and we will finally have our Christmas together! We will spend the evening alone, exchange gifts, and celebrate. At my home, Christmas is over on December 26th, with all the decorations down no later than the 27th. However, Peter’s family takes their time and celebrates as long as they feel like, and I enjoy having time with everyone. Here are a few photographs from time with both of our family’s this year:

Me, my sisters Ansley and Jessica, and our cousin Lindsay trying to fit into the camera

A nice family portrait… my grandmother with all of her grandchildren. I am the oldest. From left to right, Lindsay, Ansley, Me, Ryan, Jordan, and Jessica. We have a lot of girls in our family.

And as you can see, silliness does run in the family.

My beautiful grandmother who we call MawMaw. She is my mom’s mother and turned 91 this year!

After Christmas at MawMaw’s, we headed to my Dad’s side of the family

This is MeMaw and Papa Bo. I love hearing my grandmother talk about how my granddad is the best man in the world. They have been together over 50 years and still enjoy just being together.

After spending some time in Georgia, Peter and I headed to Kansas City. This is Peter’s little brother, Bjorn. They are 21 years apart! Bjorn can hardly take it when he knows that Peter is coming because he is so excited. During the week, Bjorn followed Peter around every second we were there. Peter loved it!

This was a cool little gadget Bjorn got for Christmas. They are little computer people in sepearte boxes. When you put the boxes together the people interact with each other, sometimes visiting the other box… It was very cool.

And here is Peter’s sister, Elly. Elly lives in St. Paul and came to visit the family when we did. I wish she lived closer!!! Elly was one of my bridesmaids and is one of the most generous people I know.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful New Year! I am having fun being back home and working. We are getting ready for Brittany & Mike’s wedding at the Factory this weekend- I can’t wait to see you guys!

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Jan 02nd | Personal

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas are having a fullfilling start of the new year. We have had both this season and are continuing to celebrate for a few more days with our family. Peter and I have family in Atlanta, Kansas City, and Minneapolis, so we have to take a long break to be able to visit everyone. I have begun to love the long holidays getting to spend time with people we often just see once or twice a year. I will have photographs to share once we return from Kansas City! We will be back in action on January 4th, and have many exciting things to share for the start of the New Year!

Whitney & Peter

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