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My new baby brother, Feb 28th | Personal

Well, as you can see he is not biological, and happens to be a tiny shitzu. And, I’m sure you can also see that he is one SUPER CUTE puppy! He is my mother’s little boy and his name is Audi. I just met him a few weeks ago and was able to grab some photographs of him. At the time, he only weighed two pounds, and hopped around like a bunny. I can’t wait to be in Georgia and get to see him again!

Trying to untie my mom’s shoe.

This little loofa is his favorite toy!

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The Village Chapel Feb 20th | Personal

If you have met us or have read our blogs, you may know that I am a part-time youth director at The Village Chapel, a non-denominational church in the Hillsboro Village area of Nashville.

Whitney and I actually met at this church. We love it! It’s a ?come as you are? church. If you dress up for our Sunday service, you may feel a bit out of place. It’s filled with all kinds of people, especially creative types. We have professional musicians, authors, painters, photographers, and actors. Of course there are business people and doctors as well.

Anyway, over the last few weeks, we have been taking head shots and family photos for the annual release of the church directory. As you can see, these are not typical church directory photos. Whitney had a lot of fun photographing them.

- Peter

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Congratulations Brittany & Mike! Feb 13th | Personal

Brittany and Mike had such a unique and fun wedding! Brittany is involved with drama and film, and incorporated this beautifully with her wedding. Doesn’t she look like a classic movie star! Here are a few highlights….

This is Brittany’s little sister… look at how excited she is to Brittany!

Brittany’s ruby red slippers. She walked down the aisle to “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Mike sees Brittany for the first time.

The beautiful feather centerpieces.

Aren’t they stunning together!

The reception was so much fun! Everyone had a chance on stage.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding!


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Peter is a Winner! Feb 08th | Personal

Check out my award winning photograph.

I usually do not win awards. However, last night I entered a contest. Blu Domain is a company that makes websites for photographers. Recently, they accepted submissions for a portrait contest. The goal was to show your favorite shoes and have your toes showing. The portrait I created, with a little help from Whitney, was chosen as one of two winners out of 935 entries. You can view this on their blog page by clicking on this.

If you know me, you know I love Chuck Taylor All Stars. I have flat feet and these archless sneakers work wonders. They have been around since 1923. The black and white are my tried and true choice. I also have an all black pair I use for dress occasions. Like, when Whitney and I were married.

A few years ago I decided to hold on to my shoes and collect them for some art project. Well, as you can see, it has paid off. My prize was a photography website. We are choosing our design now and soon will have a new look.

This weekend, I may go buy a new pair of Chucks. Black and White, Lo Cut, Size 11 of course.


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What a weekend!!! Feb 06th | Personal

This past weekend I was able to travel to Atlanta to hear two leaders of the wedding photography industry speak. I have been an admirer of Joe Buissink for quite a while now, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to see him. He has done many celebrity weddings and even photographed Annie Leibovitz’s sisters wedding. But besides all of that, he is so passionate about wedding photography and about capturing THE moment of the day. Take a look at his website, and you will see what I mean!

Also speaking with Joe was Marcus Bell. He is the top wedding photographer in Australia, and his work is breathtaking. I am saving up now so he can photograph mine and Peter’s 50th wedding anniversary! I learned so much from these two, and can’t wait t0 start implementing some of their strategies!

One of the best parts of the trip was getting to spend some time with two amazing photographers from Nashville, Andrea Hallgren and Donna Jones Bailey. The three of us traveled to Atlanta together, and we had such a good time! Andrea and Donna are both hilarious, I laughed so much the whole trip. Here we are just before going home….

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