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A beautiful, happy, rainy day. May 28th | Personal

For most people, a rainy wedding day for an outdoor wedding would cause a panic. But for Nina and Johnny, it just added to the experience. You could see the happiness on both of their faces all day! Here are some of my favorites

Nina and Johnny were married at the Buchannon Resort in Springville, TN. They decorated with daisy’s, tin buckets and mason jars- it was very Southern Living! I loved it! The day ended with a fish fry, which just added to everything.

Luckily we did the photographs beforehand while it was still dry.

And then just before the ceremony, the rain came down!

This is after the ceremony when everyone was trying to get to the reception.

And this is just to show you how much fun everyone had at the reception!

Congratulations you guys! We had a great time getting to be a part of your day.>

This is where I need everyone’s help- I love both of these images of Nina and am going to use one of them on our website. But I can’t decide which one I like best! So, let me know which one you like, and I will put the one with the most votes on our website.

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Dove is on TV Blog! May 24th | Personal

There are so many fun things going on in the TV world right now, so I wanted to share a few that are near and dear to us. The most exciting is that Jennifer’s husband Zack is going to be on MTV! Zack is a producer in Atlanta and will be on the new show ?Band in a Bubble? that airs tonight at 10:00pm for us Nashville folk and 11:00pm for the Atlantans. The band Cartel will be locked in a bubble for 20 days while Zack and his cousin Kenneth produce their record. You can check here to get all the details of how this crazy thing will work, and see their myspace page here. While I’m not sure if Zack will be in the first episode tonight, he will definitely be on there for the following episodes. Be sure to check it out! Here is a picture of Zack and Jen from a hiking trip we went on together a while back:

And here’s the star himself:

As for other news, Peter will be starring in next season’s Lost. Here he is practicing his moves:

And the ?I’m LOST? face:

Ok, Ok. So Peter’s not really going to be on Lost. Those pictures are from our honeymoon in Hawaii when we went hiking and pretended that we made it big. (yes, we are both huge dorks). But we did watch the season finale last night, and it was AMAZING! Peter and I are both big LOST fans, and last nights episode was just really good television. And I bawled for almost 10 minutes at one point (which really isn’t that surprising for me.) If you haven’t already, you should definitely check it out.

Hope everyone is doing well! We’ve got a bunch of sessions we are about to release, so stay tuned for more excitement! And don’t forget to tune into MTV tonight!


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Bridal Sessions May 18th | Personal

I absolutely love doing bridal sessions! I don’t usually get to share them until after the wedding- so as not to spoil the surprise! However, we did a bridal last week, and I have permission to post this image since you can not see who it is. And even though I can’t tell you her name, I will tell you that she looked so elegant and was a super great sport. At one point she climed into a very large window ledge over 6 feet off the ground! You’ll have to see that one later! Here is one of my favorites…


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We went to Chicago May 14th | Personal

One thing you may not know about photographers, is we like to hang out with each other. Then we post blogs about what we did while hanging out. This is most recently the case last week, as our online proofing and ordering partner, Pictage, held a conference in Chicago. Whitney and I took a lot of classes, met a lot of photographers, and Hung Out a lot.

The conference was in the suburbs, but we wanted to stay in the city. Our good friend Scott has a sweet bachelor pad in town, only a few blocks from the lake. He was kind enough to let us stay at his place. So, we lived like Chicago residents by stopping at Dunkin’ Donut each morning on our way to the train station.

Traveling the city via public transportation, we choose to be simplistic and practical by making our point-and-shoot, as well as our camera phones, the choices for our image capturing. We felt a bit out of place at the conference in a sea of large SLR cameras. However, we were very pleased on our hikes around town when we were not lugging such bulky items with us.

Here are some of the images we took with our simple little camera. I have also added a few that other photographers took. Hey, why bother taking photos of the same thing 5 other photographers are, right?

Whitney on the train.

This is our friend Alison Bynum.

Alison had some great photos to show Whitney from our outing the night before.

Here is one of those photos. This is Whitney helping add some wind to “The Windy City.”

This is Whitney using her super powers to fly down and rip this light pole from the ground.

Little camera, big photographers.

After the sessions closed, we walked a few blocks down the road, with a posse of photographers, to get some Chicago-style pizza. As you can tell, Whitney was deep in conversation on this walk.

Here is the crew eating the pizza. Yes, that is my big head to the left. Our friend Amber Holritz, from Chattanooga, shot this one. Notice all the cameras.

What a week!

- Peter

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Rainbows and such May 07th | Personal

I wanted to share a quick image from an engagement session that we did this week. We had sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and of course it had to rain all three days (Saturday turned out beautiful by the evening though) We did them all, and were able to get a few images that wouldn’t have been possible without the rain. This image was taken right when Alison and Patrick showed up- the rainbow is real, and we couldn’t have planned it better! I can’t wait to post a few more from the other sessions that we did this week.

We are just about to walk out the door and head towards Chicago for a photography confrence that we will tell you all about when we get back. Meanwhile, we might be a little hard to reach for the next few days- if you need us quickly, phone will be the best way to contact us.


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Sleeping in a cardboard box. May 04th | Personal

Last Saturday Whitney and I spent the night in a cardboard box.

We took 8 teenagers to an event, in Hendersonville, called Displace Me. The evening was planned to raise awareness for the displaced people of Northern Uganda. If you are not familiar with this situation, you can learn more about it on the ?Make a Difference? section of our new website

A major part of the event was sleeping in huts made from card board. We arrived to the grounds a little late, so our homes were less glamorous then some of the cardboard huts the other 1,500 students built.

A large challenge of the night came when it was time to retrieve our water rations. Only the females, who were 18-22 years of age, in each group were allowed to retrieve the water. On top of that, they were only allowed to get one bottle of water per visit to the distribution are. To make matters more difficult. Our group did not have any females in the correct age range. So, Whitney taught the well-mannered young ladies of our group how to lie.

The night stayed rain-free, but ended up quit cold. Whitney woke with a wonderful sinus infection that lasted a few days and I was a bit under the weather for the next day as well.


Here are some images to tell the story a little more:

Tori is a fun spirit who always brings life to the group. She tried keeping us up all night with rounds of Telephone.

The event was planned by Invisible Children Inc. Not only do they create a lot of awareness for Uganda, but they create some great documentaries. Here is a crowd-surfing videographer shooting a film to be shown on the Senate Floor.

Around 1500 youth in Nashville contributed to the creation of the film for the Senate.

The moon over the cardboard village.

“Every War Has an End”

Whitney, Amy, and the glorious home the girls made for the night.

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Anna and Alex May 04th | Personal

It was such an honor to be asked to photograph Anna and Alex’s wedding in Atlanta. Alex and I were friends all through college, and he is one of the best people I know. Not only was he a great friend, but an awesome longboarder- A group of us would meet every Thursday night and stay up all night skateboarding and talking in in a large parking lot on campus. And the best part was that Alex made most of our skateboards! When Alex started dating Anna, I realized that I knew Anna growing up. We were in ballet together, but she was a year ahead of me. It was so great seeing them at the wedding- Anna was beautiful and just glowed throughout the day. And the best part was, you could not only see how much they loved each other, but how much they were commited to each other no matter what. Here are a few of my favorites throughout the day-

This scene was going on before Anna and Alex even arrived- I love it because it lets you catch a glimpse of all the hustle and bustle that take place the day of the wedding.

Anna going to see Alex for the first time.

Peter caught this view of their wedding at the Carl House

Father and Daughter

And I’d like to leave you with this hilarious moment between these two brothers that Peter captured- now this is the way to wear a tie!

Congratulations you guys, I’m so happy for you!


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