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Catch of the day! Jul 26th | Personal

We arrived home last night from our wonderful vacation and are now getting back into the swing of things. Peter and I had a great time visiting family, and relaxing a little bit too. Right now we are working on responding to all of our e-mails and returning calls, but I wanted to give you a little peek at what we did while we were away. I will post more next week! Peter took these while we were staying on the Gunflint trail near the Canadian border- I haven’t been fishing in over 10 years, so I was very proud of the fish I caught!

I love this image Peter took- As you can see in the background, they suffered a horrible forest fire a few months ago. There were miles and miles of burnt trees which destroyed some homes and just barely missed others. But even with the fires, it was still beautiful.
My fish, the only one for the day!


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Vacation!!! Jul 14th | Personal

Peter and I are heading to Atlanta tomorrow for Whitney and Dustin’s wedding. Then on Sunday we head up north where we will spending time in Grand Marais, MN to celebrate Peter’s dads birthday in a cabin out in the wilderness! We will then head down to Minneapolis where we will spend time with the other half of Peter’s family. We are so excited to have a break and to be able to spend time with family. We do not have any family in Nashville, so we are always excited when we get to go visit. While we are up North (the highs are going to be in the 60′s!!!), we will not have internet access for most of the time. So, our blog will be on a short hiatus until July 26th. But once we are back, I know we will have so many photographs to share. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Peter Carlson: Great. You tested it. Now see what happens. (Jul 02nd - 05:55 pm)
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A Lovely Country Wedding Jul 10th | Personal

Taylor and Jon were married at her uncle’s home out in Fayetteville, TN. The minute we drove up, I felt like I was home. It reminded me of my grandparents house in Talmo, GA in so many ways, and I was so excited to be there. From the big black barn in the backyard, to the cool stream and all the little gardens scattered about the yard, everything was simply charming. Here are some of my favorites throughout the day:

I loved these boots that Taylor wore!

The guys hanging out by the barn.

The girls!

I think Taylor is just stunning in this picture! You can see just how picturesque everything was.

As a surprise, Taylor rode in to the ceremony on a four-wheeler. How fun is that!

Jon seeing Taylor for the first time on their wedding day- Look how happy he is!

The Ceremony.

Peter took this photograph during the ceremony, and I think it is just magical.

What a good flower girl!

This is my favorite image from the day. We went and explored around the farm right at sunset, and everything was beautiful.

The happy couple.

Jennifer took this ring shot- she is so great with capturing creative details!

Here is a night shot of the house during the reception. We had such a great time you guys! Thanks for letting us share your day with you.


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Fusion ’07 Jul 10th | Personal

If you do not have plans for this weekend already, please make them now for Fusion ’07! This is one of the best new events that Nashville has to offer and I promise that you will have a great time. It is this Saturday, July 14th, 8pm @ City Hall and Project A in the Gulch. The event will feature visual arts, local culinary delights, a fashion show from local designers, short local films, and a silent auction. Music includes Kevin Rhoads, Matthew Perryman Jones & Peter Barbee and Trent Dabbs. All of the proceeds go to benefit the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation.

I have been working with Fusion for the past 3 years, and it has become larger than we had ever imagined. Not only in size of the event, but what it is doing to fight cancer. You can find out more information here. We have donated an engagement/bridal session and 11×14 masterpiece print for the silent auction. I can’t wait to see who gets it!


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A hot day yesterday! Jul 09th | Personal

I wanted to share with you one of my favorites from Amber and Brandon’s engagement session last night. It was SUPER warm, but Amber and Brandon stuck it out with flying colors. We got this image in a big field in Lebanon that we got to by walking past a crematorium, through super tall grass, mud, and lots of bugs. And Amber did all this heels! I’m so glad they were up for it, because we wouldn’t have gotten this beautiful image with out their hard work. I hope the ticks stayed away from you guys! I’ll post more once I finish up the rest of the session :)


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Bridal Show & Our Surprise! Jul 07th | Personal

After a fun and eventful weekend, we have been working hard on our recent sessions and moving into our new gallery! That’s right, Dove has a new home in downtown Nashville.

We have been looking for a space for a while now, and were so thrilled to find one at the Tennessee Art League. It is a beautiful building, and we absolutely love what TAL does for the Art Community. Downstairs is a gallery that displays new works of art each month, the 2nd floor hosts several private studios (one of which is ours!), and upstairs there are classrooms that host different classes and workshops each month. We know we are going to love being around such creative people!

We are using this space to display our photographs, to have meetings in, and to do some of our editing in. When you come meet with us for the first time, we will show you our albums, our collection of portraits, and help answer any question you may have about our packages and photography. After your wedding, we will have you sit down, enjoy some some tasty beverages and snacks and view your images for the first time on our large, 47inch, flat panel monitor. We will then help you choose images for your album and for portaits to hang on your walls.

While we don’t have any images of our new space yet, I wanted to share some photographs of our booth from the bridal show which is similar to our set up in our studio. We had a great time at the show and enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones as well!

Here is Sean and Melanie from McLellan Studio modeling for our booth setup :)

And here we are again with the McLellans at the end of the show. And in the center is our good friend and good assistant Cara who helped us out for the day!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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The Fabulous Jenny & Joey Jul 04th | Personal

We had a great time at Percy Warner Park with Jenny and Joey for their engagement session! It was fun watching them interact with each other and getting to know them better. At certain moments you could tell they are best friends and have known each other for such a long time, and then at others you could really see how they really love each other. I was so excited to find out they are “Lost” fans as well! (Honestly, I have never been obsessed with tv shows until JJ Abrams came along) Here are a few of my favorites from the day:


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