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Amy & Jason’s Engagement Sep 27th | Personal

After spending some time at Sevier Park on 12th Ave, we headed downtown for Amy & Jason’s engagement shoot. We started at the Titan’s stadium and then headed to the pedestrian bridge. We had a great time and the weather was just perfect for it! When it started to get dark, we pulled out a flash and were able to get some super fun stuff. This is one of my favorites from the bridge!


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Ashley & Jordan Sep 23rd | Personal

We had the opportunity to photograph Ashley and Jordan’s wedding this summer, and it was wonderful! I remember Ashley telling me when we first met about her wedding that she wanted something very elegant- and that is exactly what she had. But beside just being elegant, it was also a very emotional wedding where you could see how much Ashley and Jordan love each other. Jordan’s expression as Ashley walked down the aisle was priceless! Here are some of my favorites from the day:

This little guy did not want to walk down the aisle! But, he finally made it!
I just love the look on Jordan’s face her, you can really see the love in his eyes.


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Roman’s Family Sep 21st | Personal

I was very excited when Deena wrote us to see if we could do a family portrait for them. We just photographed her daughter Chelsea’s wedding (which I will post about soon!). They asked if we would like to come to their home and take some portraits in honor of Ronnie and Deena’s 30th wedding anniversary. They have 3 daughters, all with beautiful smiles, and now the family has 5 additional members. It’s so great seeing a family like this all together! The image below is an out take of sorts which includes Mr. Froggy who comes to all sessions with us that involve children. I love seeing everyone’s expressions in this image!


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Whitney & Dustin’s Georgia Wedding Sep 14th | Personal

This summer Peter and I headed down to Douglasville, Georgia for Whitney and Dustin’s wedding. Whitney found us through my sister, Jessica, who was roommates with Whitney. It was great to finally meet her! And yes, it did get confusing at times when Jen would yell “Look at Whitney(me)! and they would look at the bride :) Whitney and Dustin had a very sweet wedding and then headed to the Douglasville Cultural Arts Center for their reception. Everything was so classic! Here are some of my favorites from throughout the day, starting with 2 fun mirror shots!

I love how Whitney’s eyes just sparkle in this one! They are beautiful!
This is my favorite of the two of them together!
The beautiful Cultural Arts Center

First Dance

We had a great time being part of your day!
-Whitney (Carlson)

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Neeti and Sharran Sep 12th | Personal

I have been a bit behind on my blogging for this week, but only because we have been crazy busy! The weekend before last, I had the pleasure of doing engagement photographs for Neeti and Sharran who are getting married in Chicago next year. Neeti was stunning, and Sharran gave a gigantic smile every time he looked at her. Which of course made things a breeze for me! We wandered around downtown for a bit and then headed over to Centennial Park. They were up for anything! I couldn’t decide which one of these two I like better since they are both so different. So I had to share them both!

I had a great time you guys!

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Friends and Fun! Sep 07th | Personal

Often when I hang out with friends, my camera stays behind- Many times because I just don’t think about it! But this past weekend my camera was with me, and when that happens I can’t help but take photographs! Our friend Zac had an end of summer bash on Sunday with fajitas, drinks, and a pinata stuffed with candy! That’s Peter below trying to break it. And check out little Evie also, who I took more pictures of than anyone of course! If you haven’t hit a pinata in a while, I highly recommend it for your next party!


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Labor Day Weekend Sep 04th | Personal

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I know that Peter and I did. Even though we worked most of the weekend, we were able to spend some fun time with friends. And since we both love what we do, our work was like spending time with friends as well! On Saturday, we had the privilege of photographing Patricia and Floyd’s wedding. They had a simple ceremony at the court house in the morning, and then a wonderful reception at Hillwood Country Club that evening. I think the best word to describe both Patricia and Floyd is classy, and their celebration was definitely that. Lindsey Monger with A Bride Idea kept things running smoothly and beautifully. I can’t wait to share some of the photographs of the fun evening! But for now, here is an image of Patricia and Floyd right after the ceremony in front of the courthouse.

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Krysten & Mark Sep 02nd | Personal

Krysten & Mark had a fabulous wedding that took place this summer at the Governors Club in Brentwood. There were so many beautiful details throughout the entire wedding that we hardly stopped photographing for the 12 hours we were there! Here are a few of my favorites from Krysten getting ready at one of the most beautiful homes I have seen!

This is Krysten’s daughter, Hallie. She was so adorable, and never seemed to stop dancing! Right now she is trying out the harp for a bit.

This was the necklace that Mark gave Hallie when he proposed to Krysten. I just about cried when Krysten told me the story!

Krysten just before she goes to see Mark.

And Jennifer grabbed this of Mark just before he sees Krysten.

The flowers during the ceremony were just stunning.

Krysten and her dad just after she walked down the aisle.

/>He’s got the moves! Gregory Byerline grabbed this fantastic shot at the reception.

The reception was so much fun and was led by Blue Tone Music.

I love this shot of Krysten & Mark’s friends from school!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!


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