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Merry Christmas! Dec 24th | Personal

Peter and I are finally in Minneapolis after what was supposed to be a 3 hour trip turned into an 11 hour trip! But despite all the craziness, we are here safe and sound and I am so excited to see SNOW!! It will be first white Christmas- Yay!

All of our packages are shipped and Peter and I will be taking some time off to spend with family. We will be back to work by January 3rd.

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! Here is our beautiful snow covered view from Peter’s mom’s place….


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Audrey & Ben’s After Session Dec 17th | Personal

After Audrey & Ben’s wedding festivities were over, we scheduled a day that we were able to go and do some fun portraits in their wedding clothes. I have so much fun with these sessions for many reasons. They are much more relaxing than the wedding day, we get more time with the bride and groom, we can try different locations, and the bride doesn’t have to worry about getting her dress dirty! Plus, who doesn’t like the chance to put your wedding dress back on again! Audrey and Ben were so much fun to hang out with, and I have an extra special image to share with you later after Peter gets a chance to work on it. Curious yet? But for now, I love this one we took at my new favorite photography spot, Fort Negley. Also a huge thanks to Krystal Mann from Mint & Sage for being my assistant that day! She is awesome!

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Sandra & Scott Dec 16th | Personal

Sandi and Scott were married in Auburn, GA at the Carl House. They booked us for their wedding over a year ago, so it was great to be able see everything they had been working on put together. They both were just so happy to be together, and you could definitely see it on their faces throughout the day. Sandi is so warm and caring, and Scott just couldn’t stop smiling the whole day! It was awesome! So, on to some of my favorites….

I loved these doors on the side of the house….

I haven’t seen the yellow and red combination very often, but I love how it just pops here! It’s such a unique way to have fall colors.

Love this one Jenn got of the guys…

Don’t they look great!

This was such a great moment, and I love seeing the difference expressions on their adorable faces!

Their ceremony was just after sunset, and the glowing lanterns really gave everything such a beautiful glow.

Their first dance.

I love all the different moments we were able to grab at the reception…

For some reason lately, no one wants to catch the bouquet!!! I always wanted to catch one and never did. Too late for me now!

Sandi and Scott, thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding! We had a blast!


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Cough, Cough… Dec 10th | Personal

This crazy weather has been doing crazy things with my immune system lately! This weekend my sister and her fiance came into town for their engagement session, and unfortunately my body wanted nothing to do with it. But we still braved the damp weather and had a super good time. I’ll post one of my favorites a little later this week. I rested up last night, and even though I’m still a bit under the weather, I feel much better. Now enough of this warm weather! I’m ready for a nice consistant cold with little hints of snow. It’s almost Christmas, right! I just found this photograph I took last year at my parent’s house of the very first Christmas ornament that I made. Growing up, my mom would make all sorts of dough ornaments to put on our tree, like the first one with my initial. Although my mom’s looks great, I think the one I made is my favorite. Hope this helps make it feel a bit more like Christmas!

My mom’s ornament:

My ornament:

These were made circa 1984 by the way!


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WeddingSecretaryBlog Dec 08th | Personal

Amber & Brandon, photographed by Dove Wedding Photography

Amber and Brandon were married at Two River’s Mansion here in Nashville, and it is such a beautiful place! I loved all the textures throughout the old Mansion, and the wallpaper was so much fun to photograph. What really made Amber’s wedding special was all of the detail that she put into it. Amber is super creative and designed everything from her invitations to her programs. She has a company called Sweet Life Designs where she does everything from wedding invitations to place cards. Amber’s flower’s were beautiful shades of pink and red that were put together by Fresh by Carry Ann. Mary Alice Sublett was the coordinator for Amber’s wedding, and she did a spectacular job. I was excited and not surprised at all to hear that Amber is now working with Mary Alice’s company, A Delightful Day. If there is one thing that I regret my own wedding is not having a coordinator- so if you are on a limb about whether or not to hire one, I HIGHLY recommend it. Here is a little collage I put together of all her details.

Click on the slide show below to see to images of the rest of Amber & Brandon’s day! You can also view the slide show here.

-Whitney Carlson, Dove Wedding Photography

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Melanie & Tony, Clarksville, TN Dec 07th | Personal

Melanie & Tony had such a sweet wedding in Melanie’s hometown of Clarksville, TN. I loved hearing how they were set up by friends and just fit perfectly together. Their wedding was at First Baptist Church Clarksville and the reception was at Melanie’s parent’s home. I love Melanie’s dress and was excited to find out that Melanie designed her bridesmaid’s dresses! I thought they were just perfect. Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Tony informed me that this is typical him…

The flowers

The beautiful bride

My favorite shot of the day… I was so glad they were both up for it!

LOVE these shoes!!

And no matter how often these shots are done, they always make me laugh!!!!

Melanie being walked down the aisle

After the ceremony, Tony had a surprise for Melanie… He had rented a limo without her knowing about it and whisked her off to a park where he had a gift waiting for her. We had the privilege of following them there and photographing it… I absolutely love their expressions here….

This is what a reception in a backyard looks like… beautiful!

what a cutie…

And finally, the lovely gift that everyone brought home, bulbs- what a great idea!

Thanks so much for letting us take part in your day!


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Jenny & Joey Dec 05th | Personal

Jenny & Joey had a very elegant wedding ceremony at Assumption Church that was followed by their reception at Global Cafe. Assumption church was absolutely gorgeous, and the vibe at The Global Cafe was really unique. Everyone had such a good time at their reception and I think there were just as many people at the beginning of the night as there was at the end! I love this image of the Jenny & Joey during their first dance…

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