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Snow! Feb 28th | Personal

Snow makes me smile like nothing else, and I was so happy to see it outside today! I still remember being little and every time there was the slightest possibility of snow I would pray so hard that it would come. On the rare occasion that it actually did in Georgia, I would be on cloud nine all day. Even though most of the snow didn’t stick today, I still felt the giddiness like I did when I was a little girl every time I peeked out my window. Wonderful! This is what I saw….


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Anna & Joe’s Engagement Session Feb 26th | Personal

Peter and I had such a great time hanging out with Anna and Joe for their engagement session. Since it is winter and everything is dead around here, we roamed around downtown for the shoot. I love Anna’s sense of style, especially her wonderful mustard colored coat. Here are a few of my favorites from our time together. I really had a hard time narrowing down the images to three, so I decided to go ahead and show five.

I love their expressions in both of these.

Anna told me that instead of taking self portraits of her and Joe when they are on trips together, they take photographs of their shadows instead. What a brilliant idea! I of course had to grab a shadow photograph as well.

Joe really knows how to dip a girl! I couldn’t resist keeping this one out, it is my favorite from the day.

And I love this simple one that shows how cute Anna is next to Joe.

Can’t wait for the wedding you guys!


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Shelley & Lamar, a Christmas Wedding Feb 22nd | Personal

So now its time for me to share the final wedding of 2007, Shelley and Lamar. They were married at the always gorgeous Opryland Hotel, and we had a blast roaming around the hotel finding fun places to shoot. Not only were Shelley and Lamar a pleasure to be around, but their families were as well. Everyone was so happy to be together, and it was fun seeing everyone connect at the wedding. Here is the story of the day… Shelley getting ready.

I’m wondering if anyone has noticed my kick with shoes lately…. I’ve been having so much fun finding new ways to compose them and photograph them.

I love how Shelley’s dress just flows in this image.

Jen grabbed these next two of Lamar and the guys. Very fun.

Wonderful light.

Lamar’s dad helping him get ready for the ceremony.

Yummy red.

So I couldn’t decide which of these next two I liked better. The first one is fun and sweet, the second one quiet and artistic. What do you think?

My favorite from the day.

The beautiful set up at the Magnolia Ballroom.

He is serious about his dancing.

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Shelley and Lamar’s first dance.

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding!



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Happy Valentine’s Day! Feb 14th | Personal

I hope everyone is having a great Valentine’s day! Peter is sick (again!) so he is sleeping and we will probably not be able to go out tonight :( So instead we will just stay in and watch a romantic movie and go to bed early- which actually sounds very appealing to me right now! Last week we finished up our church directory photos that I take every year, so I’ll show you ours. I of course had to have someone else take our photo, so I asked our friend the fabulous Allen Clark! I love how it turned out…

My true love and I!



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Jenny & Joey Feb 11th | Personal

There is something about an old, beautiful church that just makes take a deep breath and remember that there are things so much bigger than you at work in this world. That is how I felt when I entered Assumption Church to photograph Jenny & Joey’s wedding. Their long beautiful ceremony gave me time to think about love and how amazing it is that we are able to share this with people that bring meaning to our lives. The best thing of all is being able to share love with the one person that we choose to spend the rest of our lives with. Marriage really is a gift from God. Here are some images from their gorgeous day.

Jenny & Joey’s reception was held at the Global Cafe, and I was so impressed with everything! Everything ran so smoothly. And I love all the decorations that Jenny picked out for the wedding- the red just made everything pop.

One of my favorite things about this wedding was seeing all of the emotion. You can really tell that family is important to Jenny & Joey. Things went from very tender to fun in a short amount of time. And boy did everyone have fun!

This is one of my favorite moments… Joey went to feed Jenny the cake, and instead missed her mouth and dropped it. I love all the reactions!

We took a minute to grab this shot just before we left.

Two days after the wedding, we met back up with Jenny & Joey for and After Session and had a lot of fun getting these shots around downtown. We started back at the global cafe.

I love this one… Look closely!

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your elegant wedding and braving the cold weather with me!


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Justin & Mary, Nashville PUG Feb 09th | Personal

Peter and I are the leader’s of a photography group through Pictage here in Nashville called PUG. I joined this group when I first started in the wedding business and it has become like a home to me. Every month I can’t wait to see everyone, learn from each other, and just hang out. Usually we don’t get home until after midnight on the days of the meetings. This Thursday, Justin and Mary Marantz were the guest speakers at the PUG and we had such a great time. They traveled here from Connecticut to share about their wonderful photography business and we all learned a ton. We had over 30 people at the meeting, and everyone was bursting with questions at the end. Mary and Justin and so sincere and open and are very invested in helping other photographers with their business. Plus, they are great photographers on top of that! Here are some images of the night.

Justin and Mary answering questions after the presentation.

Zach asking questions, Chris and Joan listening intently.

I kept trying to catch a natural moment with Sean and Mel, but Sean has serious camera radar!

Afterwards we all went to eat at Mafiaoza’s, one of my favorite restaurants in town- mostly because of the awesome vibe. Mary didn’t realize she had ordered a whole pizza for herself!

Justin and Amber looking very serious.

There were over 20 of us at the restaurant, but I was at the Mafia table, and didn’t get a chance to squeeze out and get images of everyone else. Thanks to everyone for coming out, and super duper thanks to Justin and Mary!


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Congratulations Stephanie & Sean! Feb 07th | Personal

Stephanie & Sean were married at Holy Family Catholic Church in Brentwood this past November. I have had such a good time getting to know Stephanie, she is such a genuine person and I’ve had a great time being able to photograph her and Sean. Not to mention that Stephanie has a super sense of style! Their wedding was also full of super cute kids- I had to force myself to keep from posting a thousand of those images on the blog. Here is Stephanie getting ready.

Stephanie’s flower’s were by Carry Ann of Fresh by Carry Ann. She does gorgeous work.

Sean’s sister comforting her precious daughter.

Stephanie’s friends saying a prayer for her before the Ceremony

The Ceremony

I love this moment. While I was in the back during the ceremony, this little guy was just having the best time entertaining himself.

The light was beautiful for Stephanie and Sean’s portraits.

Mary Alice and Amber of A Delightful Day were Stephanie’s coordinators and they did a fabulous job. Everything was just beautiful at the UAW in Spring Hill

I can honestly say that I’ve never had so much fun as I did at Stephanie & Sean’s wedding. By the end of the night Karri, Jennifer, myself, Mary Alice and Amber were all pulled on the dance floor with everyone else. We had so much fun, and were made to feel so welcome by the whole family and all the guests.

Congratulations you two!


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The Storm. Feb 06th | Personal

I hope that everyone came through the storm safe and with their homes in tact. I am so sad for those that were devastated by it. When I was little I would get so excited about tornadoes. My whole family would huddle in the closet together with our flashlights and I would call my best friend and we would talk to each other throughout the storm. It was like playing in a fort to me. When I finally was old enough to realize how dangerous and SCARY tornadoes were, I could not have been more frightened! Tornadoes are now my biggest fear, so whenever there is a warning I make sure we are prepared and safe! I found a service through the Weather Channel that will call you if there is a warning. It is great if you are asleep and there is a warning, because it will call and wake you up. You can find out more information on Notify here. After our first call our upstairs neighbors cam down with their adorable dog and then we went into our closet for a bit. And as nervous as I was, we actually had fun huddling together in our closet, and luckily for us the brunt of the storms missed us all night. I am so thankful for that. I hope everyone has a good, restful day after this crazy night we just had.


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Megan & Sean- Athens, GA Feb 05th | Personal

I have been very exciting about posting some of these images from Megan & Sean’s wedding in Athens, GA- my hometown! Megan and I met in college, and we quickly became friends. Not only do I love Megan, but her entire family- all 9 of them! Megan had such a sweet ceremony, and as always with the Slabodas, very stylish and beautiful. I still remember when Megan first started dating Sean, and then breaking up with him. He lived in Canada, and she in Georgia, USA. After many years they knew they were supposed to be together. Then after more work, Sean is an official a resident, and they are officially married! I could go on and on about everything, but I won’t, so lets get straight to the images!

Their wedding was at the Day Chapel at the Botanical Gardens in Athens. It is one of the most beautiful, simple chapels that I have every seen.

Megan getting ready.

I LOVE her veil, so classic.

Peter grabbed this unscripted shot, and I think it is just perfect.

Look at the beautiful wood work in the chapel.

This is a sweet image of Megan with her youngest siblings.

Megan with her bridesmaids- her sisters Melissa and Tori, and her best friend Karri. Karri was my second shooter the first year of Dove, she then moved to China, and she just moved to Nashville this year! Yay!

Isn’t Megan gorgeous in this image?!

And I just love how Sean is looking at his wife here.

Since there were so many people who had come from out of town, Megan and Sean wanted to keep hanging out after the wedding. So a group of us headed to a very cool bar/venue in Athens. And of course I had to bring my camera. This is Megan when she arrived- why not stay in your wedding dress?!

And this shows just how much fun everyone had.

And I wanted to end with a shoot we did the day before the wedding- I new that the old car would suit their vintage style perfectly.

Before I let you go, I need to mention that I was so honored to photograph Megan’s wedding. Megan’s dad is a wonderful photographer, as well as her sister Melissa. Melissa has just recently begun to start photographing children and she has a very peaceful feel to her photographs that I think is great. You can see her new blog here.

Hope everyone had fun watching the Super Bowl last night!!!


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