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Info Mar 31st | Personal

Just a couple of things for everyone….

1. We are having difficulty with our e-mail accounts. If you need to send us an e-mail, you can use until we get the account fixed. I will update here when everything is back to normal.

2. Also, we just received some sad news that my Grandmother, Maw-Maw, is very very sick. Peter and I are leaving today to go be with her in Georgia, so we will be out of the office for the next few days.

Thanks for your understanding.


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Home Mar 27th | Personal

So, we’re back! And have spent this past weekend working hard returning e-mails, gearing up for our first wedding of the season this Saturday, and catching up on sleep. We learned so much at WPPI and we are so excited about what this year has in store for us. WPPI is an organization for wedding and portrait photographs from all over the world. There were over 12,000 photographers there and we were able to go to seminars from the top photographers in our industry. There was also a gigantic trade show where we found some exciting new products to add to the Dove catalog. Each day was FULL of new ways to improve our business and our photography. We also were able to meet a ton of new people and catch up with photographers we haven’t seen in forever. Here are some images that tell a little about our week, and show some of the fun sites. By the way, we did not play a single slot machine while we were in Vegas… we were just too busy. Maybe next time!

Hangin’ with Whoopi

The lovely view,

The stunning Bellagio… I couldn’t stop taking photographs!

On our last night there, we hung out with fellow Tennessee photographers, Anna & Spencer Clark, Meggie Velasco, and John and Lindsey Bamber. This is everyone drooling over the magnificent chocolate fountain… mmmm…..

Peter and I under the fountain.

Have a good night everyone!


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A Little Snow Before Las Vegas Mar 15th | Personal

I want to let everyone know that Peter, Jennifer, and I are heading out to Las Vegas in just a few hours. We are going to WPPI, a wedding photography conference. I am so excited about what I will learn there as well as getting to visit Las Vegas for the first time! We will be returning Friday and will be able to answer any calls and e-mails then. Before we head out, I want to share two images from our snow session the other day. We had such a good time and I am so thankful that Jenny and Paige were up for the challenge! We had so many beautiful shots it was hard to just pick two.

Peter captured this first one and think it is so classic. Jenny is just stunning in this image!

I think that Paige looks magical in this one I took… it reminds me of a fairy tale!

Thank you so much ladies!


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Want to work for Dove? Mar 13th | Personal

Dove Wedding Photography is looking for a new member to add to our team. We are looking for someone who is excited about photography and working in the creative side of the wedding industry. We are looking for someone who is friendly, creative, highly organized, and self-motivated.

We are offering a full-time editing and administrative position. This is an entry level position which will involve training and opportunities for advancement. Graphic design experience, thru previous work or higher education, is desired. A familiarization with Adobe products is required as well as an ability to work on both Mac and PC platforms.

Editing and design duties will include post-processing and editing photographs; assembling promotional media; and preparing ordered product. Nearly fifty percent of the position will involve office administration. Organizational skills, social skills, and self-motivation is a must for this area.

If you are interested, please send a resume to:

Dove Wedding Photography
808 Broadway Ave, Studio C
Nashville, TN 37203

Or email resume to:

Feel free to pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested!


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Heather & Shane’s Engagement Mar 11th | Personal

When I say that Heather and Shane were up for anything, I am not exaggerating one bit. Fun is the best word to describe the two of them together, and boy do they know how to have fun! We took this first one at the beginning of the session and I knew we were in for a treat. I’m still not sure exactly how Heather got up here.

We did get a few serious ones in, and I love both of these.

Towards the end of our time together, Heather and Shane changed into t-shirts and caps from their opposing schools- Tennessee and Florida. We went to the Flying Saucer and had some fun playing around with their rivalry’s. I must admit that by the end of editing this session, I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Here is one from the end of the day- I had such a good time hanging out with you guys, and can’t wait for the wedding!


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March PUG Mar 09th | Personal

A couple nights ago Whitney and I hosted our monthly photographers meeting. This month we meet at Gregory Byerline’s studio in Marathon Village. It was a very cool place and we had a great time checking out Gregory’s work.

Phil Thornton was out guest speaker and looked very professor like.

Sundae listening to Phil’s presentation very intently.
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Snow Tonight= Free Bridal Session Tomorrow! Mar 07th | Personal

So, it looks like it might snow again tonight, and stick around for a bit! I’ve wanted to do a snowy bridal session for a long time now, but snow doesn’t come around very often here in Tennessee. It looks like tomorrow we may have a few inches so we’ve decided to offer one free bridal session if it actually does snow and stick to the ground. We will photograph it earlier in the day, around 10:00am or so and we will include an 11×14 masterpiece print with the session. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. Past and current Dove Wedding Photography clients will be given first dibs. However, if you are not a client and are still interested, go ahead and e-mail us anyway. If it does not work out with one of our clients, we would love to have you! Here are the details:

1. Email Peter at if you are willing and able to dress up in your bridal gown early tomorrow morning for photographs. It will be cold, but we will bring blankets to wrap you in in between shots!
2. If your groom is up for it as well, we would love to photograph some images with the two of you together.
3. If it does not snow and stick, we will not be doing the session.
4. This is on a first come, first serve basis. Dove clients will be given the opportunity first.
5. If we do not hear from a Dove client by this evening, we will give the opportunity to a non-client that has written us.
6. This session is free, and will include an 11×14 masterpiece print!
7. The session will be somewhere in the Nashville area.

All right, to get everyone in the mood, here is a photograph from our Christmas in Minneapolis last year:


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Happy Birthday Peter! Mar 07th | Personal

We just celebrated Peter’s 31st birthday this past Tuesday, and had such a good day! It is too bad that I did not take a single photograph, but we were too busy having fun to think about the camera. So I thought I would share with you an interesting recipe that I made for Peter for his birthday. Here is the dilema: I am extremely allergic to apples. And one of Peter’s favorite foods is Apple Pie! So, while searching for something to make him for his birthday on my all time favorite cooking sites, All Recipes, I found Mock Apple Pie. It is apple pie made entirely without any fruit at all! I was wary about it, but tried it anyway, and it was AMAZING! I still can not get over how much it tasted like Apple Pie. The secret ingredient? Ritz Crackers! The story about the origin of this pie is that in the Great Depression, fresh fruit was very scarce. So this pie was made so that people could still enjoy a fruity dessert that was very cheap to make. Click here for the recipe. Let me know if you try it!


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