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Rebecca & Scott, Wedding Sneak Peek Jun 30th | Personal

I have never seen such a giddy bride as Rebecca! I had such a good time photographing her and Scott, there was so much happiness that filled the whole day. At the back of the church, there were these wonderful gigantic windows that let in the most beautiful light…

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My little sis, Jess Jun 27th | Personal

I’m so excited for my little sister who is getting married tomorrow! I love her soon to be new husband Alex, and can not wait for the wedding! Jennifer will be photographing the wedding with Matt Dunmore as her trusty 2nd, so I will just be enjoying the wedding as the matron of honor! Wow, matron sounds so old…. I love this shot from her bridal session, it is sooo Jessica.

I love you Jess!


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Neeti & Sharran, Wedding Sneak Peek Jun 26th | Personal

We had such a wonderful experience in Chicago for Neeti & Sharran’s wedding! It was three days of fun, fun, and more fun! Are eyes were filled with beautiful colors, and by the end of the weekend Neeti & Sharran and their family made us feel like family as well. Here is a simple image of the beautiful couple.

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Julia’s Bridal Jun 24th | Personal

I loved Julia’s gorgeous wedding dress, and it suited her just perfectly. In fact, I found out that she designed it herself! Here are some images from her bridal session at the Two River’s Mansion.

And my favorite… I love the old wallpaper at Two Rivers.

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Dawn & Joey, Wedding Sneak Peek! Jun 23rd | Personal

The emotion at Dawn and Joey’s wedding was so real and beautiful- you can’t ask for much more! Their wedding was beautiful and we will have a full post coming in the next couple of weeks. For now, the couple so obviously in love..

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Heather’s Bridal Jun 20th | Personal

We headed out to Old Hickory to take photographs on the lake with Heather and had a beautiful day. Her friend’s home was beautiful, and we just wandered around at our leisure. Here are some of my favorites.

This beautiful gate had to have the vintage treatment.

And my favorite of the lovely Heather.

Heather and Shane’s images are coming up soon, so stay tuned to see their gorgeous and fun wedding!


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Allison & Mark’s Engagement Session Jun 17th | Personal

We had a super fun time with Allison and Mark and it was so tough just to pick a few of my favorites! And let me tell you, Allison has the best hair! Everywhere she turned, it just flowed perfectly. She definitely needs to be in a hair product commercial! Here are my favorites.

Peter took this one- it is my favorite!


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Julia & Wil’s Wedding Sneak Peek Jun 16th | Personal

A little Nashville advice…

Julia and Wil had such an elegant wedding and I can’t wait to share more from their day. This image was actually made the day after, and we had a great time wandering around Nashville at our leisure! Lots more to come this week!


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Jaime & Nathan’s Engagement Session Jun 15th | Personal

What a lovely couple Jaime & Nathan are! We wandered around downtown for the evening and grabbed some super fun shots. Check out Jaime’s shoes- they added the perfect pop of red. Here are some of my favorites.

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The Wedding of Shannon & James Jun 13th | Personal

Outside, the day was dark and rainy, but nothing about Shannon & James’ wedding day was dreary at all! The two of them could not have been more excited about getting married and I even cried a bit during their vows. The day started off at the Rodney Mitchell Salon with the girls getting ready.

Shannon’s niece enjoying some quality alone time.

The beautiful bride!

Shannon and James decided to see each other before the ceremony which you can read more about here on Ashley’s Bride Guide. These are a few when they first saw each other.

The rain held off just enough to grab a few photographs outside.

The bridal party. Three of these lovely ladies are Shannon’s sisters. Can you tell which ones?

The ceremony was held at the always gorgeous Scarritt Bennett Center and the ladies of Something Blue kept everything running smoothly!

One of Jen’s beautiful detail shots.

Peter grabbed these two that I really love,

The reception took place at the beautiful Hermitage Hotel. At the beginning of the night, James made sure everyone knew that they were supposed to celebrate and party- and that is exactly what they did!

We had such a great time Shannon and James, thank you so much for allowing us to take part! Here’s one more shot to end the night….


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