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Julia & Wil’s After Session Aug 31st | Personal

Julia & Wil decided that instead of spending time taking photographs of the two of them together on the day of the wedding, to meet up the day after for photographs. After Sessions are great because we have several hours to go wherever we like and spend some really quality time taking portraits. It takes away some of the stress on the wedding day, and gives you time to go wherever you like! We started Julia & Wil’s downtown, which is one of my favorite places to shoot!

These last two were taken at the house where Julia grew up. They shared a lot of memories there and spent late nights talking in the hammock. I love that these carry so much meaning.

Julia & Wil, I had a great time with you guys!


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Julia & Wil’s Wedding Day Aug 29th | Personal

The best word to describe Julia & Wil’s wedding is elegant- there were so many things that made it that way. Julia just naturally has an elegant way about her and everything from the ceremony to the reception reflected that. But not to worry, they have a lot of fun too! Here is a peek into their beautiful wedding. They were married at Christ the King.

Julia’s beautiful custom made dress made by Karen Hendrix


The ceremony was beautiful. Stefanie Rose Miles of Custom Occasions kept everything running smoothly and on time throughout the day.

Julia & Wil’s reception was at Cannery Ballroom and had a totally different feel than Heather & Shane’s. It was fun to see the difference! I love this cake set up. And the toppers were comic book character’s.

This is one of my favorite’s from the day. I love the angle that Jen took for the exit. Too bad I’m chimping (looking at my camera)!

Stay tuned for Julia & Wil’s After Session!


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Heather & Shane’s Wedding Day Aug 25th | Personal

*Update* I just realized that I didn’t share about how wonderful Heather’s planner, Lindsey Monger, was. Lindsey is A Bride Idea and she kept everything running smoothly all day and created a wonderful wedding.

One thing I’ve learned about Heather and Shane is that fun follows them wherever they go. There was never a dull moment on their wedding day! Heather and Shane fit together so well, and it has been great getting to know them. This first image seems to sum up Heather very well. I love her “I love Shane” shirt spelled out in crystals. As you will see, crystals made their way throughout the whole wedding!

They were married at Belmont United Methodist.


The fun bridal party!

The reception was at the Cannery Ballroom. I love the exposed brick. You can really make it into whatever you want! All of these beautiful arrangements were done by a Village of Flowers. Notice all of the crystals throughout the room!

Heather and her mom bedazzled this couch. Everyone loved it, and I think Village of Flowers ended up with it.

I was very impressed with Heather’s singing skills. She wowed everyone with “Ice Ice Baby”. It was awesome.

More fun details.

The always fabulous cake by Jay of Maples.

The send off. Thanks for letting us have such a blast at the wedding!


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We Have 2 Winners! Aug 21st | Personal

The winners of the drawing are Samantha Kate & Connie! Please contact us at to receive information on how to obtain your free tickets to Weddings The Bridal Show.

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Contest! Aug 15th | Personal

This is the first ever Dove Wedding Photography Contest!

You may already know that Weddings The Bridal Show will take place on Sunday, August 24 from 10:30-5:00. Dove will be there and we have a few tickets to give away.

Two lucky winners will each receive two free tickets to the show and one winner will receive one free ticket to the show.

Here is what you must do:
Make a comment to this blog post. Tell everyone on the post what you love about Dove Wedding Photography. Maybe this is your first visit to our site and you just love our photos. Tell us why. Maybe you have met with us at our studio and you love those little chocolates on the coffee table. Maybe you love that we serve Starbucks Frappuccinos and Jones Soda. Anyway, I do not want to give out too many ideas. Be creative!

You must do this before Thursday, August 21 becuase we will hold the drawing and announce the winners on our blog on that day.

I’m excited to see what you post!

- Peter

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A bit of a confession…. Aug 05th | Personal

Last week was hard for me. My days were long as I was working in getting caught up in this busy season. The only thing on my mind was photographs and by the end of the week that was the last thing I wanted to think about. But of course we had a wedding and not thinking about photographs was just not an option. I was frustrated and tired by the time we left for our 3 hour drive to Dyersburg.

The drive was easier than I thought and once we arrived in Dyersburg I could sense my excitement building wondering what the wedding was going to be like. We had never met Mary and Chris in person, so we had an even larger surprise ahead of us than usual. As the day went on, the previous week slowly drifted from my mind. Instead I was thinking about the love Mary and Chris had for each other, the excitement on everyone’s faces, and how much their family and friends enjoyed being together.

By the end of the night I was exhausted, but thrilled to have taken part in such a wonderful day. It reminded me why I love what I do and what a privilidge it is to take part in a wedding. The week before was forgotten and I couldn’t wait to look over all the images we had captured.

Even with the stress that comes with what I do, I can’t imagine doing anything else. This image from Mary and Chris’s wedding is just a little taste of the happiness that characterized the whole day.

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