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Dove Sweets! A Success!!! Jan 29th | Personal

This past weekend we had a great time with our Dove Sweets boudoir sessions. We enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided to plan another one in May! We realized that many girls wanted to do these not just for Valentines day, but also as wedding gift for their new husband or an anniversary gift if they are already married. If you are interested in finding out more information or being put on the waiting list, please e-mail When we have the date finalized, we will let our waiting list know first.

I can’t spoil the surprise by posting the girls on here, but I do have some images of our super cool room we used at the Hotel Indigo. This was a Terrace Suite, and it made a super fun and sexy backdrop for the photographs.

The terrace overlooking West End- we did some fun shots out here in spite of the cold weather! Brave girls!

A special thanks to Jami Harris for doing a fabulous job with makeup!


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Carefree, Arizona- Photography Conference. Jan 26th | Personal

A week and a half ago Peter and I returned from a photography conference in Carefree, Arizona which is about 30 miles outside of Phoenix. Peter had a hard time remembering the name of the town, so often called it “Cozy Town”. The conference was put on by the Digital Wedding Forum, which is a place that us wedding photographers can go to learn more about our craft. We learned so much at the conference, and had a lot of fun too! The photography community here in Nashville is really great, and a whole group of our friends from here made the trip to Carefree also. The first few photographs I’m going to post are from some practice shoots out in the desert.

This is one I grabbed of Mindy, of Phindy Studios, one of our room mates for the week.

Peter grabbed these two of me:

One night a group of us decided to do a night shoot in the desert, which was actually very cold. Here is one of my favorites I grabbed of Chris Scott.

Peter took this one of Mindy & Phil:

Even with all the seminars we went to, we still had time for some fun and hanging out. Here’s some of the guys hanging out at a certain rock in Carefree :)

Our last night in town, the whole group from Nashville (minus Chris :( ) hung out in the McLellan’s room. You can see in the photographs that we have a lot of fun together!

Angela seems a little disturbed at whatever Andrea is laughing at!


The whole group.

From left to right:
Mindy & Phil Thornton, Angela Disrud, Mary Crow, Andrea Hallgren, Sean & Melanie, Adrian Hitt, and then of course us!

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Rebecca & Scott- Married! Jan 23rd | Personal

I have never seen a bride more excited on her wedding day than Rebecca- and her excitement just spread to everyone! Rebecca was married at her home church in Lebanon, and her colors worked beautifully with the blue stained glass at the church. I love these next two: I think shoes tell a lot about someone, so I see these as a portrait of the bride and groom.

Rebecca getting ready to see Scott.

The wedding day was very hot, so we did most of the photographs inside. The church had very large windows opening up to the foyer which made some beautiful light!

LOVED this simple wall and blue floors. Can’t you just see the joy on their faces!

Beautiful flowers…

More of the happy couple.

Just before the ceremony.

Their reception was at The Mill in Lebanon.

The end of the perfect day!


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Dove Sweets- Classy and Fun Boudoir Event! Jan 16th | Personal

I am so excited about our upcoming Sweets event! It is such a great way to surprise your husband, and they always LOVE it! I had one done for Peter a couple of years ago, and it was one of his favorite gifts. Also, for those of you that are nervous, don’t be! Once you get started, you will have so much fun, and all your fears and insecurities will go away. I am naturally a shy person, so if I can do it, I know you can too! Here are the details:

January 24 &25: 2009 Dove Sweets Event Valentine’s Special

Give the most unique Valentine’s Day gift to your loved one- A Dove Sweets Session. This occasion is more than just a photo shoot; it’s a chance to capture your beauty- inside and out.

During each session, Whitney creates an atmosphere of comfort as she directs you into a beautiful and flirty model. Add in your unique personality and your boudoir session will be sure to stun.

And get ready: when you’re done, you go home feeling elegant, romantic and confident!

The 2009 Sweets Event includes a, private, one-hour photo session with Whitney Carlson in a stylish hotel suite. Before heading to the suite, a complementary makeup session will be provided by one of Nashville’s top makeup artists. Wine and appetizers are included throughout the day to complete the experience.

To be a part of the event, or obtain further information, contact or 615-730-7716.

2009 Sweets Event Rate:
Only $150 (over $500 value).

2009 Sweets Event with Image Collection Disc:
Only $300 (over $800 in value)

I hope to see you there!

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Out of the Office Jan 11th | Personal

This week we will be out of the office because we are in Phoenix for a photography conference. We are super excited because several of our friends from Nashville are here as well. We will be back next week and will get back with everyone then. If you need immediate assistance, you can contact Here is a quick view from where we are staying- isn’t it beautiful!


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Dawn & Joey- Married! Jan 08th | Personal

I just loved Dawn and Joey’s classic yet modern wedding! Everything came together beautifully, and Dawn and Joey were both stunning and fun to be around. I was so happy to have the wonderful Joy Smallwood come and shoot with me and Peter on this wedding. The day was relaxing, fun, and had all the elements that a photographer could ask for. Their wedding planner, Jessica with Weddings by Jess, was great and kept everything flowing throughout the day.

The day started with the girls getting ready at The Standard and the guys at Union Station.

Dawn’s gorgeous flowers are from Dick’s Flowers in Lebanon.

Dawn and Joey saw each other before the ceremony, so we spent a lot of time doing photographs before the ceremony. I LOVE shooting downtown!

Their ceremony was at the Legislative Plaza- don’t you just love the feel of it!

This is one of my favorites that Joy shot that day!

And this is one of my favorites from Peter!
der="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5289340027383210226" />

After the ceremony, Dawn and Joey wanted to spend more time doing portraits! And I happily obliged! It is rare when we get to spend so much time on portraits on the wedding day. We had so much fun wandering the streets of downtown.

Their reception was at the Standard’s more modern space across the street, which was a perfect ending to the day.

If you want to see more, you can view their slideshow here.


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Neeti & Sharran- Married! Jan 06th | Personal

This past May, Dove had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Neeti & Sharran. This was our first Indian wedding, so we were more than excited to be a part of it! I’ve put links throughout the blog to the Wikipedia definitions of some of the ceremonies- they do a better job explaining than I could! We flew to Chicago that Friday for the Sangeet that evening, and we knew right away this would be fun! Saturday was the Mehndi, where all of the ladies had Henna applied, and Saturday evening Sharran had a dinner with his family.

Sunday was the big ceremony, and as she always is, Neeti was stunning. When you watch the slide show below, notice her different outfits for each ceremony!

While Neeti was finishing getting ready, Sharran rode in on a horse for the Baraat.

Then was the main ceremony, which had so many different aspects and traditions to them.

Their reception that night was beautiful and so much fun! They never stopped dancing the whole weekend, and everyone had a blast.

Not only that, but Neeti, Sharran, and their family took us in like we were guests.

There were so many photographs that I wanted to share that I have put their slide show on this post. To see the slide show larger, click here.

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My baby brother :) Jan 06th | Personal

I hope that everyone had a great holiday! We had one of our most relaxing so far, and now I am energized and ready to get back to work. Well, at least a little ready to get back to work. Peter and I spent a week in Georgia visiting my family, and I already miss them. I brought my camera along, but didn’t get many photographs other than the ones of my “little brother”, Audi. My mom has had him for two years, and he has stolen all our hearts! He is the sweetest dog, always wanting to play or snuggle, and he will love you the second he meets you. I think he looks like a little Mogwai (from Gremlins!) and the tooth you see in this first photo stays out all the time! Here he is, waiting patiently for a treat.


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