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After graduating with an art degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, Whitney moved to Nashville to pursue her photography career. Shortly after her move, she noticed a pair of black Converse All Stars that were attached to a handsome young man who would later become her husband and business partner.

Whitney dreams of living in the early English 1900’s as she crochets, drinks tea, and reads C.S. Lewis and Jane Austin books. She also loves to work on art projects and plan extravagant vacations that she may one day take. Episodes of Frasier, Lost, and Heroes, fill up the remainder of Whitney’s free moments. Of course, she also loves to spend time with her husband Peter.


Before Peter married Whitney, he had no idea he would be involved in the wedding industry. He spent nine years working professionally in the music industry, as a bass player and audio engineer. Now, Peter takes on the office duties of Dove Wedding Photography. Occasionally, you may even see him at a wedding holding a camera.

Peter still enjoys playing, recording, and listening to music. He loves spending time with friends, watching movies, and playing board games. He is a self-professed nerd who collects Spider-Man comics and Star Wars paraphernalia. He also holds a position as the Director of Youth Ministries at The Village Chapel. When Peter is not busy with all these mentioned activities, he is happy sitting on the couch with his wife Whitney watching DVDs.

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Welcome to our blog! Mar 27th | Uncategorized

If this is your first time to our site, be sure to visit our full website by clicking on the above header or here.

We hope you enjoy your Dove Online Experience!

- Whitney & Peter

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Last Chance for Sweets! Mar 24th | Personal

The next Dove Sweets Event, boudoir photography session, takes place this weekend. A few time slots are still available. Contact Audrey at 615-730-7716 or to reserve your spot.

For more information on the Dove Sweets Event, visit

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Dove by Erin: Lisa Mar 20th | Personal

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Friday Finds with Audrey – Wedding Dresses Mar 20th | Personal

A couple of months back I was reading a blog on The Wedding Chicks about wedding dresses for under $600. If you have not heard of The Wedding Chicks you need to check their site out, as it is a great place to get ideas and inspiration. Anyway, after reading this blog I thought to myself, ?No way can these dresses be that cute.? Well, needless to say, I took one look at their Web site and fell in love.

Dolly Couture is a company out of California that sells ?50s inspired wedding dresses for under $600. The great thing about these dresses is that for an extra fee you can customize them to suit your colors or style. And just like those classic wedding dresses from the ?50s, Dolly Couture features those stylishly short silhouettes. However, you can order a longer skirt, or better yet purchase a dress from their separates line and wear a long skirt for the ceremony and change into a short skirt for the reception.

My favorite dress is the ?Paris? from their separates line. I absolutely love the corset top! Here are a few others that I like as well?

The ?Paris?

I hope that you have a great weekend!



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Intro to Photography, Round 3! Mar 18th | Personal

We finished up another great Introduction to Photography class with a great photo shoot! These are always so much fun, and I am always so impressed by what the students capture. Before I share the class photos I have to share one of Peter’s to show you just how much our model Erin looks like Evangeline Lily from Lost! I love it!

I love seeing how much everyone is in to it… no fear of getting dirty here!

Now, on to the great photographs! Sarah Laspina was our first model for around down town, and she was stunning! I love everything about her look, from her cute hair to the fun and sexy dress!

After photographing Sarah, we spent a little time downtown with Erin and Brandon and then headed over to Cedarwood.
Aren’t they adorable!

Thanks to everyone that helped us out and for the great students! I couldn’t ask for more!


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Dove by Erin: Morgan & Greg Mar 17th | Personal

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Amy & Jason: Married! Mar 17th | Personal

Get ready for a lot of beautiful details from Amy & Jason’s wedding! After every session we did with Amy, a lovely thank you note would arrive to our office and would totally make my day. They mean so much to me, and are really encouraging. They were such a delight to work with, and everything was breathtaking. A Delightful Day kept the day going smooth as usual! I had to include a multitude of details for you.

The dress from The White Room.

Amy & Jason were married at Union Station, which is always gorgeous any where you go.

Amy’s beautiful flowers were made by Petals from Heaven.

The aisle runner is from Original Aisle Runners.

The Bake Shoppe made this lovely cake.

Other vendors that made this day happen were Nashville Event Lighting and DJ, Robert Luke.

Amy & Jason, thanks so much for letting us take part in your day!


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Dove by Erin: Marna Jane & Zach Mar 16th | Personal

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