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Cali & Wil: Nashville Engagement Jul 31st | Engagements

We had such a great time getting to know Cali & Wil at their engagement session earlier this summer. They both have sweet, fun spirits and we are excited about their upcoming wedding at Belle Meade Plantation. We photographed their images right by our studio, which is one of my favorite spots! Even a dumpster can make a good photograph! They both love to have fun together!Spiderman maybe?!

Cali and Wil, we can’t wait to photograph your wedding!

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Black & White Photography Jul 31st | Personal

Wait a minute. The title of this post was “Black and White Photography” and the first image is very colorful. Look again. The subjects in the photo are black and white. They are also individuals that are full of color. This was the beauty of my week at Barefoot Republic Camp.

As many of you know I am also the Director of Youth Ministries at The Village Chapel. Last week we went to camp for the first time. I have not been to camp in over 15 years. However, this camp was hardly anything like my camp. The biggest difference was the diversity. Not only does Barefoot Republic have racial diversity, but the economic diversity is just as great. To top it off, there were hardly any cliques! Can you believe that?! Especially with close to 150 high school students being present. For one week, we were one big happy family. Kids from the projects were hanging out with kids from the suburbs. Athletes were hanging out with artists. Teens were hanging out with adults. It was one of the greatest experiences ever.

Here are a few photos I took with my iPhone and a camera I found in the camp office:

Singing the national anthem.

What is camp without a food fight. This is one of the biggest ones I have ever seen.

Before Whitney and I took Dove full-time, I was an audio engineer. My week at camp brought me back to my former life as I ran sound for the praise and worship times. I also helped teach the audio production class. My buddy Rick taught programming while I taught live recording. Here are a couple photos of the boys in our class:

On the last day, before picking up their teens, parents were invited to see the students show off what they learned at camp. Whitney came to pick me up and watch me work as the head counselor and audio engineer. She brought her camera and took a few photos as well:

Raised hands during worship time. Whitney also captured a photograph of me intently working during the student production.

Herb delivering The Word.

Music class waiting to rock.

Herb getting the crowd hyped.

Drama class.

Dance class.

Families watching.

Soccer class showing new moves.

Art class’ group project.

Chol (AKA: Double C) is from Sudan. He helped me mix. I thought it appropriate being he had a Run DMC hat on.

What a week!- Peter

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Wedding Photography Styles Jul 24th | Photo Tips

This last weekend my family and I went down to Florida to visit my parents. While we were there we had lunch with a dear friend of mine from high school that is getting married next year. Naturally the conversation turned to her wedding plans. She told me that she had recently gone to her first bridal show and was so overwhelmed with all of the questions that the vendors asked her about what she was looking for. One of the most confusing questions was about the style of photography she was looking for. Did she want a photojournalistic type photographer or a more traditional photographer? She had no idea what all of this meant.

So I thought it would be a good topic for today’s blog to talk about the different styles and where Dove falls in regards to this question.

There are two main styles of wedding photography that are referred to the most: Traditional and Photojournalistic. The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia that I feel explains them both in a short and simple paragraph.

Traditional wedding photography provides for more classically posed images and a great deal of photographer control and interaction on the day of the wedding. Photojournalistic wedding photography takes its cue from editorial reporting styles and focuses more on candid and unposed images with little photographer interaction.

There is also a third style that is becoming more and more popular and that is the Editorial/Fashion-based approach. Again, I think Wikipedia says it best:

In contemporary/fashion-based wedding photography, photojournalistic images of the events of the day are combined with posed images that are inspired by editorial fashion photography as would be found in magazines like Vogue or Vanity Fair.”

There are different benefits to all of these styles, and some people like one more than the other.

So where does Dove land when it comes to our style? I would say that we are somewhere in the middle of the Photojournalistic and Editorial/Fashion styles. The traditional style is what we shoot the least of, but we understand that sometimes these shots are necessary. As we state on our website: “We want your photographs to capture the essence of the day… the funny moments, the happy moments, the moments when people cry. We also want your photographs to be creative, to be modern, elegant, romantic, fun – but more importantly, we want each photograph to reflect your style and personality.”

Below are examples of all three styles from Allison & Mark’s beautiful wedding.

Photojournalistic: Editorial:Traditional:

I hope that you all have a fun and safe weekend.


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A New Addition: Calvin Carlson Jul 23rd | Personal

I’m sure you all have seen that the blog has been slow this week, and I wanted to let you know why. We have a new member of our family!

Today is mine and Peter’s anniversary (4 years! ), but we decided to celebrate on Saturday. I woke up on Saturday morning to find a bunch of chairs put into a circle with blankets thrown over them, and found out that my anniversary gift was under there. I was expecting an ipod touch, so I thought he was doing it to throw me off. When I “unwrapped” my present, to my surprise, I found a dog carrier, a dog bowl, and a bunch of dog toys. What???!!!! I have wanted a dog for 2 years now, but we have never been in the position to have one. Also, Peter was adamant about not having a dog even though he secretly loves them. After we puppy sat a few weeks ago, I thought for sure Peter would definitely not want a dog now, and was resigned to the fact that we would still need to wait a few more years. So just like he did with our engagement, he once again surprised the socks off me. When he proposed, I just stared and said “Is that a ring?”, and when I saw all the doggie toys I said, “Is that for a dog?”

That day we went to pick up Calvin from our friend Tammy. Tammy took Calvin in when he was still a baby because his family couldn’t take care of him. She was always looking for the right home for him. She already had a dog and knew that Calvin needed all the attention of a one doggie home. I met Calvin months ago, and fell in love with him, and she would always joke about me taking him home. This time we did, and we are so grateful for Tammy’s gift to us.

I took Calvin for a walk yesterday before taking photos of him, and half way through it started to pour. So here you go, meet a wet Calvin. I just had to include this last one in here so you could see his long Daschund body. Calvin is a Daschund/Yorkie mix, otherwise known as a Dorkie!

We’ve been busy this week getting Calvin adjusted to his new home, plus all of the other work on our plates. Watch for some new engagement sessions and weddings to go up next week!

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Premier Bride Fashon Shoot Jul 18th | Weddings

The new Premier Bride magazine has hit the stands and Dove Wedding Photography was asked to photograph the fashion spread. The fashion shoot was held at the fabulous Hermitage Hotel in down town Nashville. Whitney and I had a blast spending the day getting to know everyone. We had all types of people modeling, including the hairstylists and staff of Premier Bride. We had the pleasure of working with:

Olia Zavozina Designs
The White Room
Spoiled Lady
Enchanted Florist
Debbie’s Weddings & Things
Belle Fleurs
Branching Out Floral Event Designs
Harlow A Salon on Music Row
Ambassador Tuxedo

Here are the images from the magazine in their full glory:

Of course we could not fit all of our favorite images into the 13 pages of the magazine. So, we wanted to show you a few more of our favorites.

- Peter

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Photography Tips: Lenses 02 Jul 16th | Photo Tips

So you have your 50mm. You’ve practiced moving around and shooting at different angles. You are ready for a lens that is a little more flexible, something that will give you some more variety. What should you purchase next? There are several ways you can go for your next lens, and it really depends on the type of photography you are doing, and the budget you have. Since I am a wedding photographer, I will give you my recommendation for a wedding photographer!

If you have the budget for it, my next lens of choice would be the Canon 24-70, 2.8. This is a great lens that can give you a wider angle than the 50, but also zoom in tighter for more close up portraits. Since the aperture goes down to 2.8, it will also let in more light compared to the the Canon 24-104 f4. I think that letting in more light, for a wedding, is more important than a greater zoom. The Canon 24-70 2.8 runs around $1300-$1400. You can buy the lens from B&H here.

If you don’t have the budget for that, you can purchase the Tamron version, a 28-75 2.8 for around $400. The glass isn’t as sharp as the Canon, and it is not built as strong, but it is still a great lens. I shot my first two years of weddings with that lens and loved the results I got. You can buy the lens from B&H here.

Here are a couple of images taken with the Canon 24-70, 2.8. The first one is zoomed in to 70mm, the 2nd is shot at 24mm.

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Downtown Nashville Engagement Jul 14th | Engagements

Jill and Chris love downtown Nashville. Chris works downtown, so they love to end their workday with friends at their favorite bar, Tootsie’s. The fun thing about downtown Nashville is there are so many places to photograph. We parked the car and then spent two hours photographing Jill & Chris with more sets than you could imagine you would find within a square block. I couldn’t believe how it was time to stop after only a walk around the block! Here are just a few of the sets we photographed:

This photograph is my favorite that Whitney captured. I love the mannequin in the window with the “I Heart Nashvegas” shirt. This shot totally says, “Nashville.” Jill and Chris felt the need to get their boots on for this one.

This is my personal favorite photograph. I loved all the different lines in the wall and really wanted to show that off. This is a wall of a building that once shared walls with another building that has since been torn down and turned into a parking lot. I also see this photograph as a mixture of something old and something new.

Sorry, if I started to get too artsy on ya. I’ll be quiet now and let you enjoy the rest of the photographs.

Congratulations Jill & Chris on your engagement! We are excited about your upcoming wedding!

- Peter

Peter Carlson: Or Wall Sized! (Jul 19th - 08:23 pm)
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Art Inspiration: Winslow Homer Jul 13th | Art Inspiration

Today I wanted to give you an idea of how art work can inspire photography. I have a longer post coming on inspiration in the weeks to come, but today I just wanted to show you an image I took this weekend that was inspired by a painting. One of my college art history classes was on American Art. We had a great teacher, although I was scared to death of her. The class was about 150 people and she loved putting people on the spot, which I in turn did not love at all.

Regardless, I learned a ton about artists that I would not have normally looked at. One of them is Winslow Homer, who painted in the late 1800′s. Looking at some of his work this weekend I realized it reminded me a lot of Cedarwood. He painted scenes of country American life in a simple and nostalgic manner.

Winslow Homer

1872, Snap the Whip

Oil on Canvas, 22×36″

One painting that we studied intensively is “Snap the Whip”. Knowing that Krissy and Dustin had two children, I knew that it would be a perfect inspiration for their wedding photograph. Here is the resulting image.

There are so many things that are different about this image from Winslow Homers. It is not a copy. It is not in an exact setting. There are adults and a dog in it. But the feeling of playfulness, the angles, and the country setting are what inspired me from this painting.

To learn more about Winslow Homer and this painting, check out this great article:

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Amy, Chris, and The Musician’s Hall of Fame Jul 10th | Weddings

Amy & Chris were married at The Musician’s Hall of Fame in Nashville. This was the perfect venue for them as it totally fit the theme of their wedding. I was not aware of this museum until we met Amy & Chris. Being a former audio engineer, it was so great to see a place dedicated to the session musicians of Nashville. Often the top musicians go unnoticed because they do not appear on stage. This is what the museum is all about.

Puma fans have got to get married in shoes like this.

Chris is a drummer. This is one of the many reasons why The Musician’s Hall of Fame was the place for this wedding.

The Jimi Hendrix Room is a room constructed with the original walls, doors, ceiling, jukebox and stage of an old Nashville bar that Jimi Hendrix performed in before his rise to fame. While he was at the bar, Jimi had his photo taken in front of the stage. The museum used this photo to make a life-size cutout to display in front of the actual stage.

Amy wanted to meet Chris for the first time in front of this room Whitney and I took it a step farther and got special permission for Chris and Amy to meet INSIDE the room. This was the only time anyone, but staff, was allowed inside the room. So, a BIG thanks goes out to the curator.

Amy had one of the coolest headpieces we have ever seen. We loved it! It was so fun.

The wedding party was a really great group. We had a lot of fun with them.

Whitney photographed the ladies & I photographed the guys. Things got a little crazy and I ended up letting them pose anyway they wanted.

Thanks Amy & Chris! We had a great time.

P.S. the boat photos are on the way. wink. wink.

- Peter

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Megan & Eric’s Nashville Engagement Jul 08th | Engagements

We had a great time with Megan and Eric photographing their engagement session downtown. They have a lot of fun together, and we loved hearing how the ended up dating. Eric was sneaky and put a hidden message in an article that he wrote at Belmont! So cute! Here is a sneak peek of one of my favorites!

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