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Inspired by PUG Aug 31st | Art Inspiration

We are often inspired by people we know. Each month Nashville’s top photography studios, as well as aspiring new photographers, meet and share ideas with each other at the Nashville PUG (Pictage Users Group).

The event is sponsored by Pictage, but it has now been opened to all photographers. I actually lead the group and would love to have you join us! This Thursday will be incredibly inspiring as our dear friends Sean & Mel McLellan will be our guest speakers.

McLellan Style is one of the top wedding and portrait studios in the country, but you would not know it by their humble demeanor. Speaking engagements and workshops are a rare occasion for them. So, you will NOT want to miss this special evening.

For more information on the PUG and Sean & Mel’s seminar “Shooting with Purpose, Shooting with Style: Pushing the envelope and delivering amazing results, no matter what!” visit:

A recent PUG meeting involved a cookout and some experimentation with studio lighting. Check out the photos Whitney and Phil Thornton took at the event:

Gregory Byerline and Sunday

Yes, I was the grill master.

PUG members always discover something new. Jeb Wilson of Nashville Photography Group was showing off his newest iPhone App to Cade Truitt of Inara Studios, Gregory Byerline, and Laura Louise Perkinson.

Whitney really likes this series she took of Joel & Michelle Hartz, of Hartz Photographic, just being their self.

Dave Pavol chilln’ with Sean McLellan.

Phil Thornton & Brian Kaplan: looking like two guys you don’t want to mess with.

So, we got a little silly with our experimenting. Today on my PUG leader conference call, a PUG leader from another city said “Nashville has one of the most fun PUGs.” I’m glad we have that reputation.

Phil takes off.

Sean inspired by Davinci

Phil made me Dance!

- Peter

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A Canvas Collage Aug 28th | Uncategorized

So Whitney recently had the chance to photograph sweet baby Colin Housley. Amber emailed us to let us know what she had done with Colin’s nursery, and how she had used the images from the photo shoot.

I am absolutely in love with this picture collage and how great the arrangement looks on the wall. Amber is so creative, and that definitely shows through in her decoration of Colin’s nursery.

I wanted to blog about this because I think that it is a great example of how you can showcase several different canvases on the wall for a beautiful picture collage.

Thank you so much Amber for sharing these with us, and please be sure to check out Amber’s website, Sweet Life Designs, to see just how creative she really is. J

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Art Inspiration: Artemisia Aug 24th | Art Inspiration

Since I wrote about Caravaggio 2 weeks ago, I wanted to talk about an artist that was greatly influenced by him, or a “Caravaggisti” The special thing about this artist is that it is a woman. Much like everything else before our time, women artists were ignored in the art world for a large portion of history. It was believed that only men had great artistic talent. Born in 1593 in Italy, Artemisia Gentileschi was the first woman painter to be widely known and appreciated. Even with this status, there is still little appreciation of her work today. Critics spread rumors that she had help with her work, because of course a woman could not be so good. In fact, I don’t even remember studying her in college, but that doesn’t really mean anything:) My how things have changed!

When she was 19, Artemisia was raped by her tutor who was then brought to trial. What she was put through during that trial was horrible, and you can read more about it here. It was this trying time of her life that was the inspiration for much of work. She painted large scale biblical or mythological subjects that portrayed women heroes, some of the paintings quite gruesome. I love this quote that I found of hers after finishing a painting for a patron ” This will show your Lordship what a woman can do.”

Artemisia was a master in so many ways with her paintings, not only in technical skill but he ability to share a story and an emotion. She is an inspiration- aren’t we lucky to live in a time period where women have obtained a respected voice in the art community! Here is a painting of hers that I love, Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes. c. 1625, Oil on canvas, 6′ x 5′.

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Free TOMS Shoes Aug 21st | Announcements

We love TOMS shoes! Whitney has a few pair of TOMS. I have a pair. Many of the brides-to-be that we meet with come in wearing TOMS. They are one of the most comfortable shoes available.

What’s The Big Deal?
For every pair of TOMS you purchase, TOMS gives one pair to a child in need of shoes. Can you believe that children in the US and many other countries run around without shoes?! It’s not by choice. It’s because they just don’t have shoes. I personally hate going outside without wearing shoes AND socks.

Why Blog About It?
Well, as you can see from the ad, TOMS has wedding shoes! How cool is that?!
“Change a life with your next big step. Wear TOMS in your wedding, and help children in need with the first steps you take toward your new life together. TOMS will offer a special deal for couples who outfit their entire wedding party in TOMS to help make an even bigger difference in the lives of others around the world.”

What Is Dove Doing About It?
If you have an upcoming wedding that we will be photographing, and you will wear a pair of Wedding TOMS at some point on your wedding day, and we can photograph you wearing them, we will give you a pair as a gift. It’s our way of showing our appreciation to our brides and to a company that is making a difference in the world.

To receive your free pair of TOMS, visit the TOMS wedding shoes webpage, pick out your style and color, and email me at

For more information and to order TOMS for your entire wedding party contact


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Mail Glitch! Aug 20th | Uncategorized

I just want to let everyone know that we are having a mail glitch that is sending an auto-reply message to every e-mail sent from Audrey’s account. We are working on fixing this and apologize for any inconvience this may cause.

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Colin’s Baby Portrait Aug 20th | Babies

This is the year that our brides have started to have babies. So, that means Whitney has been photographing babies. She loves being around all the cuteness!

Many of you brides, and brides to be, know Amber Housley of A Delightful Day event planning and Sweet Life Designs. We photographed Amber & Brandon’s wedding and since have photographed other sessions with them including one with their new little one: Colin.

I guess I really don’t need to say much about baby photos. They speak for themselves! So, enjoy the cuteness of Colin with his mom and dad!

- Peter

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Photography Tips: ISO Part 1 Aug 19th | Photo Tips

When I am teaching my photography class, one of the first things I like to start with is understanding what ISO is. ISO is the same as Film Speed, but alas film is not around the way it used to be. However, the principles that were used on film cameras are the same as what is used in digital cameras. The difference is that you can change the ISO in camera with digital, but with film you have to buy a specific type of film and the whole roll would be that particular film speed. When understanding ISO, the first thing you should know is what exactly it does.

Film speed (or ISO) is a number given to film that tells how sensitive it is to light. A low number (ex. 100 ISO) means that the film is not very sensitive to light. A high number (ex. 1600 ISO) means that it is very sensitive to light. This is the same for digital, but instead you have the ability to change ISO directly in camera without purchasing different types of film. You are telling your camera how sensitive you want it to be to light.

When purchasing film at a camera store I remember people always telling me, use 200 for outdoor, 800 for indoor, and 400 for either. This was decent advice but it is not always that simple. What if it is night time, but you are outdoors? What if you are indoors, but there is a lot of light coming in? This is where knowing the ins and outs of what your camera can do can help you make a good decision with what ISO to use. I will be going over other factors in the next few months to help you make that decision and to also go into more detail of what different ISO’s mean. For now, remember this: The higher ISO you have, the more sensitive to light it will be, and the lower ISO you have, the less sensitive to light it will be.

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Sarah & Jonathan at Cedarwood Aug 18th | Weddings

This wedding is the first in a series of weddings you will see from us at Historic Cedarwood. We LOVE Cedarwood. Their attention to detail is amazing. They are a perfect all-inclusive wedding for someone looking for a relaxed Southern wedding. You can see some of this in the detail photos we have posted below.

Our first Cedarwood wedding of the year is with Sarah & Jonathan. I must tell you that they are the absolute sweetest couple. We love getting to see them and spend time with them. We knew we were going to love them as soon as they were up for doing their engagement session in the Vanderbilt science labs.

If you want to see what we did with their engagement session, click HERE for the blog post.

If you want to see what happened when Whitney let me get in front of the camera, click HERE for the blog post.

Sarah & Jonathan are not photographers, but truly enjoy photography. I love getting their perspective in what they see and appreciate in their photographs. I can’t wait until the temperature cools down so we can get them dressed back up and photograph their After Session.

I love when bridal parties have Groom’s Maids or Groom’s Women or whatever you want to call their title. Jonathan calls her “Sis”!

Guests from all over the world came to dance the night away in the Tennessee countryside.

Cedarwood is also gorgeous at night. Stay tuned to our blog over the next couple months to see more Cedarwood weddings.

- Peter

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A Different Type Of “Art Inspiration” Aug 17th | Art Inspiration

Today’s art inspiration is a little bit different. Typically Whitney will write these, as I like to call her “The Master Artist” of Dove Wedding Photography. However, I was inspired this weekend and I wanted to share it with you.

Sarah is the member of the Dove team who does all the photo processing and assisting at weddings. If you have seen Sarah during this summer you may have known that she has been working on a head of dreadlocks. For a number of reasons, Sarah has decided to end the growth of her dreads. Jokingly, I offered the use of my clippers. Next thing you know our lunch break turned into an extended break involving us chopping off Sarah’s hair.

So, why is this classified as an art inspiration? For those of you who are not wedding photographers: you may not realize a lot of our weekly work involves a lot of office work and mundane computer work. This past Friday we all thought it would be fun to break up the monotony by going to get some tofu soup at So Gong Dong Tofu House. (Audrey and Sarah flip over this stuff!) Instead of heading back to the office, we decided to have a little more fun and head to Whitney and my backyard to get creative with Sarah’s head.

Whitney spent some time cutting off dreads and leaving certain ones just to have some fun. Next, I brought out the clippers and proceeded to shave a Mohawk into Sarah’s scalp. After much laughter, Audrey, Whitney and I all voted for Sarah to keep the Mohawk.

Finishing up the Mohawk and Calvin looking on.

Clavin was laughing along with us as we cut Sarah’s hair

Friday afternoon we realized to keep fresh, creative, and artistic we have to get away from our daily tasks to have a little fun and be creative in different ways. We can’t take ourselves too serious in everything we do. Laughter truly is some great medicine and now Sarah has a really cute and unique hair cut that she was not planning on having. On top of that, we are now starting our week off refreshed and ready to get back to work so that our clients will truly benefit from the art that Dove will produce. Hence why I consider this “art inspiration.”

- Peter

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Mackinac Island: Elly & Bill Aug 12th | Weddings

This past week Peter and I were out of town for Peter’s sister’s wedding in Mackinca Island, MI. If you have never been, I would highly recommend it! We had a blast, and are so excited for Elly and Bill. We weren’t the wedding photographers since we were both in it, but we took them out the next day for an after session. We had a blast, and I loved all the little details we had to play around with. Here is a sneak peek of a couple of my favorites. Doesn’t Elly have fabulous taste in shoes and Bill in hats!

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