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Katie & Jake’s Clarksville, TN Wedding Sep 23rd | Weddings

Katie & Jake were married in Clarksville, TN. Katie grew up there and returned to her home church for her marriage. We wanted to share some of our favorite photographs that show off the excitement of their day.

This is personally one of my favorite dress photographs Whitney has taken.

I LOVE this one. Of course Whitney is the one who captured it.

This has to be one of my favorite congregation photos we have taken. Everyone looks so happy! Part of it had to do with Katie and Jake’s priest. He was hilarious! He has been a priest for many years, but this was the first time he had conducted a wedding ceremony. He certainly knew how to make it a celebration.

Of course I had to capture this little guy. The day was just a little too much for him. Someone should give him this photograph on his wedding day.

- Peter

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Breaking the Rules: Rembrandt Sep 21st | Art Inspiration

Night Watch by Rembrandt

I had so much fun researching this painting by Rembrandt and finding out how it was commissioned. In the Netherlands military groups would often develop into social clubs for gentlemen. These groups would often commission a portrait, which were called militia paintings. When a group portrait was commissioned, each individual would pay an equal amount to be in the painting. This also meant that the painter would need to show everyone as equals in the portrait. You know the term “Going Dutch”?!

“Militia Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq.” which is also known as “Night Watch”, came around and broke all the rules. Really, that’s what helps make someone great, right? Rembrandt did not aim at painting each of the members as equals, but instead created a work of art that had focus and drama. Additional people were added to the portrait to create the story and figures were placed around the scene to show the group in action. This is one of the many reasons everyone has heard of Rembrandt today. He knew what everyone else was doing and did something different and in the process created a true masterpiece. One of Rembrandt’s pupils wrote about this work:

“It will outlast all its competitors, being so artistic in conception, so ingenious in the varied placement of figures, and so powerful that, according to some, it makes all the other pieces there look like decks of playing cards”

What rules will you break today?

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Carlson Family Portraits Sep 18th | Personal

Wow! It’s been awhile since we posted a blog. So, to make up for it, I decided I would get a little personal.

The other day my aunt Jean emailed some old family photos to me. They are so much fun!

This first one is of Grandma Carlson’s side of the family. It’s funny how through time, family portraits do not change that much. Everyone is positioned just so, people are fussing with the baby, and Great Grandma Wernberg is trying to hide as much as possible.

This portrait was not taken professionally, but what I love about it is that it captures personality. Everyone looks comfortable around each other and is happy to be in the photograph. Even the three elders to the left look very proud, through their Scandinavian poses. The barn could be removed from the background and you would still know that many in this photo were hard working farmers.

My grandparents are the two in the top row. Grandma looks like the happiest one in the group and Grandpa looks kind of like David Duchovny. Kind of interesting being grandpa liked to tell me occasional stories of his possible encounters with aliens and sasquatch.

My Grandpa was the photographer for this photograph. Whitney and I totally love this image! It’s probably because I tend to strike the same pose that Uncle Harold, my grandpa’s brother, is striking for the camera. (Pointing at the camera with tongue sticking out.) Family personalities must pass through time.

Looking at and talking about these images makes me realize, once again, the power of photography. I will never see any of these family members, face to face, again. My memories of them, as well as the stories I have never heard, live on through photographs. I wish I had more!

I am so excited that the brides and families we work with understand the importance of photography. Sadly, there are people that do not understanding this concept. It’s not until you see photos of your past relatives, that it really sinks in. By investing in professional photography, you are not only purchasing something you can love, but you are truly investing in something special for your children, grandchildren, and many others.

My grandparents passed away over a decade ago, but I get to see them every day as I look at their wedding portrait that is displayed in our dinning room. I cannot imagine not having something so valuable. I am so glad they chose to invest in this gift for us that I will pass onto my children and grandchildren.

Thanks for listening to the thought s that have been going through my head this week.

- Peter

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Paint the Dress! Sep 06th | Weddings

I know most everyone has heard of “Trash the Dress” photography sessions, and if you haven’t you can see more about it on We’ve been wanting to photograph one of these for a while and we were so excited when Kristen Frenzel, our hairstylist, said she was up for anything. Both Kristen and her husband Mason are painter’s here in Nashville so we thought what better way to end our session than with “Paint the Dress!” I have been soooo excited to share these and love how they came out. Kristen and Mason worked together painting the background, and then Mason began working on Kristen’s wedding dress. Her dress is now more than a dress that will be packed away forever. It has a story, and I know she’ll be bringing it out to show her kids one day to see what Mason painted on it. I love Kristen’s expression in this one! Let me know what you think!

“After Session” Wedding Photography Part3 | Dove Wedding Photography: [...] to share a session I just realized we have not blogged about yet. Some of you may have seen the sneak peek we posted from this session. Here are some more images from one of our favorite sessions from the [...] (Oct 06th - 07:11 am)
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Flower Girl Ideas! Sep 04th | Main

So my step-daughter, Ella, just turned 4 about a month ago. For her birthday we took Ella and her best friend Sadie to Build-a-Bear at Opry Mills mall and then to the park. The best part of this whole story is that we bought them matching tutus to wear for the party. Let me tell you, those two little girls were the talk of the town everywhere they went. It was so adorable.

So why am I telling you all this you ask. Well, it got me to thinking about how these would be super adorable as a skirt for a flower girl in either your wedding colors, white or cream. Not only will it be something that your flower girl will love to wear, but your guests will definitely remember this creative addition to your wedding details.

Check out Sugarbeez Tutus on Etsy for more information on colors and ordering.

Have a great weekend!


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Erin’s Bridal at Cedarwood Sep 02nd | Weddings

We just wanted to share a few of our favorite images from Erin’s bridal session at Cedarwood:


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