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Holiday Orders & Office Closed Nov 27th | Announcements

Our offices are closed until Monday, November 30.

To receive your orders by December 25, please have your orders placed by Tuesday, December 1.
All canvas orders 20% off.
All professional and masterpiece prints are 2 for 1.
Basic Coffee Table Books & Parent Books 25% off.
Simple Design Calendars 20% off.
Holiday cards and prints 10 free with every 10 ordered.
Sale ends Dec 1.

For more info and to place your order contact:

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Katie & Dan’s Nashville Wedding Nov 24th | Weddings

Katie and Dan were one of the first couples I met with when I started with Dove Wedding Photography. When they told me their wedding was going to be at the historic Belle Meade Plantation, I was extremely excited.

As you can see, Katie has a very classic style. Everything from her dress to the details of the wedding reflected that.

Katie and Dan’s bridal party was really entertaining. Throughout the whole day the girls kept trying to figure out what actress would play them in the movie version of Katie’s wedding. I personally think Kate Hudson should play Katie. Don’t you agree? I believe the picture of the girls might have been taken during one of those conversations. I’m really happy with how the tree frames them and the plantation.

Whitney took these pictures of Dan. I absolutely love the picture of his watch and the expression on Dan’s face in his portrait. If Carey Grant was still alive, he would play Dan.

As most summer weddings go, you have to find places that are not in direct sunlight. The porches at Belle Meade provided a great place to take pictures out of the sun and worked to keep everyone dry from the rain. If you look very closely you can see the rain in the picture of the bridal party.

The rain stopped in time for the ceremony but the farther into the ceremony we got, the more the clouds rolled in and the darker it became. There wasn’t a drop of rain during the ceremony, but it was thundering and as soon as everyone exited the ceremony site, the skies opened up and it down poured. How fortunate that it waited until then and that it didn’t last for long.Katie and Dan’s reception was a blast, quite possibly the most fun of any reception that I’ve shot. Here’s a picture of the reception and the carriage house from the lawn.

I tried to find a place to do ring shots that would incorporate the feel of the wedding. I eventually ended up settling on this location. It was the trunk of a carriage.

Katie and Dan, thank you so much for allowing us to be apart of your day.

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Mackinac Island Photography Part 2 Nov 19th | Personal

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Speaking Engagements Nov 19th | Announcements

November 3: Pictage Partner Con, New Orleans, LA
Q&A Forum – “Insourcing: When outsourcing is not the perfect answer.”
Open to all professional photographers.

Open to beginning and intermediate photographers.
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The Timeless Album Nov 14th | Products

So back in June I blogged about Jaime & Nathan’s beautiful contemporary album that we had just received. Well, this week we received another beautiful album, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

Karissa and Eliab were married in 2008 at the always beautiful Cheekwood. When it came time to pick out their album they opted to go with the timeless matted album. We have noticed over the last year a renewed interest in matted albums. Well let me tell you, there were ooo’s and ahh’s once again in the office as we all gathered around to check it out. Everyone commented how they loved the thickness of the 10×10 album.

Below are some images of Karissa and Eliab’s wedding, as well as my own wedding album from our 2007 wedding at Cedarwood Mansion. I wanted to include both albums in this blog to show the variety of sizes and designs for the matted albums. These are definitely not like your parent’s wedding album. J


This is Karissa & Eliab’s 10×10 album.

This is 1 of 2 interior shots of my album.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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Mackinac Island Photography Part 1 Nov 12th | Weddings

Meet my sister Elita (AKA: Elly) and her husband Bill. After about 10 years of dating, they finally got married! In no way did Elly want Whitney and I to photograph her wedding. She wanted us to be part of the bridal party and enjoy the day.

She decided to have a destination wedding on Mackinac Island in Michigan. She found an excellent photographer local to the island who also happens to photograph weddings in Nashville! This is how Whitney and I met Mark & Noelle McCoy. Be sure to check out Elly & Bill’s wedding photographs by McCoy Made.

Of course Whitney and I couldn’t let Elly & Bill go without any photographs from us. So, we stayed a couple days longer than the rest of my family and we took the two of them out for an After Session.

The above photo was harder to create than it looks. It involved some bread I found lying in a bag in this park. It was a lot of fun trying to get the gulls to come near.

Whitney has always wanted to photograph a bride by an old Eurpean phone booth. Imagine our surprise to find one on the island. It was awesome having Elly & Bill be a part of a dream come true.

If you have not seen our favorite two images from this session, be sure to check out the previous post we made from Elly & Bill’s wedding photographs.

Stay tuned. We will soon post more Mackinac Island photography.

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William’s Nashville Senior Portrait Nov 10th | Portraits

Let me introduce you to William, the second of the three seniors from my youth group that I photographed.

I know I didn’t take as many photos of William as I did of Emma. This is not because he is a dude, but because he is a very busy dude. Plus, one of my lenses broke down and I got stung by bees during the shoot. So, it was a rather short session, but I am really happy with what we captured. We were still able to achieve a variety of different settings.

William is a very outdoorsy guy. He loves to rock climb, whitewater raft, and play numerous sports. William is a more serious guy who is very social and loves to play the occasional prank. He is also one of the most competitive people I know. He can take the simplest object lesson and turn it into an Olympic event.

Here is William:

Stay tuned to meet Amy!

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Pictage PartnerCon in New Orleans Nov 09th | Other Events

Peter and I just returned from New Orleans, LA where we attended the Pictage PartnerCon. Over the past few days I have been thinking a lot about how Dove has grown, and all the changes that have gone on over the past few years with our business. My first thought is that I never imagined we would be where we are today. I never dreamed of owning my own business, let alone a business in wedding photography. It has turned out to be the best dream I could ever have had. The fulfillment that photographing weddings brings me is nothing I have ever felt before, and I still get excited every day about the new things we are planning and the goals that I can’t wait to meet!

What does all of this have to do with Pictage and with our trip? Looking back over the years, I can now see how Pictage has been essential in bringing our business where it is today. I still remember the first PUG (Pictage Users’ Group) meeting we had in Nashville, where I met Alison Bynum, Phil Thornton, Joan Evans, and Nathan Holritz, all photographers that I still see today. (Although it has been way too long Alison!) Alison was a great leader of our PUG, and Peter and I were honored to be asked to take her place when she stepped down to start her family. Here is one of my favorites from a PUG a few years ago!

The first PartnerCon we attended was several years ago in Atlanta. It was a smaller version of one out in LA, but it totally changed how we did business! I can remember coming back overwhelmed with excitement by all the things we’d learned. Since then, we have attended 3 more Partner Cons, each time coming back overloaded with information and ready to share what we had learned with our PUG.

This year was a little different for us, but we have come back excited just the same. This year we got to share what we have learned, through our years of experience, with other photographers. It was exciting to see the other photographers’ light bulbs come on. It makes me excited to see others leaving Partner Con with the same excitement that we have! Here are a few shots from our friends Sean and Mel of McLellan Style of us sharing at the Photographer’s Lounge on having employees.

Even though we spent a lot of our time sharing with other photographers, and modeling for a shooting workshop (some of that to come later!), we still learned a ton. Our favorite times were the shooting workshops by David Beckstead and Joe Buissink. We also got to meet some amazing people from all over the country and even new photographers from Nashville!

The CEO of Pictage, Jim Collins, is honestly one of the best CEOs I have ever seen in action. His excitement about the company, and the photographers they work with, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. He really wants to know what they can do to help us become better photographers and business owners. On top of that, he knows how to inspire. It makes me proud to be a Pictage member.

We were especially grateful to be able to personally meet the people, at Pictage, that work so hard for us. Even though we have already met Emily Engle, one of the Pictage community leaders, she is always such an encouragement to us. Not only that, but she is quite the photographer herself!

I am already looking forward to next year. There is so much left of New Orleans to see, and so many more people to meet. The great thing is that we get to continue it in our Nashville community. If you haven’t come yet, please please please make it to our next PUG meeting. You don’t have to be a Pictage member, you just have to come! Our next one is this Thursday, November 12th at 6:30. We will be talking about Partner Con, and have a critique of Family photographs. Email for more information. I hope to see you there!

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Nashville Engagement: Kimberly & Rashad Nov 05th | Uncategorized

Boy do Kimberly & Rashad love to have fun! It was no work at all to get them to laugh and giggle which of course makes it easy for us to photograph them. I also love Kimberly’s sense of style and enjoyed being able to coordinate her clothes with where we were going to shoot. Their wedding reception in going to be at Nashville’s Hutton Hotel, so we started there and then just wandered around West End!How can you not love this one!We can’t wait for your wedding!

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Emma’s Nashville Senior Portraits Nov 03rd | Portraits

Here is where my two jobs intersect. You may not know that I am the youth director at The Village Chapel, here in Nashville. Whitney and I started the youth ministry at our church almost four years ago. At that time, three of the students were freshman. Well, time goes fast and now those three students are planning for college. It’s going to be sad to see them move off as I have become close to each of them. So, to capture a special memory of this last year, I offered to photograph a portrait session for each of them. This was also exciting for me as these were the first sessions I did without Whitney.

The first session I will share with you is Emma’s. Emma is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. She laughs a LOT. So much that she even types “ha ha” in most of her emails and Facebook comments. She also loves photography. She has been taking a photography class at her school, but I think she enjoys being on the “model side” of the camera a bit more.

This is my favorite one. It looks like she is day dreaming and actually looking at what she is dreaming about.

I also love the left image a lot. I think Emma’s comment was “That’s SO catalog!” The image to the right is totally the Emma we all know and love.

I knew the boys were going to be commenting on her Facebook photos I posted for her, so I thought this image would be appropriate.

This image is actually an idea Emma had when she saw we had red suitcases.

So, how often does a teen get to scale fences, at night, with her youth director for a photo shoot? That’s what happened when we got to Ensworth High and found everything locked up. Our main plan of the shoot was to photograph Emma on the football field at sunset, but things changed when we had to walk down the long drive with all of our gear and crawl over the fence with it. By the time we were set up the sun was down, but we captured a few cool shots on the field before the security guard found us.

Stay tuned for William’s and Amy’s sessions!

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