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Merry Christmas Everyone! Dec 25th | Uncategorized

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying yourself. Whitney and I are on vacation with my family in Minneapolis. We had a great year at Dove Wedding Photography and we can not wait to see what is in store for 2011.

We are very appreciative of all of our brides. This year included some of our favorite weddings yet. Every couple we worked with was so much fun and I hope we will get to stay in touch with each and every one of you.

Thanks to all the wedding vendors that helped produce the amazing weddings we were able to photograph. Many of you have become dear friends over the years. We are greatly blessed to be able to work with such good friends.

Last, but not least, I want to thank the entire Dove Wedding Photography staff! Anybody who has ever work with us will agree how great you are. Audrey, Erin, Morgan, and Chris: 2010 would not have been nearly as good without all of your hard work and amazing attitudes toward all of our clients, other wedding vendors and the rest of the Dove team. A big thanks also goes out to the 2010 free-lance team: Anna, Krystal, Sara, Joel, Jessica, Tyler, Alice, Ansley and everyone else who helped us out this year.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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2010 Christmas Film Dec 22nd | Uncategorized

Every year I have the opportunity to make a short film with the youth group I work with. Each year our church has a Christmas program full of different kinds of music, stories, and our short film.

Last year’s short film was serious and moody. So, this year I promised the youth we could make a funny one. Our first attempt failed and we had to start over from scratch. One of my volunteer leaders, Allen Salmon, is a songwriter and music producer. He came up with a great idea for a parody on the YouTube hit “Bed Intruder.”

I hope you enjoy this short and it brings you some Christmas cheer.

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Cheekwood Wedding Setup Dec 15th | Vendors We Love!

Mahsa & Michael had a gorgeous fall wedding at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens & Museum of Art. Many of our favorite wedding specialists were involved with the planning and production of their Nashville wedding. We will share Mahsa & Michael’s wedding photography with you shortly, but before then we wanted you to see the set-up of their reception as well as see Mahsa, Michael, their family, and their friends enjoy some amazing food and get on the dance floor.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a wonderful event:

Elegant Weddings by Angela
BBJ Linens
Village of Flowers
Street Tuxedo
F.A.D.D.S. Trolley
FocalPoint Cinematic Weddings
Music City Tents
Nashville Event Lighting
Blue Nova Drapery
Matchless Limo
Party Patrol

London Wedding Photographer David Sherjan: Neat guys :O) Great site by the way, we just bookmarked you! DSP (Jan 03rd - 07:37 am) Peter Carlson: @Paul McNerney: Love me some StuidoFoto! Looking forward to seeing you in March! (Dec 17th - 05:57 pm) Paul McNerney: Super fun!! Love me some time lapse:) (Dec 17th - 02:51 pm) Peter Carlson: @angela proffitt: our job would not be as "awesome" without people like you! (Dec 16th - 12:58 pm) angela proffitt: Awesome job!! Love this! Thank you! (Dec 15th - 03:39 pm)
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Katie & Jim’s Engagement Dec 14th | Engagements

This Saturday Peter and I will have the pleasure of photographing Katie & Jim’s December wedding! We just photographed Katie’s bridal session, and I can not wait for Jim to see her! She was beautiful! What is so fun with this couple is seeing how much they love each other- they are high school sweethearts. After a first failed attempt at an engagement session in downtown Nashville (tornado warnings, and severe lighting helped us decide to reschedule), Katie & Jim decided to shoot in Franklin instead. They said it fit more of who they are, and I totally agree! I’m so glad we got to change our plans, and this fun, relaxed couple look completely at home in Franklin!
Whitney Carlson

adrian hitt: cute couple! GREAT session! (Dec 15th - 07:01 pm) Mary Lynn Orr: Love, love, love these! My favorite is the black and white but they are all wonderful! (Dec 14th - 07:44 am)
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Nashville Wedding Photography-Megan & Joe Oct 21st | Weddings

If the wedding photography time-lapse I posted a few posts back enticed you to see more of that great Country Music Hall of Fame wedding, now is your chance. Megan and Joe held their ceremony in the beautiful little chapel at Brentwood Baptist Church. I loved that this large church decided to design a connecting chapel with Gothic architecture!

Once arriving at Country Music Hall of Fame, Whitney and I did not have a lot of time left to take photographs of just the bride and groom. However, we knew had to utilize the museum for a little bit. Of course Elvis’s car is a classic display. I love how Whitney combined the natural light from the museum along with some off-camera lighting for this image.

Megan is close to both her father and step-father. It was great to see her have the opportunity to have two father/daughter dances.

Make sure you watch the time-lapse of the wedding reception set-up if you have not already. Here is a closer look at the amazing work done by all the vendors.

Thank you Megan and Joe for letting us be a part of your day and thanks again to everyone who helped make this such an incredible wedding:

Elegant Weddings by Angela
Country Music Hall of Fame
Reveal Event Style
Music City Tents and Events
Nashville Event Lighting
Blue Nova Designs
FABU Event Decor
Chef’s Market
Maples Wedding Cakes
Photo Booth Nashville
Spangler Entertainment

Albuquerque Wedding Photographer: Great use of light and shadows. Very impressive shots, especially the one of the couple at the Music Hall of Fame. Beautiful work! (Nov 19th - 11:20 pm) Peter Carlson: @Adrienne Scott you are the sweetest! Thanks! (Nov 18th - 11:06 am) Adrienne Scott: What a gorgeous wedding and I absolutely LOVE the time lapse video. I think so often that people wonder why weddings cost so much. And Dove has the answer! =) Brilliant. (Nov 18th - 12:41 am) Peter Carlson: @Anna Rebecca Will do! Wish you were here with us. We are having a great time! (Nov 10th - 03:46 pm) Peter Carlson: @Peter Hanowell Thanks! Happy is usually one of our top goals. I'm glad that shows in these photos. (Nov 10th - 03:46 pm) Anna Rebecca: It looks like this wedding turned out to be a great hit- awesome photos! It was great to meet you guys at PUG and I hope you are having a great time at partnercon! See you in december! Anna Rebecca PHotography (Nov 10th - 01:51 pm) Peter Hanowell: Wow, really great shots! The couple looks happy - good job! (Nov 09th - 02:53 pm)
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Erin & Scott’s Wedding Photography Oct 14th | Weddings

The night before Erin & Scott’s outdoor wedding at Historic Cedarwood, the weather forecasted rain. As you will see from the images below, we had great weather to capture their wedding photography.

The little girls were stinking cute!

Once again, stinking cute!

Because of the potential for rain, Cedarwood promised to pull out an amazing surprise. The tent they put together for the ceremony was the most amazing looking ceremony tent I have been under! This Nashville wedding venue never ceases to surprise.

I end with some more fabulous details including some jelly jars of a very special family recipe.

Jessica: Beautiful! And oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of her fixing her dress and the little girls watching! (Oct 17th - 10:44 am)
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A Nashville Wedding Setup Oct 13th | Weddings

Ever wonder what goes into the cost of a wedding? Check out the above video I made, by setting up a time lapse camera, to see how many people are involved in setting up just the reception portion of a wedding. My favorite part is watching how the room finishes getting set just as the guests arrive!

Megan and Joe’s wedding was held at Country Music Hall of Fame. Reveal Event Style did an amazing job designing the look of the event. Elegant Weddings by Angela planned and coordinated the entire thing. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this wedding look so amazing!

Music City Tents and Events
Nashville Event Lighting
Blue Nova Designs
FABU Event Decor
Chef’s Market
Maples Wedding Cakes
Photo Booth Nashville
Spangler Entertainment

Peter Carlson: @joanne quinn: you crack me up! Thank you for your nice comments on our work. The images will be online closer to Christmas. We will add your name to the their website's email list so you get a notice once they are online. I hope your visit to Nashville was a good one! It seemed like everyone was having a fun time. (Nov 29th - 11:51 am) joanne quinn: Hi...we were in nashville for the Chgo Hawks game and you took pic. of us in our Jerseys with the Groomsmen....I would like to see them..Is there a place I go to to see them? Your Pictures on here and Ideas are amazing! Thank You...Joanne (Nov 27th - 04:59 pm) Megan & Joe | Dove Wedding Photography: [...] the wedding photography time-lapse I posted a few posts back enticed you to see more of that great Country Music Hall of [...] (Oct 21st - 11:50 am) Peter Carlson: Thanks Everyone! It was a lot of fun to do. (Oct 15th - 10:17 am) Michelle Stone: that was really cool!! (Oct 15th - 10:06 am) matt: That is really cool. (Oct 15th - 08:46 am) Peter Carlson: Yes, that would be an ordeal! You guys have so many little areas, and do an amazing job with all of them! (Oct 13th - 08:48 pm) Cedarwood: So cool.....wish we could see ourselves doing this on wedding day! Would need a few more cameras :) Looks like an amazing event! (Oct 13th - 05:35 pm) Peter Carlson: Thanks Kristyn! Your pretty sweet as well! (Oct 13th - 05:04 pm) Kristyn Hogan: This is pretty sweet! (Oct 13th - 02:17 pm)
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Jared Platt Lightroom3 Workshop Oct 12th | Photo Tips

We want everyone to know about a workshop Whitney and I are hosting. Are you like most photographers and find yourself spending your time editing photographs way more than you would like? Jared Platt will be conducting a full day Lightroom 3 Workflow Workshop on Friday, November 5 at StudioWed in Nashville.

Cut your workflow time in half and use that time effectively to increase the quality of your work, strengthen the impact of your portfolio and ultimately to push your skills as a photographer to a higher level. The Lightroom Workflow Workshop is a full day workshop on post production in Adobe’s Lightroom 3.0. At the workshop you will learn how to maximize your post production workflow experience and increase the quality of your work.

The night before the workshop (Thursday, November 4) you can see Jared for free at the Nashville PUG.

Space for the full day event is limited. For more information on the workshop and to reserve your seat, visit:

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“After Session” Wedding Photography Part3 Oct 06th | Weddings

For our final example of After Session wedding photography, I wanted to share a session I just realized we have not blogged about yet. Some of you may have seen the sneak peek we posted from this session. Here are some more images from one of our favorite sessions from the past year:

Kristen and Mason were married a number of years ago. We did not photograph her wedding, but after getting to know Kristen, she wanted us to recapture some wedding images for her. She is an artist and wanted to do something creative with her dress that sat in the closet and was never looked at since her wedding day. She decided she wanted to put it back on and do whatever we asked, to capture great wedding photography.

We decided to take her to a Nashville park and get some creative poses. Our plan was to get her messier as the day went on. To our surprise, this was nearly impossible to do.

The above images were taken in a low swampy area of the park. We expected the bottom and back of Kristen’s dress to be covered in mud from sitting in the wet grass. It was a little damp and we easily wiped off whatever was on her dress. This made us realize wedding dresses are some of the best made dresses. After this session, we have been far from nervous when posing brides on their wedding day. We are still very careful to keep the dress clean, but we understand that it takes a lot to dirty a dress. Most dresses actually just get dirty from the bottom dragging along the ground. Not much happens from just sitting down in the grass or against a tree.

Of course we found a way to actually get the dress stained. However, it was turing the dress into a “canvas” that now makes Kristen excited to show her dress to people again and again. And, does she ever get the reactions!

Renee Descoutures: Great session! I too love the images where the dress is a canvas. (Oct 07th - 04:27 pm) Michelle Stone: Love these, especially the dress becoming a "canvas' and the one of her laying on the tree. Awesome! (Oct 06th - 02:47 pm)
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Lauren and Jeff: Another “After Session” Oct 01st | Portraits

Our blog is back online! After much waiting as the coders worked on fixing some issues I can now deliver to you the next post on “After Sessions” I know you were all just anxiously awaiting it.

So, I promised I would deliver another type of after session. Lauren & Jeff are celebrating their one year anniversary. It has become more common for us to photograph sessions for couples’ one year anniversary. This is for many different reasons. Sometimes a couple doesn’t get an engagement session and later realizes they want professional photographs. Sometimes a couple remembers how much they loved their engagement and wedding photography with us and they want to do another session to celebrate their anniversary and to get new photographs. They may end up making this an annual event. Some couples were unable to use us for their wedding, and want to capture great photographs with us. I’ll give another example of this last reason in my next blog post.

Whatever your reason is, I’m sure we can find a good excuse to capture images of you and your spouse.

Lauren and Jeff went to college in Nashville, but no longer live here. So, they flew in for a weekend anniversary. Of course they had to hit their favorite cup cake shop GiGi’s Cupcakes.

We always love to find out what sort of things couples like to do together and incorporate this into their photographs. Lauren and Jeff love to play cards. I don’t think they have ever played on a parking deck rooftop, but this only heightened the experience.

Happy Anniversary you two! Thanks for letting us be a part of your anniversary weekend. May you have a lifetime of anniversary’s to come. Of course they don’t all have to include us. ;)

Peter Carlson: @raquel e: Thanks! They are a great couple. We photographed this at a park near the baseball stadium. (Oct 21st - 10:51 am) raquel e: These photos turned out great....what is the location for the pics in the wooded areas? (Oct 20th - 11:11 pm)
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