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New Nashville Weddings Blog Apr 29th | Vendors We Love!

Nashville brides who are looking for a resource to help with planning elegant and completely unique weddings now have a place to turn. WedCandy is a new Nashville weddings blog that showcases high quality wedding ideas along with premiere Nashville wedding vendors.

Some of our photographs were recently used for a feature blog that can be viewed by visiting

David Smallwood: Looks great guys! I'm really loving wedcandy, and excited about seeing it explode in the south and beyond! (Apr 30th - 09:24 pm)
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Mother’s Day Idea Apr 28th | Uncategorized

You were probably guessing that I would encourage you to buy prints for Mother’s Day. I don’t have a problem if you want to, but this Mother’s day give mom something else that lasts, something she’ll love not only because it’s functional and cute, but because it helps formerly abducted mothers in Uganda.

Invisible Children is one of our favorite relief organizations. Their bracelets and Mend bags are more than just gifts… they are a chance at a better future. Each Mend bag carries the name of the seamstress who made it. Each individual name unlocks an online profile of a seamstress employed in Invisible Children’s program. Through her video bio and photos she will share how she is “on the Mend” because of your simple purchase.

And with the gift of a Mend bag your mom will also receive the Grace bracelet and DVD. Grace is the story of a child mother in Northern Uganda who has survived the war to spread hope and take care of her child.

Give mom a Mend bag or the Grace bracelet and DVD to show her she is loved, and let her know her gift is loving someone a world away.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Order Now at

*Orders must be placed by Monday, May 3 by 2pm PST for regular shipping service. Any orders placed after must choose an expedited service to be received by Mother’s Day.

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Belle Meade Plantation Wedding Apr 27th | Weddings

Last fall we had the honor to photograph a number of weddings at Nashville’s Belle Meade Plantation. The first one we want to share with you is Jill & Chris’.

Jill and Chris were so fun to get to know over the past year. Every time we saw Jill, she had to remind us how her wedding photographs were the thing she was most excited about on her wedding day. We had to keep reminding her that marrying Chris should be the part she should be the most excited about. Of course it was, but this conversation always made us laugh.

Amy Parman of Williamson County Weddings helped plan an amazing evening for this fabulous couple. Here are some of the photos to prove it:Here are some details that Williamson County Weddings designed. Flowers were by Jimm Wright Designs. Catering was by our friends at A Catered Affair. Cake was by the always great Maples Wedding Cakes.

The kids at this wedding were soooo cute. We couldn’t help but take lots of photos of them.

Congratulations Jill & Chris!

Whitney Carlson: Thanks so much, it was a beautiful wedding! (Apr 30th - 06:38 pm) Rhonda Patton: Absolutely Beautiful!!! (Apr 30th - 03:44 am) Jessica: I love the one of them walking! That's so cute she was so excited about pictures!! (Apr 28th - 01:43 am) Amber Housley: Oooh! I love the light coming through the trees on those photos. You know me, I love me some trees. ;) and of course those cute little kiddos are adorable. Great work guys! (Apr 27th - 10:32 pm)
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Rainy Wedding Photography Apr 25th | Weddings

We never post blogs on a Saturday and it’s not very common for us to post a wedding on the blog the same day we photographed it. However, today is unique. Christal and Michael were troopers as they celebrated their outdoor wedding on a stormy rainy day in Delano, TN.

Things did not go as planned. Guests got wet. Decorations were not set up the way they planned. The reception was packed up and moved indoors. So, we wanted to share with Christal how amazing her wedding looked.

Thank you for being so laid back, happy, and willing to tromp through the mud with us to get this and many other incredible wedding photographs. We had a blast! Your wedding was by far the most unique wedding we have ever photographed. Congratulations on a wonderful marriage!

Whitney Carlson: Thanks everyone! It was so magical out there that day! (Apr 29th - 02:36 am) Amber Housley: I love how her dress is billowing like the clouds...and the glee that is written all over her face. :) One happy bride! :) (Apr 27th - 10:30 pm) Jessica: Awesome!!! It almost looks like smoke from a volcano in the back! She looks so happy! (Apr 25th - 06:27 pm) Morgan: I am so excited to see the rest! I love the ominous clouds.... (Apr 25th - 04:42 pm) Spencer: I love this - can't wait to see more. (Apr 25th - 06:55 am)
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Final Dove Sweets Event of 2010, May 7 & 8 Apr 24th | Sweets

Summer is quickly approaching. And for those of you with summer weddings or anniversaries, what better gift to give your husband than fun and flirty photos of you from a Dove Sweets session.

Our final Sweets Event for 2010 is only two weeks away on May 7th and 8th. Our next event will not be until January 2011, so be sure to book your session now!

The cost of the event is $150 and includes a private 45-minute photo session, your makeup done at Harlow Salon on Music Row and the shoot location. We have a few slots left, so if you are interested please be sure to contact me at to reserve your session spot.

Below are some photos from our last couple Sweets events.

I hope you have a great weekend!


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LOST Party Apr 22nd | Personal

On April 7, Whitney turned 30! She knew I was going to throw her a party, but she had no idea what was going to happen. Most of you probably know that Whitney is a pretty big fan of the TV show LOST. So, it was only natural to give her a themed party that she would love.

We held a “Jungle Boogie” filled with dancing, pulled pork (aka: boar), fish biscuits, fresh fruit, Dharma beverages, and camp fires. What more could you need? Maybe a polar bear or giant electromagnet?

Everyone dressed up (or should I say: dressed down) for the night to get LOST.
Zach & Bridget (top right) were really lost, as they came dressed for their favorite TV show: Mad Men.
Whitney’s sisters (bottom left) thought we needed more fish. They came from Atlanta to surprise Whitney, along with their mom (bottom right).

One of Whitney’s gifts from our friend, David Whitley, was a Strong Man Performance. David amazed everyone with his acts of strength as he rolled up a frying pan like it was a burrito!

Here are some of the characters from The Island. It was fun seeing the Crazy Claires hanging with the Sane Claires. I really loved those who dressed as infamous props. Sean came as the letter to Mr.Sawyer (top left). But, my favorite was Baby John Locke (top center)!
Thanks to everyone that came out and made it such a great night!

Now, why did Sun freak out when she saw Locke as they were both getting off of the ambulances? Leave your comments and ideas below!!!!

Jenny Brennan: I love it! Gotta love LOST! Happy Belated Birthday Whitney! (Apr 23rd - 11:03 pm) Peter Carlson: Sue Ann: That was my thought as well, but a number of the girls in the office disagree with me! (Apr 23rd - 12:33 am) Sue Ann: That looks like so much fun! I'm so jealous! Happy belated birthday Whitney!! I think her near death experience or getting shot caused her to "see". They just didn't show it cause they are running out of time. Des has a lot of people left to run over and only a few more episodes! (Apr 22nd - 10:24 pm) Jen Creed: How stinkin fun is that? Happy (belated) birthday, Whitney! You all are amazing :) (Apr 22nd - 09:53 pm) Peter Carlson: Jessica: We missed you! Hope to see you soon! Kristen: Glad you could come! (Apr 22nd - 09:05 pm) Kristen Steele: {img}537_33{/img}Best bday party EVER!! It was a blast to atttend and dress up like an "other." (Apr 22nd - 09:03 pm) Peter Carlson: Kristyn: I wish you could have been there as well. But, how does Sun know? Did she get flashes like everyone else? They didn't show her get flashes. (Apr 22nd - 08:57 pm) Jessica: This looks absolutely epic. Happy belated birthday, Whitney! (Apr 22nd - 08:52 pm) Kristyn Hogan: AMAZING! SO BUMMED I COULDN'T MAKE IT! CLAIRE IS DEFINITELY FREAKED OUT BECAUSE IT'S SMOKE MONSTER LOCKE THAT GOT RUN OVER. (Apr 22nd - 08:27 pm)
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New Orleans Photography Apr 19th | Weddings

Well, we are now officially back in the blogging world! Thanks for being so patient with us being silent on here for a while. We have been so busy and working super hard on several things to make Dove even better! While we love to blog and know its importance, keeping up with our clients takes precidence over everything. With our new workflow now officially in place, be ready for a lot of new things coming soon to the blog!

Before we start with all the new stuff that is going on, I am going to use the next couple of weeks to share some images from last year that we haven’t shared yet! One of our favorite experiences from last year was traveling to New Orleans for the Pictage Partner Con. You can read about what we did there here.

One session at the conference I was able to learn from wedding photographer David Beckstead on an actual shoot around New Orleans. I learned so much from him about light and composition and was really happy with my results from the shoot. I can’t wait to go there again this year and explore the city even more!

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