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Lightroom 3: A Review Jun 23rd | Photo Tips

I had a field day a few weeks ago with the announcement of the new iPhone, and the release of Lightroom 3! I was so excited for all this new technology and how it is going to help our workflow and business. I upgraded to Lightroom 3 right away for several reasons, and I wanted to share some of my favorite new features with you. They have changed a lot in the upgraded Lightroom, which you can read about here, but I am just going to share with you 3 of my favorite changes with the upgrade. I am not sponsored by Lightroom in any way, it has just completely changed how our business is run and I love it!
1. Backup- Before, lightroom catalogs were set to back up when it was first opened, and it was easy to forget to back it up when you were finished using it for the day. The new Lightroom asks if you want to back it up when you exit Lightroom, which is a lot more efficient and intuitive.
2. Noise reduction- The new noise reduction feature goes way beyond what Lightroom 2 had. I rarely used the noise reduction feature in Lightroom 2 because it would produce a very plastic and fake look to it. Lightroom 3′s noise reduction is stellar, and I think even looks better than stand alone noise reduction software. The upgrade price is worth the cost for this feature alone.
3. Print module- The print module is now set up to make templates for collages, which I use for putting a lot of images together for my blog. In Lightroom, you can use the templates to easily drag and drop images for a collage right in Lightroom. This saves a lot of steps for our workflow, and keeps us from opening everything in photoshop.
These are just a few of the new features and they are already helping us become more efficient. The image above was edited completely in Lightroom! There is a free 30 day available so that you can try these features and more before you purchase, here.
Peter Carlson: Glad it has. We recently found it to move slower than LR2 but has way better features and looks way better in the end. So, we are actually using both LR2 and LR3 on each event. (Sep 07th - 03:22 pm) Mark and Rebecca Koenig: Love Lightroom 3! It speeds everything up quite a bit! Mark and Rebecca (Sep 06th - 10:32 am)
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Artists In Downtown Nashville Jun 17th | Engagements

Leanna and Daniel are getting married! We always love when we get to work with other creative-types. Leanna is a graphic designer. What I love about getting to photograph other artists, is that they appreciate the photographs on a different level. It’s not that artists like the images any more, it just that the things they like are different than the things other people like. So, it’s fun to see how they react to seeing their photographs. All of you artists out there who are reading this post, what is it that you like about these images:

admin: Thanks Tatjana! They were a really easy going couple to work with. We had a lot of fun. (Aug 03rd - 09:07 am) Tatjana Plitt: I really love this engagement session. Leanna and Daniel look so at ease in each other's company. very good location for the shoot! (Aug 02nd - 06:50 pm) Jill: LOVE the green wall! (Jul 11th - 06:21 am) Mel McLellan: Cute session guys! What a sweet couple! (Jul 07th - 07:54 pm) Paul Rowland: Fantastic images! I love the parking garage ones especially - the green contrasts so well with the world around them. (Jul 05th - 07:42 pm) Jen Creed: These are gorgeous, and she is stunning! Lovely work :) (Jul 02nd - 07:10 am) Alina: Lovely images!!! (Jun 19th - 05:08 am)
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Nashville- Keeping It Local Jun 11th | Weddings

As we all know, Nashville is a melting pot of people from all over the country and the world. It is rare for me to meet someone that was actually born and raised here. So for many of you, that are not from Nashville but are getting married here, you will have a lot of family and friends coming from out of town. And if you are like me, I know when I have family come in from out of town I want to show them the great local restaurants and attractions that this city has to offer.

I am big into supporting our local businesses and restaurants this year, and that love has grown even stronger for me since the flood. That is why this week I put together a list of some local “goodies” that you could use in your gift bags for out of town guests, as bridesmaids gifts or even as guest favors at your wedding.

Just to preface this list, I am known in the office as being a “foodie”, so yes this list does consist of a lot of food and yummy treats.

1. Wine from Arrington Vineyard.

If you have not been out to Arrington Vineyard yet I really encourage you to go as a date night or with some friends. The grounds are beautiful, and the wine tastings are free. You can then purchase a bottle and enjoy a picnic out on the hillside over looking the vineyard.

2. Olive & Sinclair Chocolates

According to the Olive & Sinclair Chocolates website: “Scott Witherow, founder and maker of Olive & Sinclair Chocolates has been celebrated as one of Nashville’s up and coming gourmet superstars. His chocolate is slow roasted and stone ground in small batches using select single origin beans combined with pure brown sugar for a smooth and robust flavor that is unique to southern artisan chocolate.” While I have not personally had their chocolate I have seen it in a lot of stores and it looks delicious. They can also do custom labeled chocolate bars for your wedding.

3. Note Cards from Anderson Design Group

These note cards from Anderson Design Group are a great way to share some locally famous places with your guests. And when your guests use them they will be reminded of the great time that they had at your wedding.

4. Jewelry from Bijougirldesigns and Route Thirteen

This is more of a gift idea for your bridesmaids, but I am in love with Amanda Conley (bijougirldesigns) and Sarah Tams (Route Thirteen) designs. They are so simple and really fun.

5. Coffee from Davis Cookware in Hillsboro Village

Even though I don’t have a picture to go with this entry I had to include it on the list. The owners of Davis Cookware roast and grind their own beans. And let me tell you it is one killer cup o’joe. If your friends are coffee drinkers they will definitely thank you for including this in their bag.

I realize that this list does not even begin to cover everything, but hopefully it is able to offer some ideas that had not been thought of before.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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Music & Pizza Enagement Jun 10th | Engagements

Liz and Jamie like music, so we took them down to one of their favorite Nashville concert halls.

Liz and Jamie like to read, but sometimes they have different tastes.

Liz and Jamie like Pizza. The top right image in this series is my personal favorite. It makes me laugh pretty hard whenever I look at it.If it was named like a fine art piece I would call it “The Romantic Deep Dish” or “Sexy Pie”.

More music influence to this above photo.

Congrats Liz and Jamie!

Cedarwood: Great stuff. Can't wait for their wedding at Cedarwood!! It will be amazing. Linda (Jun 16th - 12:52 am) Adrian Hitt: great job guys! beautiful couple! (Jun 12th - 02:08 am) Amber Housley: wow! what a broad spectrum of fabulous settings and style. love it! :) (Jun 11th - 10:45 pm) Whitney Carlson: Thank you so much everyone! We had so much fun with this one! (Jun 11th - 04:12 pm) CJ Dickson: Love it! What a great way to capture the coupleness of this pair. Rock on! (Jun 11th - 06:47 am) Phil Thornton: wow, look at you guys shooting all sexy! Love them! (Jun 11th - 12:03 am) Adrienne Scott: How fun!!!!! The pizza stuff is awesome! I mean... it all is, but I really love the pizza images. =) (Jun 10th - 11:59 pm) Kristyn Hogan: gorgeous & super fun! (Jun 10th - 10:18 pm)
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Danielle & Cade’s Engagement Session Jun 03rd | Engagements

I pulled 24 ticks off of my body after this engagement session, Whitney had 17, but it was totally worth it. Danielle & Cade made this session a very personal expression of their relationship. This couple met when they had box seats next to each other at the Kentucky Derby. So, horses and big hats were a must for their photographs.

Danielle is a city girl from New York and Cade is a country boy from Texas. We can’t wait to see the mixture of guests they have at their wedding.

Thanks guys for putting up with the tick infestation. We had a lot of fun and can’t wait for your wedding day!

admin: I'm glad you thought the ticks were worth it. We totally are up for that kind of stuff if it leads to great photographs! We are totally looking forward to your wedding as well. - Peter (Aug 09th - 06:56 am) Danielle Ciampa: LOVE THESE PICTURES! Cade and I are getting SO excited for the wedding November 6th! And thanks again for putting up with those ticks! It was worth it ;) (Aug 08th - 06:34 am) Jess: oooohhh I love these!!!! And you are brave with the ticks-they are disgusting. But obviously very worth it for the pictures!! (Jun 07th - 11:22 pm)
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Our Brides Helped w/ This Jun 02nd | Personal

Thank you everyone who has booked Dove Wedding Photography! For over three years now Dove Wedding Photography has been donating a portion of our wedding bookings to Invisible Children, an organization fighting to end a war in Uganda that has enslaved children as soldiers. The above video shows the outcome of a bunch of small voices combining to become one large voice. We are proud to be a part of this.

I wanted to link to a blog post we made from last year’s Invisible Children event titled: The Rescue. While looking for it I realized we never posted the blog. So, here it is:

A large group, made up primarily of college and high school students, met in Centennial Park: a location titled “Abduction Point.” The location symbolized children being abducted from their homes and marched long miles to the Lord’s Resistance Army’s Base Camp. This evening the location was Bicentennial Mall.

As a peaceful demonstration students from across Tennessee walked single file through the streets of Nashville.

This is me leading the youth group from The Village Chapel.

Upon arriving at Bicentennial Mall, the plan was to wait until we were rescued by fulfilling three things:
1) Having the news media show up.
2) Having two or more political figures or celebrities show up.
3) Raising an assigned amount of money.
Fortunately for the Nashville crew, all three happened before night fell.

Upon arriving at the park, we hung photographs of ourselves with our family. Circling images of ourselves symbolized the family that we left behind during the abduction. Here is a family portrait of Whitney’s family at our wedding.

During our wait, we wrote letters to our senators and created art projects. Here is Whitney and our friend Emma making a poster.

Even though we were “rescued” we still decided to spend the night in a downtown parking lot…

…However, that ended when a few drunk club-hoppers decided to get into a fight and the cops showed up. As exciting as it was Whitney and I decided drunk guys, cops and youth groups are not the best mix. So, we rolled up our mats and called for a ride back to the church.

Lesli Emmetts: O.K. Now I have tears in my eyes. You can make a difference.. Yes You Can! (Aug 19th - 06:37 am)
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