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Washington DC Engagement Photography Aug 31st | Engagements

This was the summer of traveling. From the middle of June until August, I was only home 1-2 days a week. Some of our travels involved photo shoots. One of our favorite engagement sessions this summer involved a trip to Washington DC.

Kathryn and John live in Washington DC but will be getting married in Athens, GA. Whitney and Kathryn danced ballet together when they were younger. It was a great honor for Whitney when Kathryn asked if she would be her wedding photographer.

Being Nashville wedding photographers, it is a lot of fun when we get to photograph the famous parts of other cities. Typically a person tends to overlook land marks of their own town. However, Kathryn and John met in Washington DC and live there as well. So, the city is a memorable part of their relationship.

This fun couple met at the school where Kathryn teaches. Knowing this, we could not pass up shooting a few photographs at this really cool renovated building.

Of course, we didn’t limit ourselves to just the monumental parts of Washington DC. The town is so gorgeous it was hard to choose what setting to photograph next. Kathryn and John chose a great little botanical garden for us to finish our day of engagement photography.

We had a blast with these two and can not wait for their wedding next summer!

Louise Wang: The colors and lighting for this shoot are amazing. I love this shoot! (May 07th - 12:14 am) Kathryn Otrosina: We love our photos, and we can't wait for the wedding! Whitney and Peter are so talented! The dress came from French Connection and the shoes were ordered from Piperlime. The brand is Miz Mooz. See if this link works: (Oct 05th - 01:16 pm) Kathryn: We are so happy with our engagement pictures and can't wait for the wedding ones! Whitney and Peter are unbelievable. To answer your question, Kristen, I got my dress at French connection and the shoes are Miz Mooz that I ordered from Piperlime. Here's the link to them: Hope this helps! (Oct 04th - 10:21 pm) Kristen Wiltse: I would LOVE to know where Kathryn's dress and shoes came from! The yellow and green are my wedding colors and I've been looking for shoes like those ALL over without any luck. Great photos! (Oct 03rd - 01:52 pm) Peter Carlson: Thanks everyone for your kind words. Adrian: you to can capture skies like this if you you have a photo session at 5am! (Sep 10th - 01:47 pm) Lesli Emmetts: I am in love with this shoot and this couple! Fabulous! (Sep 09th - 05:55 pm) Kate Crafton: Love, love, love the images on the stairs....and through the wooden slats. *swoon* Beautiful job! (Sep 09th - 05:50 pm) adrian hitt: the skies look gorgeous! great job! (Sep 09th - 05:37 pm) Peter Carlson: Thanks Adrienne! You are too kind. (Sep 08th - 01:57 pm) Adrienne Scott: Love them all! I really love the colors in all the images. The saturation is just right. Perfect!! (Sep 07th - 08:37 pm) Jennifer Hamilton: Love this shoot!! Especially love the pictures on the statue!! ;) (Sep 02nd - 09:10 pm) Peter Carlson: The Giant Einstein was super cool and really fun to climb on. It's rare you are allowed to climb on art sculptures. (Sep 01st - 11:35 am) Lori Quarles: I love that gigantic Einstein! Pictures are amazing-as usual! (Aug 31st - 04:29 pm) Kelsey Bufkin: what a fun shoot... Love these! (Aug 31st - 04:02 pm)
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Cedarwood Wedding Sneak Peek Aug 25th | Weddings

Yesterday Whitney and I photographed a very intimate wedding at Historic Cedarwood. We never get tired of working at Cedarwood because they are always thinking of something new and special to make every wedding unique.

Carol and Lannie only had two witnesses be a part of their special day. So, the Cedarwood crew created an entirely new ceremony layout by using the large tree toward the top of the hill behind the barn. It was AMAZING!

Wedding photography is something very important to this couple and we were incredibly honored to be invited to share the day with this very fun and outgoing couple. We can’t wait to show you the other creative things Cedarwood put together as well as the fun times we had in downtown Nashville.

Congratulations Carol and Lannie! You can tell your mom we will have all your images finished by October 19. We are excited for you to get to see them!

Lori Quarles: Cedarwood is such an amazing venue! Eye candy in all directions! Can't wait to see more. (Aug 26th - 11:22 am) Peter Carlson: The ribbons were super cool! The little breeze we had made them even cooler. (Aug 25th - 12:30 pm) Mindy: So pretty! Love the ribbons! (Aug 25th - 11:50 am)
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Beth & Cameron’s Wedding Photography Aug 12th | Weddings

Another wedding day that involved rain and yet another great day for wedding photography.

Beth & Cameron we’re married this summer at Historic Cedarwood. By now you probably have noticed we photograph a lot of weddings at Cedarwood. One of the many things we love about this gorgeous Nashville venue is we rarely take the same photograph more than once. We’re always inspired to capture something new when we are at Cedarwood.

Beth & Cameron love to have as much fun as Whitney and I do. So, we got a little carried away and used some cinematic inspiration with the photograph on the above right. Can you figure it out?

Whitney and I are constantly doing something new. When Beth & Cameron where up for making their family portraits more unique, we were all about it! Why get stressed out when kids don’t want to stand still? This little guy made this family portrait even more interesting.

If you are one who follows our blog regularly, look really closely at the couple just to the left of Beth & Cameron. You may recognize Kristen & Mason from an earlier wedding photography session we posted.

When Beth came to meet with us for the first time, she had no idea we knew Cameron’s brother Mason. It was fun getting to know Beth and stumble upon the fact we already had a mutual connection. It amazes me how small Nashville really is.

When it rains… take it indoors! It forces you to do new and creative things! The above and below photos were all created because it was raining.

I leave you with these fabulous detail images that show off all the incredible work that Historic Cedarwood does.

Linda: Love the shot with the thistles! And the silhouette. Great photos. (Aug 25th - 01:50 pm) Jennifer Hamilton: Just lovely! Love the sparkler pictures!! (Aug 18th - 05:21 am) Peter Carlson: Adrienne, you are soooo sweet. Thanks! (Aug 17th - 07:48 am) Adrienne Scott: I'm always amazed at how wonderfully you guys capture weddings and moments and the emotion between the bride and groom. Lovely. =) (Aug 17th - 05:36 am) Peter Carlson: Thanks Adrian. As you know exit photos are often hard to capture. We were really happy with these! (Aug 12th - 12:54 pm) adrian hitt: oh, i love the exit photos! and such beautiful details! (Aug 12th - 09:58 am)
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Christal & Michael Rainy Day Wedding Aug 05th | Uncategorized

It’s good to be home! Sooooo much has been going on this summer. I have only been in town 1 to 2 days a week since the start of June. This is the first full week home and (hopefully) the first of many blogs.

If you are a follower of the Dove Wedding Photography Blog, you may remember we posted a photo from a rainy day outdoor wedding. It was a wet and muddy day, but it was so much fun and the rain helped create some of the most gorgeous wedding photography we have captured.

Christal and Michael did not let the tornadoes blowing through their wedding location stress them out. Sneaking a little pre-wedding champaign looks like the only thing that Michael was looking out for.

Wedding days can be stressful, especially if you do not have a supportive group of friends to lighten the day for you. We were very happy to see Christal and Michael’s wedding party go along with their desires to get married in the rain. As you can see by the below images, everyone had a lot of fun.

The fabulous Mary Claire Crow joined Whitney and myself at this wedding and captured the above shot to the right.

Congratulations Christal & Michael! This was for sure one of the best experiences a wedding photographer could have! Especially because I got to sit next to James Best (AKA: Rosco P. Coltrane from The Dukes of Hazard) during my hotel breakfast. No joke!

Peter Carlson: Thanks Lesli! We haven't seen you forever!!!! Hope your doing well and we will get to see you soon. (Aug 19th - 08:27 am) Lesli Emmetts: LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Fabulous work! (Aug 19th - 06:19 am) admin: Thanks Jen! - peter (Aug 12th - 08:40 am) Jen Creed: Fantastic images! Good for them for embracing the weather. Beautiful! (Aug 11th - 03:22 pm) admin: Thanks Adrian. It was actually a tree farm. So, it made things super cool as there were not a lot of weeds and brush. Plus all the trees were in a row making it look really neat. (Aug 07th - 10:33 am) adrian hitt: how fun that they got married in the woods! too cool. great job!! (Aug 06th - 07:54 pm) admin: Ha! No he did not. Considering I barely recognized him do to his age, I'm guessing Flash has left us. (Aug 06th - 12:35 pm) laura: another lovely wedding captured by Dove. Love that last shot and also the one with all the grass in the frame. looks like they embraced it and made it a wonderful day. love looking at your work. also, funny that you had to leave nashville to see such an impressive celebrity! did he have his dog flash with him? (Aug 06th - 09:24 am) Cedarwood: FANTASTIC photos. Love the setting. Love the couple. Love everything about this wedding. So well done. Congrats. Linda (Aug 06th - 09:20 am) admin: Yes, we are always up for doing things out of the ordinary. We were just super glad the couple was willing to embrace the rainy day. It made every thing so green and the fog was super cool. Looks kind of like we were in Hawaii, rather than East Tennessee. (Aug 06th - 06:51 am) Jennifer Hamilton: Pretty, pretty!! Love the photo of the trees!! So glad you guys embraced the rainy day! ;) (Aug 06th - 05:22 am) admin: Thanks Joe! Now that we are back in town more we need to find a time to hang. Hope to see you soon! (Aug 05th - 09:12 am) Joe Hendricks: Dude, that's a fairy tail wedding! I love it when the Bride and Groom are so creative on where and how they get married!! Beautiful pictures! (Aug 05th - 08:15 am)
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