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2011 Christmas Video Dec 22nd | Personal

Every year I make a video with my youth group for the annual Christmas program at our church, The Village Chapel. This year’s video is a continuation of sorts from last year’s video. If you have not watched last year’s, you may want to take a look at that first to catch a few “inside jokes” in this year’s.

I hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Expanding Your Team Dec 12th | Announcements

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!  I recently had the opportunity to write an article on team building for the Pictage powered photographer’s blog The Photo Life.  As a photographer business can sometimes become overwhelming and it’s easy to feel alone, and if this is the case you most definitely need to consider different ways to grow your team.  If your team grows so will your business, and you’ll alleviate some stress in the process.  If you want to learn more about expanding your team and where to look for help this article will help.


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Nashville Photography Class Now Enrolling Nov 30th | The Nashville Photography Class

It’s that time of year again people…the Nashville Photography Class is now enrolling! 2012 is going to be an amazing year for the The Nashville Photography Class, and they’re offering more unique and focused classes than ever before. They will be offering a class in Camera Basics, Lighting & Posing, as well as a class in Lightroom. These photography classes are headed by our own Whitney Carlson, who not only is an accomplished wedding photographer but also a skilled educator.

The Nashville Photography Class will also offer a class in Business Essentials, perfect for those photographers that want to make their hobby a lucrative and fulfilling career! Owner of Dove Wedding Photography, Peter Carlson will lead the class and cover topics ranging from branding and marketing to pricing and budgeting.

If you’re looking to learn how to use your digital camera, work with natural light and posing subjects, or you’re ready to take the next step and make your passion a career The Nashville Photography Class has a seat for you! They also make an excellent gift for that friend or loved one with a an interest in photography.

Current Class Schedule:


To get more information on the Nashville Photography Class, or to sign up and reserve your seat today please visit The Nashville Photography Class website or contact directly. Seats are limited so sign up immediately!

Angela J Martin : I love that shot with the bride and groom on the quilt! its beautiful :) (May 17th - 10:48 pm) Matt Ethan Photography: This is a great idea! Shame I'm so far away! (Dec 11th - 02:57 pm)
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Wedding Timelapse at The Cannery Nov 03rd | Weddings

Julie & Nick’s Cannery Ballroom Wedding Reception from Peter Carlson on Vimeo.

Whenever we photograph a wedding with Nashville wedding planner Angela Proffitt, we know we are in for an amazing evening of wedding details crated by Nashville’s finest vendors. Julie & Nick had an amazing looking wedding reception at Cannery Ballroom. I started my day out early by setting up a time-lapse camera to capture the intense set up. If you look carefully you will see the many spectators who came in throughout the day to see the room getting transformed.

Elegant Weddings by Angela
The Cannery Ballroom
Music City Tents and Events
Nashville Event Lighting
Chefs Market
Village of Flowers
Front Porch Props

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Our Baby’s First Photograph! Nov 02nd | Personal

Our little guy had his first photo taken today! It was not taken by Whitney or myself, but there will be plenty time for that. Although we are not ready to announce a name at this time, you can rest calmly to know his name will not be Luke, Anakin, or Obi Wan. (Jenn & Marcus dePaula suggested Obadiah Juan).

It was pretty exciting to watch the little guy lift up his arm and rub his face. Parenthood feels far more real now and we are super excited. We can’t wait for the many adventures this little one will take us on!

PrintSprinter: Simply AMAZING ! (Jan 23rd - 06:13 am) Weddings: Congrats, you must be so excited to be having a baby boy (Feb 22nd - 07:12 pm) Kristin: Congrats!!! SO excited for you two!! Boys are the best! (Nov 04th - 09:48 am) Adrienne Scott: Congratulations! He already looks like a cutie! =) (Nov 04th - 08:44 am) Peter Carlson: Thanks Everyone! As you can tell, we are already having lots of fun with this little guy. (Nov 03rd - 11:30 am) Jennifer: Yeah joining boy world with me. Awesome our boys will be close in age !! I'm due any day. So happy for you all. (Nov 02nd - 10:09 pm) Aspen Hall: Congrats guys!!!! SOOO excited for you!!! :) (Nov 02nd - 06:11 pm) Diane Holdsambeck: So cool! Congrats! We find out if our baby is boy or girl next week! yeehaw! (Nov 02nd - 05:20 pm) Wendy Lee Nentwig: Calvin II? (Nov 02nd - 05:01 pm) Daniel Brown: Awesome! I remember that day and how awesome it was. So excited for you guys! Congrats! (Nov 02nd - 04:22 pm) Matt Dudley: Woohoo! So happy for you guys. I am suggesting "Matt" to all of the pregnant photographers I can think of. Just saying. (Nov 02nd - 04:20 pm) Kristine Neeley: YAAAAAY! So excited for you guys! Congrats on a boy!!! (Nov 02nd - 04:18 pm)
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Adrienne & Erik’s Nashville Halloween Wedding Oct 31st | Weddings

From the moment we met Adrienne & Erik we knew we would be friends. For one thing, Adrienne was wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sweatshirt, and for another they were planning on having light sabers as part of their wedding. We couldn’t resist them! Their wedding was the day before Halloween last year, and I wanted to wait to share them for this Halloween!

What I love about this wedding is that they made it exactly what they wanted… each part of it reflected who they are without trying to make it fit something that wasn’t them. There were aspects of Halloween throughout the wedding, but it also had an elegant, retro feel to it that was fun and beautiful.

Adrienne had always wanted to married in a church, but when she found out about Cedarwood‘s outdoor Cathedral, she knew it was just what she was looking for.

When we arrived at Cedarwood, we saw Erik’s amazing grooms cake… the Ectomobile from the Ghostbusters! Right away I knew we had to bring something for them while we were photographing them. We sent our assistant (thanks Joel!) home to pick up props that we had made from our costumes the year before… Proton Packs! Yep, Peter and I have handmade Proton Packs. Adrienne and Erik were stellar modeling them for the camera. And who can resist their entrance with Lightsaber’s?

The ladies makeup was done by the fabulous girls at Harlow Salon.

Here are some of my favorite details from the day made by the wonderful Cedarwood team. I love how they customize everything for their clients and make truly unique weddings for them!

Adrienne & Erik have an amazing story that is written about so well on Cedarwood’s blog. There are also more fun photos from their day on here. Be sure to read about them in Part 1 and Part 2 of Cedarwood’s blog.

Whitney Carlson

Ricky Miller: Your photos is very pretty, unique wedding photography, bride Gown is very beautiful. Great work. Thanks for sharing. (Feb 13th - 11:19 pm) rodrigues schubert: Wow. Amazing photography. I found your site quite interesting and the photography in site is really impressive. (Dec 13th - 03:30 am) Mia Silver: WOW HAD NEVER SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THAT! INTERESTING! (Mar 21st - 12:11 pm) Whitney Carlson: Thanks you guys! It was a blast. (Jan 05th - 11:08 am) Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer: I've never done a Halloween Wedding before, Always wanted to! I love the outside pews! (Jan 04th - 12:10 pm) Tiffany Bolk: love the lighting in these! (Nov 10th - 12:38 pm) adrian: SO cool! (Nov 01st - 05:21 pm) Linda at Cedarwood: Dove's work is always amazing...these photos are priceless. We loved Adrienne and Erik and the chance to design a fun and unique wedding for them! Great post. (Nov 01st - 05:13 pm)
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Arrington Vineyards & Cork It! Magazine Sep 22nd | Other Events

If you have never been out to Arrington Vineyards, then you are definitely missing out! This local Nashville area vineyard, as well as the drive to it, is fabulous! It’s Tennessee at it’s best. I was asked to create some creative photographs for a new magazine called Cork it! and had the best time. You can view the entire magazine online HERE.  It was great just to visit the vineyard and have a chance to be creative. The following are a few of my favorites photographs.

Whitney Carlson

fotoclipping: Very innovative photography. (Nov 24th - 01:01 am) Chastidyi: These photos are amazing! I love all of the textures and colors you've managed to capture in these photos. I particularly like the wine bottle tops... the repetition is really neat, and the color is so rich! (Jul 24th - 09:53 pm) Micah G Robinson: Love it! Great details and it's always fun to move out wedding photography to do something a little different. A change of pace is nice sometimes:) (Nov 26th - 08:08 pm) Stephen Cox: Beautiful details! Love the depth of field in these photos (Sep 29th - 10:26 am) Postcards Guru: Your shots are spectacular! The colors and quality of your pictures are very impressive. I am so inspired looking at them. (Sep 23rd - 10:28 am)
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Sam Jacobson Bar Mitzvah Sep 20th | Other Events

We recently had the privilege of photographing Sam’s Bar Mitzvah! Several years ago we were able to photograph Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah and you can see a slideshow of her Bat Mitzvah album here.  A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is Jewish celebration of a child’s turning 13 which is when they become responsible for their actions. You can find out more information about the ceremony and celebration here on the Wikipedia page.

We arrived at Sam’s celebration after the ceremony and were there to capture his party! Sam’s family and friends were there to help them celebrate, and boy did they have fun.

Angela Proffitt was the coordinator for the Bar Mitzvah, and the Noah Liff Opera Center was the perfect backdrop. Nashville Event Lighting made it perfect! Part of the center was sectioned off for the adults to have a laid-back, quite, evening, while the main area was decked out for the kids to celebrate.

Contagious Entertainment came from Atlanta to help the kids get on the dance floor and have a blast. Since Sam plays basketball, the theme was suited just for him. It’s surprising to find that Middle school dances haven’t changed that much since I was his age :)

I love the image of all the shoes lined up…. it about sums up the night!

Whitney Carlson

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Inspire Boston – At The Pub Sep 14th | Travel

In my last photography post I mentioned that I have been going through some personal photographs lately. Today I wanted to share some more personal photography from a the trip we took this past spring to Massachusetts.

We spent our last night in Concord hanging out with all the wonderful people that we met at the Inspire Boston photography conference. Getting to know and hang out with other photographers is one of my favorite parts of the business. There is something about the bond of running your own business and the joy of creating images that can bring anyone together no matter how different you may seem from the outside.

The look on Peter’s face let’s you know this was a crazy bunch to hang out with! Of course he is just being Peter with his silly faces. He actually fit right in with everyone that is surrounding him in this photograph.

After a great party, everyone headed back to the hotel to watch Jimmy Mazzy & The Last Minute Men. The traditional jazz music was amazing, and the room soon filled with photographers with their cameras in front of their faces. We couldn’t help but photograph this amazing little band!

Mitchel: Awesome country setting, love that (Feb 11th - 06:59 pm) enna: love these gentlemen!!! (Sep 15th - 08:01 am)
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Guess Who’s Pregnant! Sep 13th | Announcements

We are so excited to announce to everyone that we are expecting our first baby! Of course, I’m the one that is pregnant and not Peter. :) It has been a wild few months for the two of us because to say it was a surprise is an understatement. Anyone that knows us knows that we were still unsure if we were going to have kids or not, but in the end the decision was made for us. We are now so glad that it happened this way, and firmly believe this was planned by God. I am finally starting to get over the awful morning sickness, and have actually shot 3 weddings in the past week! A few weeks ago it was hard to even get through the day.

So here we are, ready for a journey that we couldn’t plan. I’m a little scared, but a lot excited and have already been laughing a lot at myself and my growing belly. One thing I have learned is that pregnancy is not glamourous at all and it is the craziest thing I have every gone through! I’m not one for mushy feelings of motherhood, but I am ready for the challenge of raising a kid that loves to have fun, laugh, and play with us. We can’t wait for everyone to meet the little one!

Whitney Carlson

Maggie: I'm happy for you both! Congrats en lots of love from this side of the ocean! Maggie (Sep 14th - 04:34 pm) laura: congrats to you both! i've never been a real mushy one either, but becoming mom has definitely put me more in touch with those feelings. hope you continue to feel good & your glow will carry you through the remaining months! that's one lucky baby on the way with such a fun and talented pair of parents! (Sep 14th - 10:54 am) Jodi Miller: Hahaha, I thought it was Peter! Congrats to all three of you. Can't wait to meet in person. (Sep 14th - 09:57 am) ETHEL BRAMLETT: wow, I am so excited for you and your families. Hope you have a great time through this and what a blessing. Mary Lynn will be a great Gramma. I enjoy being a nana to Reagan. Prayers and Blessings Love ya, Momma Ethel (Sep 14th - 05:18 am) Audrey P: OH MY GOSH!!!!! I am so excited for you guys and can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!! (Sep 13th - 10:43 pm) Joe Hendricks: That's awesome guys! Congratulations! (Sep 13th - 09:10 pm) Kristyn Hogan: Congratulations!! (Sep 13th - 07:34 pm) Linda at Cedarwood Weddings: Perfect 'no-plan' - what a blessing! Congrats from your friends at Cedarwood! (Sep 13th - 06:09 pm) Chris Barber: Peter, I admire your sypathetic belly growth to support your wife... oh wait, that was already there... Congrats guys! It's tons of fun - can't wait to get our kids together! (Sep 13th - 05:28 pm) Chris Creed: So happy for you guys! congrats! (Sep 13th - 05:03 pm) Mel McLellan: Yay yay yay! So glad you finally announced! We're so excited we're all having babies together! What fun! Congrats again! Love you guys! (Sep 13th - 04:20 pm) Jenna Henderson: Wow! So amazing! Congrats to your growing family! (Sep 13th - 04:17 pm) Jennifer Hamilton: Congratulations!! So excited for you guys! (Sep 13th - 04:14 pm) Kristin: That is incredibly awesome!!!!!! I am overjoyed for you and Peter! (Sep 13th - 04:08 pm) Kristine Neeley: CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!!! :) How thrilling! God's way is the Best way, I think - praying you continue to feel better and enjoy it as much as possible - welcome to the club :) (Sep 13th - 03:51 pm) Jennifer: SO awesome.. joining the wedding vendor preggo pack. Being a parent is awesome. So happy for both of you (Sep 13th - 03:30 pm) ashley: Everyone is Preggers and i'm so excited!!! you two will be amazing parents. cant wait to follow your journey. (Sep 13th - 03:08 pm) Andrea Hallgren: Congratulations!! This is awesome news!!! I have to say I am a little disappointed though, because I thought peter was carrying the baby's twin! (Sep 13th - 03:06 pm) Sharon: Beware, the mushy feelings will come. so excited for you crazy kids! (Sep 13th - 02:57 pm) Jenny: And here I was going to check out your bridal session posted on FB!!!! OMG!! Congrats to you both. We were in the same both as you two on children however they truly change your life for the best. Wishing you all the best. Joey & Jenny (Sep 13th - 02:52 pm) Elizabeth Villa: So excited for you both! BIG TIME congratulations!!! (Sep 13th - 02:32 pm) Amber Housley: This is so incredibly exciting! So happy for you both!!! Hooray! :) (Sep 13th - 02:20 pm) Mandy: We are so excited for you guys, congrats!! (Sep 13th - 02:19 pm) Ulmer Studios: Congrats! Having kids is a blast! We have a baby boy due in Dec for us that will be #2! -J+a (Sep 13th - 02:13 pm) Anna Rebecca: Whitney and Peter- I'm so happy for you both and excited for the years to come for you! (Sep 13th - 02:13 pm) Anna Rebecca: Whitney and Peter- I'm so happy for you both and excited for the years to come for you! (Sep 13th - 02:12 pm) Phil Thornton: It's an epidemic! So happy for you guys! Glad the cat is out of the bag and looking forward to trading war stories with you two along the way. ;) (Sep 13th - 02:10 pm) Mark McCoy: Wow, Congrats!!! That's gonna be fun to watch "Papa Peter" play with the little tyke. Do you know the gender yet? (Sep 13th - 02:03 pm) Allen Salmon: CONGRATS! Super excited for you guys! (Sep 13th - 01:59 pm) Amy Hand: Congratulations, Peter and Whitney! You will be amazing parents! We wish you all the best during this new phase of your lives! Can't wait to see pictures! :) Love, Jason & Amy Hand (Sep 13th - 01:48 pm) Kadie Pangburn: I am so so so so so excited for you two! You will be amazing parents! Hopefully Joey and i will get to visit again soon and meet you new little one when they arrive! (Sep 13th - 01:30 pm) Jessica: Congratulations!! I can't wait to meet him or her! (Sep 13th - 01:22 pm) Adrienne Scott: Congratulations, you two (or three)!! So excited for you!!! (Sep 13th - 01:05 pm) Bridget : I was never a cry-er before kids. But all the mushy motherhood stuff has made me one. There's just something indescribably beautiful about seeing part of you & part of your spouse & part of your love out there in the great big world...well, I am much more prone to tears than I used to be. But it's good mushy. :-). Congrats, guys! You will be fabulous parents! (Sep 13th - 01:02 pm) chris: Congrats!!! We're so excited for you two (three!)! (Sep 13th - 01:00 pm) Kate Crafton: Yayyyy! CONGRATS!!!! You know what, I never wanted kids...seriously. Now I have 3 and wouldn't have it any other way. You get to re-experience childhood in such a joyful way that I never imagined. You two are giving, loving, thoughtful, talented people and ANY child is lucky to have you as parents!!! (Sep 13th - 12:58 pm) Kelsey Bufkin: Congratulations!!! you guys are going to be amazing parents!! :) (Sep 13th - 12:55 pm) Sara D Harper: Is there something in the water in nashville?? Congrats to you guys too!!! (Sep 13th - 12:52 pm) Jessica Bishop: congrats to you both!! :) (Sep 13th - 12:51 pm) Jen Creed: YAY!!!!!! So so excited for you all! And the pictures cracked me up haha, you all are too funny :) Love you guys! (Sep 13th - 12:49 pm) Sean McLellan: Huge congrats to you guys -- so happy for you! (Sep 13th - 12:49 pm)
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