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Katie’s Scarritt Bennett Bridal Session Jul 26th | Bridal

Bridal sessions are one of my favorite sessions to shoot! Maybe it’s because it reminds me of playing dress up when I was little. Add to that a beautiful dress, fun shoes, and a chance for girls to be able to have fun and look beautiful in photographs and you have the perfect recipe for all things girly. I don’t think it get’s much better! Katie’s dress is beautiful, and is everything a dress can be- romantic, elegant, fun, and a little bit modern! Peter and I met Katie & her family out at Scarritt Bennett in Nashville for Katie’s session, and we could not have planned a better day. And now, the beautiful Katie!
Whitney Carlson

Mario: Very nice photos. Love the photo of the bride sitting on the pew. Awesome work! (Sep 17th - 05:53 pm) Photography Pittsburgh: Nice work bridal shoot. That is a beautiful church in the lighting looks amazing. Shaun David (Aug 01st - 07:28 am) adrian: whitney, these are gorgeous! i know she has to love them! (Jul 26th - 01:00 pm)
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Portraits of Jay Qualls Jul 21st | Portraits

One of my favorite things about working in the wedding industry has been the friends that i have made through it. I get to meet so many creative and hard working people that I would have probably never have met other wise. Jay Qualls of Maples Wedding Cakes is one of those people, and Peter and have loved getting to know him over the years. He asked me to do a shoot for him to show who he was as a cake designer, and I had so much fun taking part of this project.

This year Jay was on TLC’s Next Great Baker, and did an amazing job! You can see more about his experience here.

As you can see, Jay is so much fun. He is also super creative and driven, and that is what makes him great wedding cake baker. Keep an eye on Jay, there is so much more to come from him!

Whitney Carlson

Christy W: I can't even tell you how much I love Jay. He did such a beautiful job on our wedding cake last November. He's awesome! (Aug 31st - 08:44 pm) Christy W: I can't even tell you how much I love Jay. He did such a beautiful job on our wedding cake last November. He's awesome! (Aug 31st - 08:42 pm) Lavana Deal: I love Jay!! Your photos of him are very fun and creative! (Jul 25th - 02:59 pm)
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Nashville Wedding Photography – Katie & Jim Jul 19th | Weddings

Katie & Jim’s wedding at Scarritt Bennett and reception at Union Station was exactly how it looks, sweet, elegant, and fun! They were high school sweet hearts, and it was amazing watching the two family’s finally officially come together! The image above is my absolute favorite from the night. During the middle of the reception we wandered around Union Station for a few additional photographs, and Katie & Jim were just so happy and relaxed. The ceremony was over, and they were able to just spend a little time together! I love how he is kissing her here!

I loved Katie’s dress & shoes, she had just a little of everything- lace, sparkles, and the feel of winter!

Peter grabbed the above images of Jim- I love his compositions!

No matter how often we visit Nashville’s Scarritt Bennett, I am always blown away at how beautiful it is.

The lovely Union Station in its Christmas decor. I love how Katie went with the winter white theme!

Thank you to all the vendors that helped make this day possible! Kristin Kaplan of Simply Stunning Events was amazing to work with, & made the day a breeze. Hillary of Brocade Design’s made the beautiful flowers and centerpieces seen above. The yummy cake was by Patty Cakes. Here are the rest of the vendors we were able to work with on this wedding.

Simply Stunning Events
Brocade Design Arts
Blue Tone Music
Amy Lynn Larwig
Patty Cakes
Scarritt Bennett
Union Station
Connie Duglin Linens
Matchless Limosine
The Wedding Cinema

Whitney Carlson

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The Many Cakes of Jay Qualls Jul 14th | Portraits

It always’ amazes me when I see Jay Quall’s new cake designs for the year! I have the opportunity each year to photograph them for Jay, and each year I am amazed at the quality of his work. The detail that he puts into each cake is beautiful, and I can’t imagine having the skill to decorate the way he does! I wanted to share some of my favorites from our session. The cakes above are the most me. The red one would have gone perfectly at mine and Peter’s wedding, and the yellow one is based on one of my Anthropologie shirts.  I feel so special :)

Be sure to check out Jay’s website - you will never go wrong with one of his cakes!

Whitney Carlson

Phil Thornton: You always do such a beautiful job with these Whitney! :) (Sep 13th - 02:15 pm) Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer: beautiful images, You captured such great emotions at this wedding. I love that mirror shot at the beginning. Once again, great work. Shaun David (Jul 19th - 04:28 pm) Jay Qualls: Dear Dove, Thank you for the love. You inspire me and always make me look great even at my worst! Whitney, you know what I'm talking about honey!!! BTW, ya'll, the yellow and black cake at the top of this post was inspired and named after Whitney's blouse she was wearing from Anthropology. It is one of my very favorite designs! Love you guys more than Cake!!! (Jul 15th - 10:24 am)
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Nashville Portraits – Dana & Tad Jul 12th | Portraits

It has been a year since Dana & Tad’s amazing wedding out at Cedarwood, and we were so excited to do a shoot for them again! Their pups are so sweet, and we were excited to have them along.

Aren’t the pups hanging out on the bench so adorable!!!

I love this last one- Dana & Tad are so laid back and fun, this shows them so well! Dana & Tad, I hope to see you guys again soon!

Whitney Carlson

Whitney Carlson: Thank you so much Adrienne! It means a lot! (Jul 14th - 09:56 am) Adrienne Scott: I love it, guys! You really got images that show who Dana and Tad are as a couple, and family with awesome dogs! I love it (yeah, I said it twice). (Jul 12th - 11:36 am)
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