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Nashville Photography Class Now Enrolling Nov 30th | The Nashville Photography Class

It’s that time of year again people…the Nashville Photography Class is now enrolling! 2012 is going to be an amazing year for the The Nashville Photography Class, and they’re offering more unique and focused classes than ever before. They will be offering a class in Camera Basics, Lighting & Posing, as well as a class in Lightroom. These photography classes are headed by our own Whitney Carlson, who not only is an accomplished wedding photographer but also a skilled educator.

The Nashville Photography Class will also offer a class in Business Essentials, perfect for those photographers that want to make their hobby a lucrative and fulfilling career! Owner of Dove Wedding Photography, Peter Carlson will lead the class and cover topics ranging from branding and marketing to pricing and budgeting.

If you’re looking to learn how to use your digital camera, work with natural light and posing subjects, or you’re ready to take the next step and make your passion a career The Nashville Photography Class has a seat for you! They also make an excellent gift for that friend or loved one with a an interest in photography.

Current Class Schedule:


To get more information on the Nashville Photography Class, or to sign up and reserve your seat today please visit The Nashville Photography Class website or contact directly. Seats are limited so sign up immediately!

Angela J Martin : I love that shot with the bride and groom on the quilt! its beautiful :) (May 17th - 10:48 pm) Matt Ethan Photography: This is a great idea! Shame I'm so far away! (Dec 11th - 02:57 pm)
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Wedding Timelapse at The Cannery Nov 03rd | Weddings

Julie & Nick’s Cannery Ballroom Wedding Reception from Peter Carlson on Vimeo.

Whenever we photograph a wedding with Nashville wedding planner Angela Proffitt, we know we are in for an amazing evening of wedding details crated by Nashville’s finest vendors. Julie & Nick had an amazing looking wedding reception at Cannery Ballroom. I started my day out early by setting up a time-lapse camera to capture the intense set up. If you look carefully you will see the many spectators who came in throughout the day to see the room getting transformed.

Elegant Weddings by Angela
The Cannery Ballroom
Music City Tents and Events
Nashville Event Lighting
Chefs Market
Village of Flowers
Front Porch Props

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Our Baby’s First Photograph! Nov 02nd | Personal

Our little guy had his first photo taken today! It was not taken by Whitney or myself, but there will be plenty time for that. Although we are not ready to announce a name at this time, you can rest calmly to know his name will not be Luke, Anakin, or Obi Wan. (Jenn & Marcus dePaula suggested Obadiah Juan).

It was pretty exciting to watch the little guy lift up his arm and rub his face. Parenthood feels far more real now and we are super excited. We can’t wait for the many adventures this little one will take us on!

PrintSprinter: Simply AMAZING ! (Jan 23rd - 06:13 am) Weddings: Congrats, you must be so excited to be having a baby boy (Feb 22nd - 07:12 pm) Kristin: Congrats!!! SO excited for you two!! Boys are the best! (Nov 04th - 09:48 am) Adrienne Scott: Congratulations! He already looks like a cutie! =) (Nov 04th - 08:44 am) Peter Carlson: Thanks Everyone! As you can tell, we are already having lots of fun with this little guy. (Nov 03rd - 11:30 am) Jennifer: Yeah joining boy world with me. Awesome our boys will be close in age !! I'm due any day. So happy for you all. (Nov 02nd - 10:09 pm) Aspen Hall: Congrats guys!!!! SOOO excited for you!!! :) (Nov 02nd - 06:11 pm) Diane Holdsambeck: So cool! Congrats! We find out if our baby is boy or girl next week! yeehaw! (Nov 02nd - 05:20 pm) Wendy Lee Nentwig: Calvin II? (Nov 02nd - 05:01 pm) Daniel Brown: Awesome! I remember that day and how awesome it was. So excited for you guys! Congrats! (Nov 02nd - 04:22 pm) Matt Dudley: Woohoo! So happy for you guys. I am suggesting "Matt" to all of the pregnant photographers I can think of. Just saying. (Nov 02nd - 04:20 pm) Kristine Neeley: YAAAAAY! So excited for you guys! Congrats on a boy!!! (Nov 02nd - 04:18 pm)
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