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Kelly & Rick’s Engagement Feb 08th | Engagements

The first day we attempted Kelly & Rick’s engagement session, thunderstorms helped us make our decision to postpone. So we rescheduled, and as the new date approached it looked like snow was in the forecast. Not sure how Kelly would feel about this, I e-mailed to see if she was okay shooting in the snow. Her reply was “Absolutely!! :) I hope it snows!!!!” & I knew then she was without a doubt a Dove bride! Even though it was in teens while we were shooting, Kelly & Rick were such troopers! We could not have planned a more beautiful day, & I am so thankful our first attempt was rained out.

Kelly & Rick are getting married at Cedarwood, and Cedarwood was happy to let us shoot out there. Cedarwood is a dream in the snow!

Kelly & Rick, thanks for braving the cold with me. I can’t wait until May!
Whitney Carlson

adrian: LOVE LOVE LOVE these! i know the couple has to as well! (Feb 23rd - 10:27 pm) chris: Thanks @Jessica it looks like it was a fun day, and you can't possibly be a 'snow hater' with gorgeous photos like this. I like that @Lesli Emmetts...'snow-haters' (Feb 11th - 09:37 am) Jessica: Woohoo! These are awesome!!! (Feb 09th - 01:02 pm) Lesli Emmetts: Love these Whitney! Makes even the "snow haters" love snow! Great job! (Feb 08th - 01:22 pm)
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Katie & Jim’s Engagement Dec 14th | Engagements

This Saturday Peter and I will have the pleasure of photographing Katie & Jim’s December wedding! We just photographed Katie’s bridal session, and I can not wait for Jim to see her! She was beautiful! What is so fun with this couple is seeing how much they love each other- they are high school sweethearts. After a first failed attempt at an engagement session in downtown Nashville (tornado warnings, and severe lighting helped us decide to reschedule), Katie & Jim decided to shoot in Franklin instead. They said it fit more of who they are, and I totally agree! I’m so glad we got to change our plans, and this fun, relaxed couple look completely at home in Franklin!
Whitney Carlson

adrian hitt: cute couple! GREAT session! (Dec 15th - 07:01 pm) Mary Lynn Orr: Love, love, love these! My favorite is the black and white but they are all wonderful! (Dec 14th - 07:44 am)
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Washington DC Engagement Photography Aug 31st | Engagements

This was the summer of traveling. From the middle of June until August, I was only home 1-2 days a week. Some of our travels involved photo shoots. One of our favorite engagement sessions this summer involved a trip to Washington DC.

Kathryn and John live in Washington DC but will be getting married in Athens, GA. Whitney and Kathryn danced ballet together when they were younger. It was a great honor for Whitney when Kathryn asked if she would be her wedding photographer.

Being Nashville wedding photographers, it is a lot of fun when we get to photograph the famous parts of other cities. Typically a person tends to overlook land marks of their own town. However, Kathryn and John met in Washington DC and live there as well. So, the city is a memorable part of their relationship.

This fun couple met at the school where Kathryn teaches. Knowing this, we could not pass up shooting a few photographs at this really cool renovated building.

Of course, we didn’t limit ourselves to just the monumental parts of Washington DC. The town is so gorgeous it was hard to choose what setting to photograph next. Kathryn and John chose a great little botanical garden for us to finish our day of engagement photography.

We had a blast with these two and can not wait for their wedding next summer!

Louise Wang: The colors and lighting for this shoot are amazing. I love this shoot! (May 07th - 12:14 am) Kathryn Otrosina: We love our photos, and we can't wait for the wedding! Whitney and Peter are so talented! The dress came from French Connection and the shoes were ordered from Piperlime. The brand is Miz Mooz. See if this link works: (Oct 05th - 01:16 pm) Kathryn: We are so happy with our engagement pictures and can't wait for the wedding ones! Whitney and Peter are unbelievable. To answer your question, Kristen, I got my dress at French connection and the shoes are Miz Mooz that I ordered from Piperlime. Here's the link to them: Hope this helps! (Oct 04th - 10:21 pm) Kristen Wiltse: I would LOVE to know where Kathryn's dress and shoes came from! The yellow and green are my wedding colors and I've been looking for shoes like those ALL over without any luck. Great photos! (Oct 03rd - 01:52 pm) Peter Carlson: Thanks everyone for your kind words. Adrian: you to can capture skies like this if you you have a photo session at 5am! (Sep 10th - 01:47 pm) Lesli Emmetts: I am in love with this shoot and this couple! Fabulous! (Sep 09th - 05:55 pm) Kate Crafton: Love, love, love the images on the stairs....and through the wooden slats. *swoon* Beautiful job! (Sep 09th - 05:50 pm) adrian hitt: the skies look gorgeous! great job! (Sep 09th - 05:37 pm) Peter Carlson: Thanks Adrienne! You are too kind. (Sep 08th - 01:57 pm) Adrienne Scott: Love them all! I really love the colors in all the images. The saturation is just right. Perfect!! (Sep 07th - 08:37 pm) Jennifer Hamilton: Love this shoot!! Especially love the pictures on the statue!! ;) (Sep 02nd - 09:10 pm) Peter Carlson: The Giant Einstein was super cool and really fun to climb on. It's rare you are allowed to climb on art sculptures. (Sep 01st - 11:35 am) Lori Quarles: I love that gigantic Einstein! Pictures are amazing-as usual! (Aug 31st - 04:29 pm) Kelsey Bufkin: what a fun shoot... Love these! (Aug 31st - 04:02 pm)
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Artists In Downtown Nashville Jun 17th | Engagements

Leanna and Daniel are getting married! We always love when we get to work with other creative-types. Leanna is a graphic designer. What I love about getting to photograph other artists, is that they appreciate the photographs on a different level. It’s not that artists like the images any more, it just that the things they like are different than the things other people like. So, it’s fun to see how they react to seeing their photographs. All of you artists out there who are reading this post, what is it that you like about these images:

admin: Thanks Tatjana! They were a really easy going couple to work with. We had a lot of fun. (Aug 03rd - 09:07 am) Tatjana Plitt: I really love this engagement session. Leanna and Daniel look so at ease in each other's company. very good location for the shoot! (Aug 02nd - 06:50 pm) Jill: LOVE the green wall! (Jul 11th - 06:21 am) Mel McLellan: Cute session guys! What a sweet couple! (Jul 07th - 07:54 pm) Paul Rowland: Fantastic images! I love the parking garage ones especially - the green contrasts so well with the world around them. (Jul 05th - 07:42 pm) Jen Creed: These are gorgeous, and she is stunning! Lovely work :) (Jul 02nd - 07:10 am) Alina: Lovely images!!! (Jun 19th - 05:08 am)
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Music & Pizza Enagement Jun 10th | Engagements

Liz and Jamie like music, so we took them down to one of their favorite Nashville concert halls.

Liz and Jamie like to read, but sometimes they have different tastes.

Liz and Jamie like Pizza. The top right image in this series is my personal favorite. It makes me laugh pretty hard whenever I look at it.If it was named like a fine art piece I would call it “The Romantic Deep Dish” or “Sexy Pie”.

More music influence to this above photo.

Congrats Liz and Jamie!

Cedarwood: Great stuff. Can't wait for their wedding at Cedarwood!! It will be amazing. Linda (Jun 16th - 12:52 am) Adrian Hitt: great job guys! beautiful couple! (Jun 12th - 02:08 am) Amber Housley: wow! what a broad spectrum of fabulous settings and style. love it! :) (Jun 11th - 10:45 pm) Whitney Carlson: Thank you so much everyone! We had so much fun with this one! (Jun 11th - 04:12 pm) CJ Dickson: Love it! What a great way to capture the coupleness of this pair. Rock on! (Jun 11th - 06:47 am) Phil Thornton: wow, look at you guys shooting all sexy! Love them! (Jun 11th - 12:03 am) Adrienne Scott: How fun!!!!! The pizza stuff is awesome! I mean... it all is, but I really love the pizza images. =) (Jun 10th - 11:59 pm) Kristyn Hogan: gorgeous & super fun! (Jun 10th - 10:18 pm)
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Danielle & Cade’s Engagement Session Jun 03rd | Engagements

I pulled 24 ticks off of my body after this engagement session, Whitney had 17, but it was totally worth it. Danielle & Cade made this session a very personal expression of their relationship. This couple met when they had box seats next to each other at the Kentucky Derby. So, horses and big hats were a must for their photographs.

Danielle is a city girl from New York and Cade is a country boy from Texas. We can’t wait to see the mixture of guests they have at their wedding.

Thanks guys for putting up with the tick infestation. We had a lot of fun and can’t wait for your wedding day!

admin: I'm glad you thought the ticks were worth it. We totally are up for that kind of stuff if it leads to great photographs! We are totally looking forward to your wedding as well. - Peter (Aug 09th - 06:56 am) Danielle Ciampa: LOVE THESE PICTURES! Cade and I are getting SO excited for the wedding November 6th! And thanks again for putting up with those ticks! It was worth it ;) (Aug 08th - 06:34 am) Jess: oooohhh I love these!!!! And you are brave with the ticks-they are disgusting. But obviously very worth it for the pictures!! (Jun 07th - 11:22 pm)
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Alyssa & Tim’s Nashville Engagement Feb 23rd | Engagements

I met Alyssa last fall when she interviewed with me to work with TVC Youth. After meeting with her, I immediately knew she would be an amazing youth leader. Her first day of leading a small group at Bible study, she called to ask if it would be OK if she missed her first day because Tim surprised her the night before with a proposal. As a part of it, he brought her family into town from Texas. Obviously, I let her have the day off.

I never expect my friends to book with Dove Wedding Photography, because I always want them to find the wedding photographer that is the best match for them. We were honored when Alyssa and Time decided that Dove would be their choice.

Those in Nashville know that we have been having a cold January & February. However, we found a couple days in January that happened to warm up a bit. So, off we went on our shoot in hopes that we would complete it before the rain kicked in. It actually started to rain, but it made the end of the session a little more fun.

Alyssa and Tim met at Belmont University and love hanging around Hillsboro Village. So we hit Cafe Fido for some hot drinks to warm ourselves back up before we went out into the rain to shoot a little more around the streets of the Village.

What a fun couple and a fun afternoon!

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Amanda & Dave’s Nashville Engagement Oct 22nd | Engagements

I am so very excited to post my first blog for Dove Wedding Photography and share these images from Amanda and Dave’s engagement session with you.

We really try to encourage couples to pick places that have meaning to them to do their engagement sessions at. Since Amanda and Dave met while working together in an office in the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, the hotel and surrounding area was the perfect place for their engagement photos.

The Dove Wedding Photography team has often talked about how our clients are people that we would find ourselves hanging out with. Amanda and Dave further proved our observation. They are such a sweet couple and Dave has quite the gift of making people laugh. I love it when I leave a shoot with my facial muscles hurting because I’ve smiled so much! Below are a few images from the session.

I chose this image because I love the expression on Amanda’s face. You can see in Amanda’s eyes how happy she is when Dave is holding her. I really feel that Dave’s simple white shirt helps your focus stay on Amanda’s eyes.

I chose the location on the left for several reasons. The first being Amanda’s dress went with the green tint of the windows. I knew that I was going to like this girl as soon as I saw her bright green dress. I love color and I felt the black background and the green windows really made her dress pop. I also love how Amanda and Dave are just laughing and enjoying each other. They are at ease. I believe this image was taken after Dave did an impression of their dog that had both Amanda and I laughing so hard that we almost cried.

The photograph on the right was taken in the Renaissance. I love how the escalator goes diagonally across the image and the two of them are towards the center of the image. Of course this photo was not as easy to take as it appears. Once I figured out the speed of the escalator, we had to work around people that needed to use the escalator. Luckily Amanda and Dave were great sports about going up and down a million times.

Congratulations Amanda and Dave! Here’s to many years of laughter, happiness, and green dresses!

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Cali & Wil: Nashville Engagement Jul 31st | Engagements

We had such a great time getting to know Cali & Wil at their engagement session earlier this summer. They both have sweet, fun spirits and we are excited about their upcoming wedding at Belle Meade Plantation. We photographed their images right by our studio, which is one of my favorite spots! Even a dumpster can make a good photograph! They both love to have fun together!Spiderman maybe?!

Cali and Wil, we can’t wait to photograph your wedding!

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Downtown Nashville Engagement Jul 14th | Engagements

Jill and Chris love downtown Nashville. Chris works downtown, so they love to end their workday with friends at their favorite bar, Tootsie’s. The fun thing about downtown Nashville is there are so many places to photograph. We parked the car and then spent two hours photographing Jill & Chris with more sets than you could imagine you would find within a square block. I couldn’t believe how it was time to stop after only a walk around the block! Here are just a few of the sets we photographed:

This photograph is my favorite that Whitney captured. I love the mannequin in the window with the “I Heart Nashvegas” shirt. This shot totally says, “Nashville.” Jill and Chris felt the need to get their boots on for this one.

This is my personal favorite photograph. I loved all the different lines in the wall and really wanted to show that off. This is a wall of a building that once shared walls with another building that has since been torn down and turned into a parking lot. I also see this photograph as a mixture of something old and something new.

Sorry, if I started to get too artsy on ya. I’ll be quiet now and let you enjoy the rest of the photographs.

Congratulations Jill & Chris on your engagement! We are excited about your upcoming wedding!

- Peter

Peter Carlson: Or Wall Sized! (Jul 19th - 08:23 pm)
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