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Harlow Salon Jun 06th | Favorite Photo

A few weeks back Whitney and I visited the always fabulous Harlow Salon for a session of press photos. I posted a few behind the scenes pics from the iPhone, and promised to show the real deal when the photos were finished. Well here you are, this is Whitney’s fantastic shot of the great stylists at Harlow Salon.

For more information on Harlow Salon please visit their website:

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Favorite Photo Friday – A European Vacation? Apr 22nd | Favorite Photo

I’m feeling fairly good today, but for whatever reason I’m really missing Europe.  I was sorting through some of Whitney’s photos and saw this, and for reasons unknown to me it’s making me think Paris, and that I really need a European Vacation…really bad.  There are some excellent elements in this photo.  The wall has great character, the red coat makes the photo pop, and just take a look at the the couples faces…good times!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!

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Favorite Photo Friday – The More The Merrier Apr 15th | Favorite Photo,Uncategorized

Who says you can’t have enough groomsmen, the more the merrier right? Of course!!!! I love this photo, and it’s got attitude written all over it. I love the facial expression of the kid walking out from behind the groom. It’s always nice to see a groom and groomsmen who exude confidence. Most of the time, it takes us guys quite a bit to get loosened up and to feel even a touch comfort when getting our photo taken in a tux, but not these fellas.

How many individuals does it take to make up the perfect weeding party?

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Favorite Photo Friday – Through The Door Apr 08th | Favorite Photo

Last week I featured a candid photo of cute flower girl yawning, a small taste of photo-journalism. But this photo, ladies and gentlemen, is the real deal. This is a moment that is hard to capture, and captured it has been. It’s a beautiful, sublime, and elegant moment with everyone’s eyes on the bride. When you look at this photo you feel so engaged, almost like you’re actually experiencing the moment…and that to me is the core of photo-journalism.

Do you think photo-journalism has become more popular for wedding photography over the years, or do folks still want the traditional poses?

Linda at Cedarwood: We love, love, love this image. The flower girls looking at the bride in wonder....priceless. These little girls are already dreaming of being a bride some day. Lovely job!!!! (Apr 08th - 01:54 pm)
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Favorite Photo Friday – Those Pesky Kids Apr 01st | Favorite Photo

Kids do and say the darnedest things, and weddings are no exception for their antics. Whitney, when taking a photo-journalistic approach to her wedding photography really captures some amazing moments with children. You will most likely see a lot of these on Fridays to come. Yawning, cheesing it up, explosive dancing at awkward moments, and just plain cuteness…it’s how kid’s roll.

What is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen a child do at a wedding?

Rhonda Hendricks: HAHA this is a great blog topic! Usually it's the young ring bearers for us. Once we had one fall face-first as the group pic was being taken...made it look like the bride pushed him down - he layed there for a few seconds & then got up laughing! Another one turned around & stuck his backside out just as pic was being taken. oh kids :) (Apr 01st - 09:08 am)
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall Mar 28th | Favorite Photo

Taking a photograph through a mirror is like adding a third degree of artistic separation.  This gives a completely different vantage point to capture some amazingly candid and personal images.  As a photographer, when you’re taking photographs of someone in front of a mirror, you can pretty much write it in blood that you are the last thing they are worried about at that moment.

You get natural emotion, unbridled human response, and people just being people…not altered by the click of a camera or spark of a flash.  This is exactly why I love mirrors in composition.

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Favorite Photo Friday – Piping…Not Just for Cakes Mar 25th | Favorite Photo

For my money, nothing is cooler than bagpipes at a wedding. If you want an alternative to a string section or an a Capella vocalist, a bagpiper is the way to go. I love interesting detail shots and this is one of my favorites! Since bagpipes are actually a multi-cultural musical phenom there’s no need for you to be Scottish, or at least that’s the excuse I would use.

Do you think bagpipes are wedding appropriate?

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Shoes…Glorious Shoes! Mar 24th | Favorite Photo

You love them, you need them, and they can make or break any outfit.  Shoes, I myself have a slight fixation with them…granted mine are more the style of a casual Diesel sneaker or a patent leather Chuck Taylor, and less of a bedazzled flat or six inch stiletto.  Point being, shoes to a wedding dress are like toppings on a cup of Sweet CeCe’s…it’ll be just fine on it’s own, but you need that little something extra to push it over the edge!  Yes, SHOES….GLORIOUS SHOES will take your wedding look to the next level!

Shoes really make an excellent detail shot and can speak loads for the bride’s sense of style, flare , and personality.  The one bonus to photographing shoes is they are just the right size to cart around and photograph essentially wherever, and on whatever, you want….dare I say the perfect accessory???

This post is a collection of some of my favorite shoe shots.  Whitney has a knack for capturing some amazing foot-wear photos, and she’s seen it all.  Everything from personalized converse to bejeweled soles.  Here are some of our favs…enjoy!

chris: Thanks @Inspired Standard there's just something fun and lively about them...can't quite put my finger on it (Mar 25th - 04:34 pm) Inspired Standard: I love shoe photographs!!! so much fun to set up as well!! -Amanda (Mar 25th - 04:31 pm)
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Favorite Photo Friday – B&W Bliss Mar 18th | Favorite Photo

This photo is classy all the way! The silhouette of the couple, mixed with sharp edges, and the contrasting background makes for a beautiful image. I would LOVE to have this on a framed canvas in the office.

How do you feel about black & white wedding photographs…do they scream swanky?

Venus: Great shot! I have a soft spot for color but B&W is so timeless and beautiful! (Mar 18th - 08:08 am)
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Our Favorite Bouquets of 2010 Feb 24th | Favorite Photo

Here is a collection of some of our favorite bouquets from last year. There are no rules with bouquets as far as I’m concerned. The only wrong that can be done is if the arrangement, design, and colors don’t speak to who you are as a bride. I’m a firm believer that your wedding & all of it’s glorious details should express a natural and accurate image of who you are!

Use a single stem and keep it simple and elegant.

Show some contrast, use lighter colors for a base and your accent colors will pop!


Add some textural elements like pins, an antique handkerchief, or a patterned fabric to accentuate the bouquets natural colors.

This can also double as your something old, new, borrowed or blue.

Arrangements by our brides, Cedarwood, and The Village Florist

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