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Nashville Engagement: Kimberly & Rashad Nov 05th | Uncategorized

Boy do Kimberly & Rashad love to have fun! It was no work at all to get them to laugh and giggle which of course makes it easy for us to photograph them. I also love Kimberly’s sense of style and enjoyed being able to coordinate her clothes with where we were going to shoot. Their wedding reception in going to be at Nashville’s Hutton Hotel, so we started there and then just wandered around West End!How can you not love this one!We can’t wait for your wedding!

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Photography Tips: ISO Part 2 Oct 08th | Uncategorized

We’re back with photo tips! If you missed our last post on ISO, you can find it on our blog.

So you now understand that ISO defines your camera’s sensitivity to light. You know that a lower number means that it is less sensitive and a higher number means that it is more sensitive. So now the question is, why don’t you just use the most sensitive ISO all the time? Things could be so much easier, just keeping on one setting all the time and changing everything else according to that. You could do all your indoor shots without flash, you wouldn’t have to worry about low light situations, and even in brighter light you could have one less thing to think about, right? Well, the problem is that when you change your ISO, you are also changing the quality of your image. When you have a low ISO (ex. 100), the quality of your image is top notch! With film, you would hardly have any film grain, and with digital hardly any noise. But when you use a higher ISO (ex. 800 or 1600) the quality of your photograph is going to go down. You will have a lot more grain or digital noise in your photograph.

Digital camera’s today have come a long way by having better quality with a higher ISO. And the digitalness (I know, that’s not a word!) of the photographs look even closer to grain than they once did, or maybe our eyes are just getting used to it! I often use 800 ISO in lower lighting situations and the images are still high quality. Even 1600 is decent on newer models, but I avoid it as much as I can. However, I don’t recommend 1600 at all with older models such as the Canon 20d.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Sometimes I may decided that I want a grainy photograph and will then purposely use a higher ISO. This can give the image more of a vintage feel. Sometimes people will even go back and add grain to their photograph to give this type of look.

So what is the rule of thumb? Always use as low of an ISO as you can.When you are outdoors in bright light, use 100 or 200. When you are indoors, if you can shoot at 400 with your flash, do it! But if not, use 800. Don’t be afraid of grain either, you can still have a beautiful image with a vintage look. There are also programs out there that can take away some of the grain, but I personally would rather see it than take it away. This was taken at 200 ISO.This was taken at 1600 ISO. Can you see the difference?

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A Canvas Collage Aug 28th | Uncategorized

So Whitney recently had the chance to photograph sweet baby Colin Housley. Amber emailed us to let us know what she had done with Colin’s nursery, and how she had used the images from the photo shoot.

I am absolutely in love with this picture collage and how great the arrangement looks on the wall. Amber is so creative, and that definitely shows through in her decoration of Colin’s nursery.

I wanted to blog about this because I think that it is a great example of how you can showcase several different canvases on the wall for a beautiful picture collage.

Thank you so much Amber for sharing these with us, and please be sure to check out Amber’s website, Sweet Life Designs, to see just how creative she really is. J

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Mail Glitch! Aug 20th | Uncategorized

I just want to let everyone know that we are having a mail glitch that is sending an auto-reply message to every e-mail sent from Audrey’s account. We are working on fixing this and apologize for any inconvience this may cause.

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Welcome to our blog! Mar 27th | Uncategorized

If this is your first time to our site, be sure to visit our full website by clicking on the above header or here.

We hope you enjoy your Dove Online Experience!

- Whitney & Peter

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Contact Mar 27th | Uncategorized

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About Us Mar 27th | Uncategorized


After graduating with an art degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, Whitney moved to Nashville to pursue her photography career. Shortly after her move, she noticed a pair of black Converse All Stars that were attached to a handsome young man who would later become her husband and business partner.

Whitney dreams of living in the early English 1900’s as she crochets, drinks tea, and reads C.S. Lewis and Jane Austin books. She also loves to work on art projects and plan extravagant vacations that she may one day take. Episodes of Frasier, Lost, and Heroes, fill up the remainder of Whitney’s free moments. Of course, she also loves to spend time with her husband Peter.


Before Peter married Whitney, he had no idea he would be involved in the wedding industry. He spent nine years working professionally in the music industry, as a bass player and audio engineer. Now, Peter takes on the office duties of Dove Wedding Photography. Occasionally, you may even see him at a wedding holding a camera.

Peter still enjoys playing, recording, and listening to music. He loves spending time with friends, watching movies, and playing board games. He is a self-professed nerd who collects Spider-Man comics and Star Wars paraphernalia. He also holds a position as the Director of Youth Ministries at The Village Chapel. When Peter is not busy with all these mentioned activities, he is happy sitting on the couch with his wife Whitney watching DVDs.

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