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Our Favorite Wedding Moments of 2011 Jan 20th | Weddings

Wow! is the only word that comes to mind when I look back at 2011. Last year was filled with so many life changing experiences. Peter and I traveled to New York City, Paris, and Provence for a family vacation.  Peter was finally able to see U2 live in concert here in Nashville, and of course we had the greatest surprise of our lives when we found out The Carlson family was getting larger! The craziest part was that all of this happened within two fast and furious months. What about the rest of the year? It was pretty amazing, filled with traveling, visiting family, working on business ideas, and of course shooting weddings. Of course it wasn’t all about us, I can’t help but think about the great changes that took place in our clients lives as well. My favorite part of photographing weddings is being able observe and document all the beautiful things that go on at a wedding. Every moment, no matter how small has the potential to become a memory that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. In honor of these moments I want to share with you some of my favorite moments from our weddings in 2011. They are more than photographs, they are moments in
time, captured on a day that will never be forgotten by each of these lovely people, moments that were part of a life changing event that we were so honored to witness.

Who can resist this image of Margaret stopping on her way down the aisle to give a kiss to her grandfather. It is easy to forget that weddings are not just about a bride and groom, but about families joining together.

Prayer is such an intimate thing, we love this sweet moment with Liz and her bridesmaids captured just before she walked down the isle.

This image of Rachel and her dad is so fun… they both got the giggles just before going down the aisle and they could hardly contain themselves!

I love it! A future wedding photographer at Kelly & Rick’s wedding, she is so adorable! I may have some competition…

Nothing makes me cry more than seeing a ceremony bring more than a husband and a wife together, but a whole family. After giving Brooke’s little girl a necklace, Jamie read vows to Madison promising to not only care for her mother but for her as well. I don’t think there was a dry eye at the ceremony.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. While Holly & Will were coming back from taking photos by the lake at Cedarwood, their golf cart ran out of gas. With Peter at the wheel, they got a push start and made it down the hill, with everyone still laughing and having a good time!

This is Julie waiting to go down the aisle at Scarritt Bennett here in Nashville, hidden just by the door of the bathroom- I love the interaction and anticipation as Julie and her dad wait!

Often I am far away when I’m photographing certain moments. Like a fly on the wall, I don’t always know what is going on between the subjects I’m shooting. It makes me smile when I try to imagine what these two little flower girls at Lindsay’s wedding were talking about.

Kathryn & John’s Athens, Georgia wedding takes the cake for making an amazing moment from something that could have been a disaster. Not only did it rain, but it hailed and completely soaked the tent and the DJ’s equipment! With the entertainment wiped out, their
friends took over the position making ropes out of napkins and jump roping on the flooded dance floor. No one in attendance will ever forget this wedding!

I may witness it a lot, but there is nothing I delight in more at a reception than the father/daughter dance. I love the look on Sara’s dad’s face as he thinks about his little girl getting married.

There were so many amazing moments that we were thrilled to capture in 2011 and we know that this year is going to be filled with even more. A big “Thank You!” to all of our clients for allowing us to be a part of your lives and for sharing this very important day!

Whitney Carlson

RJ joshan: Love Your work, Lots of details. It's alway nice to go back. (Nov 11th - 03:27 am) Daniel Holman Photography: Love your work! Good Job (Oct 17th - 12:24 pm) Scott Thomas: Wonderful photos! you have inspired me, Thanks. (Oct 15th - 08:11 am) Mark McCoy: Wow!!! These are amazing moments! Your 2011 looked like it was full of lots of love, laughter, and beauty! Great job Dove!!!! (May 07th - 02:12 pm) Mia Silver: AMAZING PICTURES, BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS! (Mar 21st - 12:08 pm) Lane Photography: Love the shots. Its always fun to go back and look at the best images from the past year. I always use it as a learning experience. This year my goal is to capture more details at each wedding. (Feb 14th - 05:25 pm) Julie: Thank you for taking such amazing photos - your work shows a perfect reflection of the emotion and special moments in the weddings you shoot! By the way, that photo is one of our favs too! Nick still can't believe I was peeking through that crack in the bathroom door the whole time. :) (Jan 20th - 09:25 pm)
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Wedding Timelapse at The Cannery Nov 03rd | Weddings

Julie & Nick’s Cannery Ballroom Wedding Reception from Peter Carlson on Vimeo.

Whenever we photograph a wedding with Nashville wedding planner Angela Proffitt, we know we are in for an amazing evening of wedding details crated by Nashville’s finest vendors. Julie & Nick had an amazing looking wedding reception at Cannery Ballroom. I started my day out early by setting up a time-lapse camera to capture the intense set up. If you look carefully you will see the many spectators who came in throughout the day to see the room getting transformed.

Elegant Weddings by Angela
The Cannery Ballroom
Music City Tents and Events
Nashville Event Lighting
Chefs Market
Village of Flowers
Front Porch Props

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Adrienne & Erik’s Nashville Halloween Wedding Oct 31st | Weddings

From the moment we met Adrienne & Erik we knew we would be friends. For one thing, Adrienne was wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sweatshirt, and for another they were planning on having light sabers as part of their wedding. We couldn’t resist them! Their wedding was the day before Halloween last year, and I wanted to wait to share them for this Halloween!

What I love about this wedding is that they made it exactly what they wanted… each part of it reflected who they are without trying to make it fit something that wasn’t them. There were aspects of Halloween throughout the wedding, but it also had an elegant, retro feel to it that was fun and beautiful.

Adrienne had always wanted to married in a church, but when she found out about Cedarwood‘s outdoor Cathedral, she knew it was just what she was looking for.

When we arrived at Cedarwood, we saw Erik’s amazing grooms cake… the Ectomobile from the Ghostbusters! Right away I knew we had to bring something for them while we were photographing them. We sent our assistant (thanks Joel!) home to pick up props that we had made from our costumes the year before… Proton Packs! Yep, Peter and I have handmade Proton Packs. Adrienne and Erik were stellar modeling them for the camera. And who can resist their entrance with Lightsaber’s?

The ladies makeup was done by the fabulous girls at Harlow Salon.

Here are some of my favorite details from the day made by the wonderful Cedarwood team. I love how they customize everything for their clients and make truly unique weddings for them!

Adrienne & Erik have an amazing story that is written about so well on Cedarwood’s blog. There are also more fun photos from their day on here. Be sure to read about them in Part 1 and Part 2 of Cedarwood’s blog.

Whitney Carlson

Ricky Miller: Your photos is very pretty, unique wedding photography, bride Gown is very beautiful. Great work. Thanks for sharing. (Feb 13th - 11:19 pm) rodrigues schubert: Wow. Amazing photography. I found your site quite interesting and the photography in site is really impressive. (Dec 13th - 03:30 am) Mia Silver: WOW HAD NEVER SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THAT! INTERESTING! (Mar 21st - 12:11 pm) Whitney Carlson: Thanks you guys! It was a blast. (Jan 05th - 11:08 am) Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer: I've never done a Halloween Wedding before, Always wanted to! I love the outside pews! (Jan 04th - 12:10 pm) Tiffany Bolk: love the lighting in these! (Nov 10th - 12:38 pm) adrian: SO cool! (Nov 01st - 05:21 pm) Linda at Cedarwood: Dove's work is always amazing...these photos are priceless. We loved Adrienne and Erik and the chance to design a fun and unique wedding for them! Great post. (Nov 01st - 05:13 pm)
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Liz Odom’s Bridal Session Sep 09th | Weddings

We have had a great time getting to know Liz throughout her wedding, and we were super excited to photograph her bridal session at Historic Cedarwood. It was a little warm that day, but it didn’t stop us! I was especially ready to visit Cedarwood’s new dock and boat and was blown away with how beautiful it is.

I absolutely loved Liz’s shoes. I love shoes period, and these were so fun but still had the classic bridal coloring.

Peter grabbed the above two and I love the clean simple elegance.

Stay tuned for more images from Liz’s wedding day!

Whitney Carlson

Wendy Cunningham: GORGEOUS! These are so beautiful. (Sep 16th - 10:15 am) Adrienne Scott: Sigh. I love your bridal portraits. And this session is no different. =) (Sep 13th - 01:04 pm)
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Nashville Wedding Photography – Katie & Jim Jul 19th | Weddings

Katie & Jim’s wedding at Scarritt Bennett and reception at Union Station was exactly how it looks, sweet, elegant, and fun! They were high school sweet hearts, and it was amazing watching the two family’s finally officially come together! The image above is my absolute favorite from the night. During the middle of the reception we wandered around Union Station for a few additional photographs, and Katie & Jim were just so happy and relaxed. The ceremony was over, and they were able to just spend a little time together! I love how he is kissing her here!

I loved Katie’s dress & shoes, she had just a little of everything- lace, sparkles, and the feel of winter!

Peter grabbed the above images of Jim- I love his compositions!

No matter how often we visit Nashville’s Scarritt Bennett, I am always blown away at how beautiful it is.

The lovely Union Station in its Christmas decor. I love how Katie went with the winter white theme!

Thank you to all the vendors that helped make this day possible! Kristin Kaplan of Simply Stunning Events was amazing to work with, & made the day a breeze. Hillary of Brocade Design’s made the beautiful flowers and centerpieces seen above. The yummy cake was by Patty Cakes. Here are the rest of the vendors we were able to work with on this wedding.

Simply Stunning Events
Brocade Design Arts
Blue Tone Music
Amy Lynn Larwig
Patty Cakes
Scarritt Bennett
Union Station
Connie Duglin Linens
Matchless Limosine
The Wedding Cinema

Whitney Carlson

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Kelly & Rick’s Sneak Peak May 05th | Weddings

What a weekend! So many eventful things happened, both for us and the world. I have been just as interested and involved as most people. However, I’m not here today to talk about any of these, but to share with you an image from one of our big events- the wedding of Kelly & Rick. You may remember them from their beautiful engagement photographs in the snow HERE, their sweetness and love for each the showed just as much, if not more, on their wedding day. I love this tender moment that Peter captured at Cedarwood… two people focused on each other without a care in the world.
Whitney Carlson

Whitney Carlson: Amanda, the rest of the images will be on the blog shortly! (Jul 12th - 01:30 pm) amanda: Absolutely stunning! Is there a link to see the rest of the photos from this shoot? (Jun 23rd - 04:27 pm) amanda: Absolutely stunning! Is there a link to see the rest of the photos from this shoot? (Jun 23rd - 04:25 pm) Adrian Hitt: So enchanting! I love it! Great job! (May 31st - 05:17 pm) Cheshire wedding photographer: Beautiful photograph! love the surroundings, great lighting and composition! (May 19th - 05:52 am) Anna Rebecca: What a beautiful photograph! it's like out of a novel I read when I was little...The Secret Garden! (May 05th - 11:45 am) Anna Rebecca: What a beautiful photograph! it's like out of a novel I read when I was little...The Secret Garden! (May 05th - 11:43 am)
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Nashville Wedding Photography-Megan & Joe Oct 21st | Weddings

If the wedding photography time-lapse I posted a few posts back enticed you to see more of that great Country Music Hall of Fame wedding, now is your chance. Megan and Joe held their ceremony in the beautiful little chapel at Brentwood Baptist Church. I loved that this large church decided to design a connecting chapel with Gothic architecture!

Once arriving at Country Music Hall of Fame, Whitney and I did not have a lot of time left to take photographs of just the bride and groom. However, we knew had to utilize the museum for a little bit. Of course Elvis’s car is a classic display. I love how Whitney combined the natural light from the museum along with some off-camera lighting for this image.

Megan is close to both her father and step-father. It was great to see her have the opportunity to have two father/daughter dances.

Make sure you watch the time-lapse of the wedding reception set-up if you have not already. Here is a closer look at the amazing work done by all the vendors.

Thank you Megan and Joe for letting us be a part of your day and thanks again to everyone who helped make this such an incredible wedding:

Elegant Weddings by Angela
Country Music Hall of Fame
Reveal Event Style
Music City Tents and Events
Nashville Event Lighting
Blue Nova Designs
FABU Event Decor
Chef’s Market
Maples Wedding Cakes
Photo Booth Nashville
Spangler Entertainment

Albuquerque Wedding Photographer: Great use of light and shadows. Very impressive shots, especially the one of the couple at the Music Hall of Fame. Beautiful work! (Nov 19th - 11:20 pm) Peter Carlson: @Adrienne Scott you are the sweetest! Thanks! (Nov 18th - 11:06 am) Adrienne Scott: What a gorgeous wedding and I absolutely LOVE the time lapse video. I think so often that people wonder why weddings cost so much. And Dove has the answer! =) Brilliant. (Nov 18th - 12:41 am) Peter Carlson: @Anna Rebecca Will do! Wish you were here with us. We are having a great time! (Nov 10th - 03:46 pm) Peter Carlson: @Peter Hanowell Thanks! Happy is usually one of our top goals. I'm glad that shows in these photos. (Nov 10th - 03:46 pm) Anna Rebecca: It looks like this wedding turned out to be a great hit- awesome photos! It was great to meet you guys at PUG and I hope you are having a great time at partnercon! See you in december! Anna Rebecca PHotography (Nov 10th - 01:51 pm) Peter Hanowell: Wow, really great shots! The couple looks happy - good job! (Nov 09th - 02:53 pm)
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Erin & Scott’s Wedding Photography Oct 14th | Weddings

The night before Erin & Scott’s outdoor wedding at Historic Cedarwood, the weather forecasted rain. As you will see from the images below, we had great weather to capture their wedding photography.

The little girls were stinking cute!

Once again, stinking cute!

Because of the potential for rain, Cedarwood promised to pull out an amazing surprise. The tent they put together for the ceremony was the most amazing looking ceremony tent I have been under! This Nashville wedding venue never ceases to surprise.

I end with some more fabulous details including some jelly jars of a very special family recipe.

Jessica: Beautiful! And oh my gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of her fixing her dress and the little girls watching! (Oct 17th - 10:44 am)
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A Nashville Wedding Setup Oct 13th | Weddings

Ever wonder what goes into the cost of a wedding? Check out the above video I made, by setting up a time lapse camera, to see how many people are involved in setting up just the reception portion of a wedding. My favorite part is watching how the room finishes getting set just as the guests arrive!

Megan and Joe’s wedding was held at Country Music Hall of Fame. Reveal Event Style did an amazing job designing the look of the event. Elegant Weddings by Angela planned and coordinated the entire thing. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this wedding look so amazing!

Music City Tents and Events
Nashville Event Lighting
Blue Nova Designs
FABU Event Decor
Chef’s Market
Maples Wedding Cakes
Photo Booth Nashville
Spangler Entertainment

Peter Carlson: @joanne quinn: you crack me up! Thank you for your nice comments on our work. The images will be online closer to Christmas. We will add your name to the their website's email list so you get a notice once they are online. I hope your visit to Nashville was a good one! It seemed like everyone was having a fun time. (Nov 29th - 11:51 am) joanne quinn: Hi...we were in nashville for the Chgo Hawks game and you took pic. of us in our Jerseys with the Groomsmen....I would like to see them..Is there a place I go to to see them? Your Pictures on here and Ideas are amazing! Thank You...Joanne (Nov 27th - 04:59 pm) Megan & Joe | Dove Wedding Photography: [...] the wedding photography time-lapse I posted a few posts back enticed you to see more of that great Country Music Hall of [...] (Oct 21st - 11:50 am) Peter Carlson: Thanks Everyone! It was a lot of fun to do. (Oct 15th - 10:17 am) Michelle Stone: that was really cool!! (Oct 15th - 10:06 am) matt: That is really cool. (Oct 15th - 08:46 am) Peter Carlson: Yes, that would be an ordeal! You guys have so many little areas, and do an amazing job with all of them! (Oct 13th - 08:48 pm) Cedarwood: So cool.....wish we could see ourselves doing this on wedding day! Would need a few more cameras :) Looks like an amazing event! (Oct 13th - 05:35 pm) Peter Carlson: Thanks Kristyn! Your pretty sweet as well! (Oct 13th - 05:04 pm) Kristyn Hogan: This is pretty sweet! (Oct 13th - 02:17 pm)
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“After Session” Wedding Photography Part3 Oct 06th | Weddings

For our final example of After Session wedding photography, I wanted to share a session I just realized we have not blogged about yet. Some of you may have seen the sneak peek we posted from this session. Here are some more images from one of our favorite sessions from the past year:

Kristen and Mason were married a number of years ago. We did not photograph her wedding, but after getting to know Kristen, she wanted us to recapture some wedding images for her. She is an artist and wanted to do something creative with her dress that sat in the closet and was never looked at since her wedding day. She decided she wanted to put it back on and do whatever we asked, to capture great wedding photography.

We decided to take her to a Nashville park and get some creative poses. Our plan was to get her messier as the day went on. To our surprise, this was nearly impossible to do.

The above images were taken in a low swampy area of the park. We expected the bottom and back of Kristen’s dress to be covered in mud from sitting in the wet grass. It was a little damp and we easily wiped off whatever was on her dress. This made us realize wedding dresses are some of the best made dresses. After this session, we have been far from nervous when posing brides on their wedding day. We are still very careful to keep the dress clean, but we understand that it takes a lot to dirty a dress. Most dresses actually just get dirty from the bottom dragging along the ground. Not much happens from just sitting down in the grass or against a tree.

Of course we found a way to actually get the dress stained. However, it was turing the dress into a “canvas” that now makes Kristen excited to show her dress to people again and again. And, does she ever get the reactions!

Renee Descoutures: Great session! I too love the images where the dress is a canvas. (Oct 07th - 04:27 pm) Michelle Stone: Love these, especially the dress becoming a "canvas' and the one of her laying on the tree. Awesome! (Oct 06th - 02:47 pm)
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